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(MiniZapper® LCD) Blood Purifier (Made in Germany) Universal (Easy Use)
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German designed and built Beck Zapper (blood purifier device) now available in wristwatch fit for your comfort and ease. The miniZAP® LCD is a Dr. Robert C. Beck Zapper and the world's smallest yet most advanced Zapper, in our opinion. The miniZAP® LCD is a pure "Beck Zapper" and is not based on bioresonance or radionics but on direct electrification of the bloodstream.
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Ancient Purity are proud to stock this incredible little Health Hack... The MiniZAP® LCD is a Dr. Robert C. Beck Zapper and the world's smallest yet most advanced blood zapper (blood purifier device). It is made in Germany with German engineering ensuring quality and reliability. The MiniZap® is comfortably worn on the wrist like a watch thanks to the compact and light design.

The miniZAP® LCD energises the body by weak alternating currents through the skin and strengthens its power and regenerative capacity on the bioelectric level. Users often report a spontaneous increase in energy and general well-being. The application is completely harmless and can be safely carried out by anyone. Sustainable results show up after a few days to weeks.

Key Features of the MiniZap®

  • Made in Germany.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • LCD Display.
  • Constant current output.
  • Up to 35 V output voltage.
  • Gold electrodes.
  • The only device with 100% Constant Current Control.
  • Small and compact: Length = 63mm, Width = 35mm, Height =12 mm.
  • Digitally adjustable output current 60 - 1000 µA.
  • Lightweight: only 23g.
  • Battery operated (battery type: 3V Lithium #CR2032).

Scientific Creation, Natural Protection

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German Engineering Premium Quality

A quality zapper is only as good as its electrodes... For the overall performance of a Beck Zapper, the electrodes have at least the same importance as the zapper electronic circuit itself. Dr. Beck didn’t use standard electrodes, because their profile exceeds the area of the blood vessels.

According to Dr. Beck, the contact area of the zapper electrodes should be compatible to the width of the vessels (have about 1/8 inch or 3 mm width) and not exceed a certain length (3 cm), because otherwise, the dissipative currents become too strong. (inefficient current, due to decreased focus).

Use the Electrode gel, which is THE medium for assuring a good electric contact. It is absolutely skin neutral. You may ask If the electrodes are on the same wrist, wouldn’t the electricity will pass at skin level and not go down into the tissues because electricity will take the shortest route and the electrodes are next to each other?

The blood vessels are right below the skin. When the pulse is chosen for electrode placement, the current goes directly into that vessel’s bloodstream. The electrodes don't sit next to each other, but 3.5 to 4.0 cm apart. As one needs to concentrate the electricity on a small area, the electrodes have vessel shape.

A Powerful Natural Health Tool

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What you get in the package

  • 1 MiniZAP® LCD Beck Zapper  /  1 Battery  /  1 Pair of gold electrodes (gold plated).
  • 1 Electrode cable  /  1 Velcro wrist band  /  1 50ml tube of gel  /  Instruction manual.

The MiniZAP comes with special electrodes

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Gold is resistant against almost all acids, even hydrochloric acid.

Only aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, can dissolve gold.

This is the reason why the miniZAP® uses gold. Regardless, whether saltwater or electrode gel or anything else is used - the surface doesn't corrode or oxidise, in contrary to the brass and copper electrodes.

The MiniZAP is the premium Blood Purifying device, available from Ancient Purity.

Experience the Health Technology of the MiniZap - Order Today

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  • Instructions provided upon purchase. You can find suggested use with Zapping online, or look up the work of Bob Beck.
  • Please view the FAQ's section for your questions answered.
  • Brand: MiniZAP®.
  • Warranty: 5 years for the Beck MiniZAP®  /  1 year for the remaining parts.

Q - How can I know the ideal power/intensity setting for me?
A - Increase to a level where you begin to feel a "pins and needles" type sensation, then lower the power/intensity slowly until the point where that feeling goes.

Q - What is the frequency of MiniZapper? Does it have an adjustable range?
A - It is fixed at 3.92Hz, which is half the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz), delivering this one way and then the other.

Q - Are there any disadvantages to the Hz being fixed?
A - In our view, there is no disadvantage of the Hz being fixed. Dr Robert Beck designed the technology to be used on half the Schumann Frequency (3.92 Hz) and that is what the Beck MiniZapper delivers.

Q - Does skin "resistance" factor in to the effectiveness of the MiniZapper? What can cause this resistance?
A - Skin is more resistant the older, drier and harder it is. Although effectiveness may be slightly reduced in such circumstance, the device will still work, even with the oldest, driest and hardest skin.

Q - What would you say are the advantages of the MiniZapper over other similar devices?
A - (1) You can wear it on your wrist anytime, anywhere (like a wrist watch.)
(2) The cable length is very short so it does not hang around and annoy the user.
(3) The Minizapper is equipped with electronic current regulator where the current can be adjusted and seen on the liquid crystal display.
(4) The Minizapper changes the voltage at the electrodes automatically to make sure the current always remains constant - With constant current regulation (rather than fixed) there is little or no risk of burning the skin.

Q - What comparative limitations are there to the size?
A - There is only one limitation and that is the maximum current capability is 1000 microamps. (Other types of zappers can deliver up to 2000 microamps but also cause skin burns.)


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