B Vitamin Complex

(Food State) + Synergistic Nutrients Energy / Metabolism / Circulation
60 Tablets (Vegan)

Ancient Purity's B-Vitamin Complex created in Food State (Vegan) 100% bioavailable collect of essential B vitamins. The tablets help the body convert food into glucose, providing energy to the body. Fat and protein metabolising is also aided, as well as healthy functioning of the nervous system. We are confident that you have the ultimate Vitamin B Complex in this food based supplement.

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Ancient Purity presents a Vital for Life B Vitamin Complex. B Vitamins support our immune and nervous system and healthy brain development. Playing a important role in metabolism and support healthy skin, hair and nails. Incredible effects of B1 (Thiamine) P5P (Active B6) make this complex essential, we should say that about Niacin (B3) too, but we can say that about each B Vitamin, they are building blocks for a healthy life, deficiency in any of the B Vitamins can cause a plethora of ailments. This high quality supplement can be a game changer.

The eight B vitamins which are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 are important additions to your healthy diet and lifestyle. These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energised throughout the day. While many of the following vitamins work in tandem, each has its own specific benefits. We present full disclosure of the B Vitamins in this food state supplement below. We want to promote how this supplement is designed specifically with the amounts, because we find it to be easily absorbed and an intelligent amount. We have had incredible feedback from this complex! So read on and see if this is what you need in your health and well-being.

B Vitamin Complex (Food State) - Information & Points to Research

  • Synergistic B Vitamins in Food State. 
  • Clean, Effective, Absorbable.
  • Supports Energy & Metabolism.
  • Helps form Blood Cells and Nerves.
  • Supports Heart, Circulation and Vessel Health.
  • Healthy development during pregnancy.
  • Aids Healthy Sexual Function.
  • Supports Eye and Vision Health.
  • Helps to Maintain a Healthy Brain & Nervous System.
  • Vital for Skin, Muscle Tone and Hair Growth.
what B vitamins to take

A Natural Way For Good Health

organic b vitamin supplement

The Essential B Vitamins present and their levels

B1 (Thiamine) (1.4mg): Vitamin B1 helps boosting the immune system and strengthening the body under stressful conditions. B1 helps the body make healthy new cells. It is an anti-stress vitamin because of its ability to protect the immune system. When carbo-loading (either to prepare for a big race or just because pizza tastes that good), studies say this vitamin is necessary to help break down those simple carbohydrates. Very little Thiamin is stored in the body, depletion can occur in as little as two weeks! Symptoms of Thiamin deficiency can result from inadequate intake or excessive loss of Thiamin from the body, an increased requirement for Thiamin, or anti-thiamin factors in food. Some people are at a higher risk for Thiamin deficiency, including chronic alcoholics, smokers, patients who receive IV feeding without additional multi-vitamins or dietary Thiamin, those on kidney dialysis. People taking medicines that counteract (neutralise) the acid in the stomach, sedative-hypnotics, and water pills are at higher risk as well. Also be aware if consuming the herb Horsetail. A very common cause can be drinking too much tea and coffee. Also, Sushi lovers beware, as too much raw seafood may all lead to Thiamin deficiency (B1 deficiency) is divided into three subtypes: Dry  B1 deficiency refers to neuromuscular complications such as issues affecting the peripheral nerves and weakness; wet B1 deficiency refers to cardiovascular complications such as heart failure; and cerebral B1 deficiency refers to central nervous system (brain) complications such as acute neurological conditions or a disorder of the central nervous system characterised by loss of memories, deficits in explicit memory, and confabulation.

B2 (Riboflavin) (1.6mg): This B vitamin works as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals (particles in the body that damage cells) and may prevent early ageing and the development of heart issues. Riboflavin is also important for red blood cell production, which is necessary for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Several studies suggest B2 can help stave off severe headache, but more research is needed to be sure. And be careful, while sunlight does the body well, ultraviolet light reduces the riboflavin content in food sources. Milk, for instance, is best purchased in opaque containers in order to keep this vitamin from breaking down. Along with Active Vitamin 6 (P5P) which is also present in this B Vitamin Complex, Riboflavin has some wonderful mood and well-being benefits. Those suffering from long-term low mood might benefit from this vitamin as well. It's also been shown that elderly, depressed patients, who started to consume B vitamins (1,2, 6) improved their mood. Important for pregnant women is the research that consumption of Riboflavin may fight low mood after giving birth.

B3 (Niacin) (18mg): Niacin a water soluble B-Vitamin. One of the primary uses for niacin is to boost HDL cholesterol (i.e. the good cholesterol). And the higher a person’s HDL, the less bad cholesterol he or she will have in their blood. Niacin has an ability to help you naturally relax and get to sleep quicker. In addition to it helping us to relax is its ability to greatly reduce extreme nervousness and low mood, high doses of Niacin have literally woken people out of dark places. Vitamin B3 deficiency is very rare in developed countries, though alcoholism has been shown to lower B3 levels in some individuals. Niacin has also been found to treat skin issues. "Niacin is one of the best substances for elevating high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the "good cholesterol) and so decreases the ratio of the total cholesterol over high-density cholesterol." - Abram Hoffer, M.D., PhD 

B Vitamins are Vital for a Healthy Life

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The Essential B Vitamins present and their levels, continued...

B5 (Pantothenic Acid) (6mg): Small amounts of vitamin B5 are found in just about every food group — its name even says so. Pantothenic comes from the Greek word pantothen, meaning “from everywhere.” In addition to breaking down fats and carbs for energy, it’s responsible for the production of sex and stress-related hormones including testosterone. Studies show B5 also promotes healthy skin with the ability to reduce signs of skin ageing such as redness and skin spots.

B6 Active B6 - P5P (Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate) (2mg): Along with fellow B vitamins 12 and 9, B6 helps regulate levels of the amino acid homocysteine (associated with heart issues). Pyridoxine is a major player in mood and sleep patterns because it helps the body produce serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine, a stress hormone. Some studies suggest vitamin B6 can reduce inflammation for people with conditions like autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. P5P is so good and effective we actually sell it as part of a P5P Complex. You can read about it more in-depth HERE.

B7 (Biotin) (50µg) 100%: Because of its association with healthy hair, skin and nails, this B vitamin also goes by “the beauty vitamin.” It may help people with high blood sugar levels. This B vitamin is especially important during pregnancy because it’s vital for the normal growth of the baby.

B9 (Present as Folic Acid Food Folate) (200µg): You may have heard another name for B9 — folic acid — which is the synthetic form used in supplements and fortified foods like cereal and bread. Studies suggest folate may help keep low mood at bay and support a steady memory. This vitamin is also especially important for women who are pregnant since it supports the growth of a healthy and strong baby.

B12 (Hydroxocobalamin) (1µg): B12 works with vitamin B9 to produce red blood cells and help iron do its job: create the oxygen-carrying protein, haemoglobin. Since vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, studies show higher rates of non-meat eaters with a deficiency. “But unless you are a strict vegan or vegetarian,” Zuckerbrot says, “it’s not hard to get enough of this vitamin in your diet.” For those who are deficient, it may be necessary to supplement the diet with B12. Because of how Vital Vitamin B12 is we supply another two different types of B12, as some people need it in larger dose alone.

Synergistic Supporting Compounds

b vitamins

Food State

  • Choline        (25mg) 
  • Inositol        (25mg)  
  • Magnesium (30mg) 
  • PABA           (25mg) 
  • Vitamin C     (60mg  

The Foundation of Ancient Purity's B Vitamin Complex

Our B Vitamin Complex contains Magnesium. This is because Magnesium works together with B Vitamins to support our nervous system. It has Choline because Choline serves as a co-enzyme in the metabolism of B-vitamins. Then Inositol as it is closely involved with Vitamin B6, Folic acid (as food folate), Pantothenic acid and PABA. But this is not all that makes this Multi - B Vitamin Complex uniquely effective and bio-available.

Then the foundation so to speak is a food base of ‘lactobacillus bulgaricus’ this is a native and friendly bacterial inhabitant of the human GI tract. As this bacteria fits into normal metabolic pathways it acts as a natural carrier to help giving optimal absorption and utilisation of the nutrients. We use Vitamin C in our complex because it prevents the oxidation of vitamins B1, B2 and B5. We also use this in the P5P Complex, in fact, any reputable company that's done its research on how to really make food supplements work and for us to assimilate then they would create a base like this.

Food State B Vitamins

organic b vitamin complex

How to Avoid Deficiency

For food sources of the range of B Vitamins we should eat fresh, whole foods like meat, fish, dairy, and whole grains. However...B vitamins in general aren’t absorbed well. Add one or more of the below factors and you can easily put yourself at risk for low levels or a deficiency. One of the key B vitamins whose availability and absorption can be impacted by several of these conditions (especially avoiding animal products) is Vitamin B12. Also once you process any of those foods, you jeopardise the integrity of the B Vitamins present, this is because many are sensitive to heat, light, air, and long storage times.

Certain groups of people are more likely to have a deficiency or suboptimal levels of one or more B vitamins: Vegetarians and vegans / People with gut issues (the vitamins may not be absorbed properly) / Excessive Alcohol drinkers. Heavy Coffee & Tea drinkers / People regularly consuming a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet with low nutrient value. Those avoiding key dietary sources of B vitamins, like dairy and whole grains. Mature adults (ability to produce intrinsic factor for absorption decreases with age). Those taking acid-neutralising medicines and medicines that reduce the production of acid (could interfere with absorption). Many people could be deficient in this important “energy vitamin,” and many may have blood levels considered too low. A Vitamin B12 deficiency can exist for years under the radar without causing symptoms. By the time you start noticing its classic signs of chronic tiredness, mental “fog,” forgetfulness, mood swings, and muscle weakness, you can be significantly deficient.

Support Your Body with Essential B Vitamins

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B Vitamin Complex... Closing Thoughts

Ancient Purity’s B- Vitamin Complex packs all eight B vitamins into one pill. B vitamins are water-soluble, which means your body does not store them. For this reason, your diet must supply them each day. B vitamins have many important functions and are vital for maintaining good health. Since B vitamins are found in many foods, you are most likely not at risk of developing a deficiency as long as you follow a well-rounded diet.

However, certain circumstances increase the need for B vitamins, making supplements necessary! Pregnancy, medical conditions, surgeries, genetic mutations, medications, dietary restriction and age can all affect how your body absorbs and uses B vitamins. B-Vitamin complex supplements might relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of low mood and nervousness, even in people without B vitamin deficiencies. Recommended intake for B vitamins varies depending on age, nutrient demands, gender, and health status.

Experience the Rejuvenation of Full Spectrum B Vitamins - Order Today

best b vitamin supplement
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7).
  • Choline.
  • Folic Acid (Food Folate) (Vitamin B9).
  • Inositol.
  • Magnesium (Citrate).
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3).
  • P5P (Active Vitamin B6)
  • PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid).
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5).
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).
  • Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin).
  • Vitamin C (Organic Citrus Pulp).

Other Ingredients: Base - Lactobacillus Bulgaricus (Inactive) Organic Orange Peel sourced Vitamin C, Vegetable Cellulose - Tablet, Vegetable Stearic Acid (Food Folate mixed in Alfalfa Concentrate).

  • Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Form: Tablets.
  • Quantity: 60.
  • Container: Miron Dark Violet Glass Jar.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.

Q- Why do some B vitamins have an odour? Is this normal?
A - B vitamins by nature do not have a pleasant aroma. This is normal and does not indicate the product is expired or otherwise compromised. The expiration date of any Ancient Purity supplement is on the bottom of the bottle. Sometimes you may get B vitamin powder residue on the tablets, this is a normal occurrence. 

Q - Following taking B Vitamins will my urine change colour? 
A - Sometimes, B vitamins are water-soluble; much of the excess of these vitamins gets excreted through urine, which can affect the colour and/or odour of your urine slightly.


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