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Natural Vision Correction/Sharpness (Wear for 15 minutes Daily)
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Pinhole Glasses have a series of pinhole-sized perforations filling an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. Each perforation allows a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye which reduces the size of the circle of confusion on the retina and increases depth of field. Eyes with refractive error may help create a clearer image. Pinhole Glasses produce an image without the pincushion effect around the edges (which makes straight lines appear curved). Pinhole glasses are also called stenopeic glasses.

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Ancient Purity presents a simple Eye Exercising tool. Pinhole Glasses which are like cool sunglasses but with a grid of tiny holes exercise the focusing muscles of your eyes and also help reduce heart-rate, headaches and tension. When you look at a blurred object your brain moves the focus of the eye in and out until it gets an increase in contrast. If no increase is achieved your brain leaves the object unfocused. 

Pinhole glasses reduce brightness and peripheral vision, and thus should not be used for driving or when operating machinery. Pinhole glasses exercise the focusing muscles of your eyes and can correct vision permanently when worn for only 15 minutes a day.

Pinhole Glasses - Information & Points to Research

  • May Help Create Clearer Images.
  • Improve Vision Sharpness.
  • Wear for just 15 Minutes Daily.
  • Eye Doctors often use Pinhole Glasses as a Diagnostic Tool to Quickly check for Vision Impairments.  
  • Retina Stimulation & Exercise.
  • Recommended for People with Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia & Astigmatism.
  • Can be Worn while Reading or Watching TV.
  • Trendy Design.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Part of a Healthy, Natural Eye & Vision Health Protocol.
  • Pinhole Glasses Limit the Amount of Light Going into the Eye, which enables some People to See More Clearly (similar to the effect you experience when you squint). 
  • Cool Black Design that can be Worn Anywhere.
  • Don't wear while Driving or Operating Machinery.
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Using Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Eye Glasses improve the sharpness of the image, allowing your brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes focusing system. The major cause of the long-sightedness that comes with advancing years is a weakening of the focusing muscles that control the eye lens. Looking through the tiny holes forces the eye muscles to exercise which might lead to sharper vision.

Pinhole Glasses are sometimes used to treat nearsightedness or astigmatism, but eye doctors are the primary users. Eye doctors often use pinhole glasses as a diagnostic tool to quickly check for vision impairments. Pinhole Glasses are also used in conjunction with an occluder, an instrument used to cover one of your eyes while you read an eye chart. On one end, the occluder is solid, and on the other, it has a number of tiny pinholes. A doctor can use this to gauge the potential of your vision. Pinhole glasses are even used to evaluate corneal distortion and cataracts. A cataract evaluation includes focusing light in the eye to check if vision capability behind the cataract makes it worth performing surger 

“One has not only an ability to perceive the world but an ability to alter one's perception of it; more simply, one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them.” Tom Robbins

Use Daily for 15 Minutes

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Exercise Your Eyes

Peter Grunwald is a world-renowned expert on eyesight, who regularly lectures in 12 different countries, he says "very few people are born with bad eyesight, most bad eyesight is acquired". When you wear prescription glasses you fall into a trap. You no longer fully use either your focusing muscles or the photoreceptors within your retina. The important ciliary muscles (An intrinsic muscle of the eye formed as a ring of smooth muscle in the eye's middle layer, uvea or (vascular layer). It controls accommodation for viewing objects at varying distances and regulates the flow of aqueous humor into Schlemm's canal) begin to weaken, requiring visits to your eye doctor for stronger and stronger lenses. The moment 'Pinhole Glasses' are placed in front of the eyes, a much narrower parallel beam of light comes through the holes. The narrow light focuses on the retina and sends messages to the brain for clear-sightedness.

Pinhole glasses focus light onto the fovea centralis (Located in the centre of the macula lutea, a small, flat spot located exactly in the centre of the posterior portion of the retina. As the fovea is responsible for high-acuity vision it is densely saturated with cone photoreceptors).This brings objects into focus regardless of the shape of your eyeball, while the rest of the black lens stimulates photoreceptors within the rest of the retina (rods). Therefore the entire retina is being stimulated and exercised. This process is both relaxing and beneficial. Wearing Pinhole Glasses is recommended for myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. They also can be used as transitional glasses. Pinhole Glasses’ function is to exercise your eyes while you read or watch TV. Long-sighted people can do this exercise while focusing close-up like when they’re reading. Short-sighted people get the benefit from focusing at a distance like when they’re watching TV

An Eye Exercising Tool

Pinhole Glasses… Closing Thoughts

Pinhole Glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are plastic eyewear with hundreds of pinhole-sized perforations in place of lenses. Pinhole Glasses are used to help improve refractive errors in the eye because they shield the eye from indirect rays of light, which commonly distort vision. This reduces what eye doctors refer to as the “blur circle” on the back of the retina.

Pinhole Glasses limit the amount of light going into the eye, which enables some people to see more clearly (Similar to the effect you experience when you squint). “Eye doctors, both ophthalmologists and optometrists, for many decades have used pinhole glasses clinically to help determine certain things with a patient’s eyes in clinical practice,” said Dr Larry Patterson, a practicing ophthalmologist in Crossville, Tennessee.

“And yes, anytime someone wears pinhole glasses who is a little near-sighted, farsighted, or has astigmatism, will see clearer with the glasses on.” “We need to widen our eyes to see our vulnerabilities.” - Bert McCoy

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  • Using the Pinhole Glasses 15 - 20 minutes a day may bring a noticeable improvement within a couple of weeks.
  • While Pinhole glasses may be useful for people who are both near- and far-sighted, they are not recommended for people with over 6 diopters of myopia.
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  • Container: Black cover

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Q - Whats the origin of Pinhole glasses?
A- It is not known who invented the pinhole glasses, but the scientific principles of pinhole effects were discovered many centuries ago. Pinhole glasses are widely sold in America, Europe and Australia as substitutes to prescription glasses since the 1950’s at least. The basic optical principles of the pinhole are commented on in Chinese texts from the fifth century BC. Chinese writers had discovered by experiments that light travels in straight lines. The philosopher Mo Tsu was the first – to our knowledge – to record the formation of an inverted image with a pinhole or screen. Aristotle (fourth century BC) comments on pinhole image formation in his work Problems. d. Sir David Brewster, a Scottish scientist, was one of the first to make pinhole photographs, in the 1850s.

Q - What is the benefit of Pinhole Glasses?

A - They help relieve strain and stress caused by prescription glasses, and yet enabling clearer vision. Pinhole Glasses Promote an important vision habit to perfect vision – central vision, since you can see clearly only straight ahead centrally. They train your mind, eyes and muscles to see without dependence on your prescription eye crutches.

Q - Are there side-effects?

A -  None, except that due to the restricted peripheral vision, one should not wear the Eyewear when driving or moving about outdoors for safety considerations.

Q - When and how long do you wear the Pinhole Glasses

A - Frequent substitute of prescription glasses (TV, computer, reading).

Q - How long do we need to wear them to experience vision improvement?
A - It is not the length of time wearing them to achieve vision improvement but reducing or eliminating the root cause of vision challenges – stress and strain in the visual system, minimise the use of prescription glasses helps. 

Q - How do i know my vision has improved?
A - The world has become clearer, and your existing pair of glasses feels over-powered and may even cause a headache. You can also use a Snellen Eye Chart to measure your vision improvement. You should consider using your previous pair of lowered-powered glasses or have the lenses stepped-down.


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