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Q: What payments do you accept?
A: Paypal, all debit and credit cards, cheques and Bank Transfers

Q: I don't have a paypal account, can i still pay by card?
A: Yes simply proceed with paypal and under the Paypal login it will say
"Don't have a paypal account?" click here and you will be asked to enter your card details.

Q: Can i pay over the phone?
A: Yes just call us monday - Friday 10am - 6pm. See contact page for details.

Q: Can I pay by bank transfer?
A: Yes simply email us with your order, we will calculate the total cost and email you asap, we will give you instructions on how to pay, once you have made payment email us to tell us and include your full address.

Q: How do i pay by cheque?
A: You can send us a cheque with the order written on paper making sure you have added up correctly with shipping. Include your address, we will ship your order once payment has cleared. Or email us with your order and we will calculate the cost including shipping.

Q: Can I collect in person and pay you there?
A: Yes you can collect from us, but you must email or call us to arrange day and time first.
You can pay by cash or debit card on collection.


Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: No

Q: I'm buying a lot of items can I have a discount?
A: We are a small company and rely on our larger orders to cover our over heads, help buy in new stock, continue our research into natural health, write articles. We really appreciate your loyalty and choosing to order with us, rest assure we are an ethical compassionate company and choosing us helps a company who's passion is natural health and high quality products that work.

Q: Someone I know was given a discount, can I have one too?
A: We do sometimes give discounts to people based on their health circumstances, this is purely based on the individual and following conversation with us.
Please respect our choice to do that without requesting such discounts, we have always done this by offering not being asked.

Q: Do you give credit?
A: No, we cannot offer credit to any individual or business.


Q: Where can i find a list of all your shipping prices?
A: In the Shipping page under customer service on the left of the home screen under products sections.

Q: I want the parcel sent to a different address what do i do?
A: Just fill in the form below your own address in the check out with the address you want it sent to, the site will register this address for that order.

Q: I need my order urgently, can i get next day delivery?
A: We can offer next day if we are given enough notice but cannot promise we will be able to, call or email us to find out, additonal charges will be made for this service.

Q: Can i choose what day my parcel arrives?
A: Yes if its over 1kg we can arrange with the courier a specific day, but we cannot do this for orders under 1kg. Email or call us to arrange.

Q: I want my package left in a safe place, is that possible?
A: Yes but only on courier orders, meaning orders over 1kg, smaller packets you'd have to arrange with your postman to leave it somewhere or collect from the Royal Mail collection office.

Q: I have a collection card from Royal Mail, what do i do?
A: Simply take the card with some ID to your Royal Mail collection office, they will state the address on their card.

International Shipping:

A: As the UK has left the EU ("Brexit"), there are some changes to trade. There are 3 possible scenarios with orders, as follow:
(1) Value below €150.00 = We charge VAT at the rate for the "Delivery destination" country and send the parcel marked accordingly. There should be no import charges in this case, but some countries are unpredictable in this regard. Please contact us if you do receive any, particularly if it's VAT.
(2) Value above €150.00 = We charge VAT at the rate for the "Delivery destination" country AND a fee to cover the Import Duty and Admin/Clearing fees which the destination country Customs Agency may apply. We then send the parcel marked accordingly, so again there should be no import charges received by you (the customer) and if there are, please do contact us. It's possible in some or all such cases we will only offer shipping via DHL, as Royal Mail do not have agreements to send to many countries with these charges pre-paid.
(3) Regardless of order value, particular countries (subject to change without notice) may only have DHL as a delivery option. This is because it's proven consistently unsuccessful to continue trying to send parcels by the domestic/national networks (i.e. Royal Mail in the UK who pass to the domestic national service in the destination country). This is something under assessment day-to-day.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes we do.

Q: Is there free shipping on certain size orders?
A: Not at present, no.

Q: I can't find my country on your countries list, can i still get it delivered to me?
A: Possibly. If your country was not listed in the shipping options, please email us through the contact page and we will look at possible options.


Q: Can I become a Reseller?
Yes, we encourage business's and health practitioners to become resellers. See Wholesale page for details.

Q: How do I become a Reseller?
A: Email us telling us who you are and your intentions, we will send you the Terms & Conditions and a Wholesale Price List.

Q: I can't find your Wholesale Price List
A: Its available upon request and us knowing your intentions for selling.


Q: My package is damaged / Items are damaged what do i do?
A: Contact us by email with a photo of the damaged items within 3 days or we can only assume its been damage accidently by you and we cannot replace the item/items.

Q: I'd like to return my item, i changed my mind
A: No problem just contact us first to let us know and send it back un-opened / unused within 7 days.

Q: I'm not happy with the product can i return it?
A: Unfortunately once opend / used we cannot refund or replace any items. Please email us though as we truly believe in the effectiveness of all our products and are sure we can help you resolve the issue you may have.


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