Please use the Shipping Price Quote in the Check-out to calculate the cost to your area.
Ancient Purity does not make profit on shipping, we charge exactly in-line with the courier costs and a little for our packaging.

International Shipping FAQs

A: As the UK has left the EU ("Brexit"), we no longer charge VAT on orders to EU countries. There have been some changes to trade, which are only becoming clear as time goes on. Please be aware that from the 1st of January 2021, there will be charges for customers ordering for delivery to EU destinations (and we believe Norway, Switzerland and possibly the Channel Islands, and suchlike). We believe the charges currently are as follows: (1) Value below €22.00 there is no charge, (2) Value from €22.00 to €150.00 will be charged VAT and probably a clearance/admin fee by the parcel carrier, (3) Value above €150.00 will be charged VAT, Duty and probably a clearance/admin fee by the parcel carrier. We cannot do anything to avoid these charges, they are applied by policy of the government/customs agency of the destination country and/or by the parcel carriers. To avoid surprise/disappointment, please check any restrictions, duties, taxes and any other fees that may be charged for importing goods from us and whether the product/s you are ordering are legally permitted for import to your country. Unfortunately, we have to state Ancient Purity will not be responsible for any duties and fees nor in the event that ordered products are detained, confiscated or destroyed by customs in the destination country. (We will of course try to help resolve any such problem, but we cannot ultimately accept responsibility for them.)
(Sub-note: If you ordered before the 3rd of February 2021, are charged tax upon import, and have already paid this to us when placing the order, we will reimburse you for it (please contact us). We can only do this with the VAT/tax charge, not duty or clearance fees.)

Q: Do you ship to all countries?
A: We try to, but please bear in mind there are some items to some countries which are at too much of a risk of suffering damage, being refused by customs, etc, so we cannot say yes to all. If we cannot, we will promptly refund the order. We would strongly encourage you to check whether a particular item is restricted or prohibited for import to your country before ordering, to avoid disappointment

Q: I can't find my country on your countries list?
A: This usually indicates we've had problems sending parcels to the particular country. If your country is not listed in the shipping options, please email us through the contact page and we can look at possible options.

UK Shipping FAQs

Q: I want the parcel sent to a different address what do I do?
A: Just fill in the form below your own address in the check out with the address you want it sent to, the site will register this address for that order.

Q: I need my order urgently, can I get next day delivery?
A: We can usually offer next day delivery if we are given enough notice (early enough in the day) but cannot promise we will be able to. Please call or email us to discuss. There will be an additional charge for this service, usually just whatever the postage cost is.

Q: Can I choose what day my parcel arrives?
A: This is possible if we send by courier (DHL). It does mean we would have to charge the extra price to send by courier. Please email or call us to arrange.

Q: I want my package left in a safe place, is that possible?
A: This is not possible with Royal Mail items (under 2kg). We can make a note of it on courier (DHL) orders but cannot guarantee they will follow it. (There is a potential issue of liability if they leave something in the "safe place" and then it goes missing before the customer retrieves it: If they consider their liability ends when they leave the parcel, we would have to do the same and so cannot accept responsibility for replacing or refunding.)

Q: I have a collection card from Royal Mail following a failed delivery attempt, what do I do?
A: If you wish to collect the parcel, simply take the card with appropriate ID to your Royal Mail Delivery Office (the address will be on the card). If you prefer to have it redelivered, there should be instructions on the card to arrange it.

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