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with Lavender (Melatonin production) Healthy Sleep (Smooth & Comfortable)
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A comfy, luxury Sleep Mask, with a natural lavender scent. Made with high-quality hypoallergenic material and easy-to-adjust Comfort Snug™ Features that allow for a custom fit. Sleeping in darkness and quietness is vital for good health! Light entering your eyes at night can interfere with Melatonin production and sleep patterns. This lightweight comfy Eye Mask will help you get restful healthy sleep with no interruptions. It blocks out all light, the Lightweight Eye Mask is a moulded, contoured sleep aid that offers full comfort without any pressure on your eyes. If you are having trouble sleeping consider taking Magnesium Oil Spray and read into 5-HTP both available on our website. There are so many scientists enthusiastically endorsing making good use of a sleep mask when you're having trouble getting a good night's rest?  Well, mainly because the evidence for the benefits of a sleep mask and the health risks of light pollution have been proven by countless scientific studies. The eye mask benefits are also, when compared to the use of sleeping pills and aids, great in helping you get better sleep without any pesky side effects (except maybe feeling super refreshed the next day!). Manufactured in the USA for Dr Mercola and Ancient Purity.

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Wearing an Eye Mask at night could really improve the quality of your sleep, even faint light such as that from a phone, alarm clock or standby light can penetrate your eyelids. Ancient Purity recommends that good restful healthy sleep should be taken as serious as every other aspect of your health. If you are having trouble sleeping consider taking Magnesium Oil Spray and read into 5-HTP both available on our website. The pattern of waking during the day when it is light and sleeping at night when it is dark is a natural part of human life. Only recently have scientists begun to understand the alternating cycle of sleep and waking, and how it is related to daylight and darkness. 

A key factor in how human sleep is regulated is exposure to light or to darkness. Exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the retina in the eye to an area in the brain called the hypothalamus. There, a special centre called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which initiates signals to other parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake. The SCN works like a clock that sets off a regulated pattern of activities that affect the entire body. Once exposed to the first light each day, the clock in the SCN begins performing functions like raising body temperature and releasing stimulating hormones like cortisol. The SCN also delays the release of other hormones like melatonin, which is associated with sleep onset, until many hours later when darkness arrives.

Sleep / Eye Mask (with Lavender) – Information & Points of Interest

  • Extreme Comfort Design for the Soothing all-night Dreams you Deserve.
  • Made with High-Quality Hypoallergenic Materials for the Peace of Mind you Want.
  • Easy-to-Adjust Comfort Snug™ Features Allow for a Custom Fit that is Second to None.
  • Slim Streamlined Design Making it Ideal for a Full Night of Refreshing & Revitalising Sleep.
  • Escape from the Daily Stresses of Life.
  • Find Relief in the Calming Relaxation of Lavender.
  • Block Out Artificial Light that can Prevent you from Falling Asleep.
  • Provide a Calming Effect that May Encourage you to Nod Off Faster.
  • May Help Minimise Distractions.
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Improving Sleep

The reason why light is an important factor in sleep is because it serves as the major synchroniser of the body clock. This master clock is a collection of cells in your brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN). As a group, these nuclei synchronise to the light-dark cycle of your environment when light enters the eye. You also have other biological clocks throughout your body, and those clocks subsequently synchronise to your master clock. There are two levels of synchronisations taking place: the master clock with the environment and your body clocks with the master clock. So many different physiological factors will maintain a 24-hour pattern; whether that is eating behaviours, cell cycle, growth and repair process, or whether it's hormone patterns.

“Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion.” - Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife

In the non-artificial light environment of our historical past, people experienced greater light exposure only during the day between when the sun rose and when it set. Now with the advent of the light bulb, artificial light, high-definition televisions, and any number of lighted electronic gadgets, we're exposed to a lot more light over a 24-hour period, and a lot less darkness. This creates a very novel situation for you internal time keeping and biological pace setting mechanisms of the body; in other words, your circadian rhythms.

For Better Health We Should Sleep Naturally


Out of Balance Circadian Rhythms

If your circadian rhythms are messed up there are significant consequences to it, including but not limited to:

  • Alteration in behaviour cognition, and mood.
  • Alteration in physiological and cellular functions.
  • Shift workers, are known to have 4-5 folds higher rates of serious health problems than the average population. 

They also have higher rates of obesity and diabetes. But you may not have to be a classic shift worker to increase your risk for these conditions. Most people in Western societies spend the larger portion of each day indoors, which essentially puts you in a state of "light deficiency." In terms of light intensity, outdoor light is far more intense than indoor light. Light intensity is measured in lux units, and on any given day, the outdoor lux units will be around 100,000 at noon. Indoors, the typical average is somewhere between 100 to 2,000 lux units—basically two orders of magnitude less. To help maintain a healthy master clock, you want to get bright light exposure during the day. Many indoor environments simply aren't intense enough to do the job well. So-called "anchor light" anchors your rhythm, causing it to be less fragile, so that light at night has less of an ability to shift your rhythm. As for how much light exposure you need, it could be the first 30-60 minutes of outdoor light exposure creates about 80% of the anchoring effect.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” - Mahatma Gandhi

This is useful information indeed, as this means that even just going outside for half an hour at lunch time can provide you with the majority of anchoring light you need to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. The ideal time to go outdoors is right around solar noon but any time during daylight hours is useful. Simply closing your eyes is not enough as light can penetrate your eyelids. Aim to make sure your bedroom is very dark. I recommend installing blackout shades for this purpose. A far less expensive alternative is to use a sleep mask to avoid disrupting your melatonin production and circadian rhythm. Also keep in mind that digital alarm clocks with blue light displays could have a detrimental effect.

Enhance Your Sleeping Environment

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High-Quality Sleep Mask

Benefits You Want Sleep Mask with Lavender Other Brands
100% light blocking YES – when fitted correctly, the mask will block out ALL light. Many masks simply are not designed to block out all light.
Total comfort all night long YES – its lightweight design is made of 100% cotton and linen satin, you can wear your mask all night long in total comfort. Many masks are uncomfortable because of poor construction and inferior materials used
Aromatherapy benefits YES – we have included only the best-quality lavender and chamomile to create a soothing experience for you. Many masks either do not contain these essential relaxation herbs or provide a way to replace them.
Washable and maintains shape YES – with its premium materials and impeccable construction, your sleep mask was created to stand up to wash after wash without ever losing any of its structural integrity. Most other masks either cannot be washed at all or lose all their shape after just the first washing.

Ancient Purity Recommends Healthy Sleep

This Sleep Mask is of superior quality and superior effect. It's the ideal sleep-promoting, relaxing travel mask. The Lavender makes it a step above the rest, but also its soft comfort fit.

  • Blocks out all Light.
  • Suitable for People who Sleep on their Side.
  • Machine-Washable.
  • Travel-Friendly.
  • Natural Lavender Scent.
  • Velcro Fastener allows you to Adjust to any Head Size.
  • Comfortable Space to Blink over the Eye.
  • Lightweight.
  • Trendy Design.
  • Ideal for Taking a Restful Nap during International Flights.
  • Pressure-Free Comfort.
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Melatonin, the Sleep–Wake Cycle Hormone

Melatonin is a natural hormone made by your body's pineal (pih-knee-uhl) gland. This is a pea-sized gland located just above the middle of the brain. During the day the pineal is inactive. When the sun goes down and darkness occurs, the pineal is "turned on" by the SCN and begins to actively produce melatonin, which is released into the blood. Usually, this occurs around 9 pm. As a result, melatonin levels in the blood rise sharply and you begin to feel less alert. Sleep becomes more inviting. Melatonin levels in the blood stay elevated for about 12 hours - all through the night - before the light of a new day when they fall back to low daytime levels by about 9 am. Daytime levels of melatonin are barely detectable. Besides adjusting the timing of the clock, bright light has another effect. It directly inhibits the release of melatonin. That is why melatonin is sometimes called the "Dracula of hormones" - it only comes out in the dark. Even if the pineal gland is switched "on" by the clock, it will not produce melatonin unless the person is in a dimly lit environment. In addition to sunlight, artificial indoor lighting can be bright enough to prevent the release of melatonin. Chances are good that you have seen melatonin in health food stores or in an advertisement or article. No other hormone is available in the United States without a prescription.

Because melatonin is contained naturally in some foods, the U.S. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 allow it to be sold as a dietary supplement (e.g., vitamins and minerals). These do not need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or controlled in the same way as drugs. Because it is not categorised as a drug, synthetic melatonin is made in factories that are not regulated by the FDA. Listed doses may not be controlled or accurate, meaning the amount of melatonin in a pill you take may not be the amount listed on the package. Most commercial products are offered at dosages that cause melatonin levels in the blood to rise to much higher levels than are naturally produced in the body. Taking a typical dose (1 to 3 mg) may elevate your blood melatonin levels to 1 to 20 times normal. For melatonin to be helpful, the correct dosage, method and time of day it is taken must be appropriate to the sleep problem. Taking it at the "wrong" time of day may reset your biological clock in an undesirable direction. How much to take, when to take it, and melatonin's effectiveness, if any, for particular sleep disorders is only beginning to be understood.  While there are real concerns about the widespread use of melatonin sold as a consumer product, there have not been any reported cases of proven toxicity or overdose. If you are concerned about the correct melatonin dosage for you, talk to your health care professional. Besides adjusting the timing of the clock, bright light has another effect. It directly inhibits the release of melatonin.

Sleep Naturally, Easily and Comfortably

Sleep Mask… Closing Thoughts

If you're having trouble falling sound asleep at night, you're not alone. A vast majority of the general population surprisingly has problems getting a good night's rest, in one way or another. One theory that explains it is that we humans have evolved to remain alert - our ancestors way back in the caveman days often had to be on guard against predators and enemies, and those genes have been passed down to us. This has led to us needing the perfect conditions to fall asleep soundly, and it's a nightly struggle that sometimes seems an insurmountable challenge. If you need help falling asleep, it’s far too easy to rely on snake oil remedies or harmful pharmaceuticals to get the job done. While natural sleep aids, like melatonin and even chamomile tea, are safer options, sometimes they’re not enough.

Sleep aids such as pills, whether natural or not, can just be a band aid solution that is covering up the real issues behind your difficulty in sleeping. These sleeping aids can also lead to different side effects, such as changes in appetite, problems with your balance, dizziness, drowsiness during the day, unusual dreams, weakness or fatigue, and many more. So, why are so many scientists enthusiastically endorsing making good use of a sleep mask when you're having trouble getting a good night's rest?  Well, mainly because the evidence for the benefits of a sleep mask and the health risks of light pollution have been proven by countless scientific studies. The eye mask benefits are also, when compared to the use of sleeping pills and aids, great in helping you get better sleep without any pesky side effects (except maybe feeling super refreshed the next day!)

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?” - Ernest Hemingway

Experience Restful Sleep Wherever You May Be - Order Today

dr Mercola sleep mask
  • Wear at night-time.  Put it on before you are going to sleep. 
  • Care: Hand wash in cool water. Lay flat to dry.
  • Brand: Dr Mercola.
  • Mask Size: 3" x 9" - ½ oz. 7.6cm x 23cm.
  • Weight: 13g.
  • Carry Pouch: 4" x 6" taffeta pouch with closable drawstring.


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