Waxberry (Yumberry) Fruit Powder

Secret Fruit of Beauty & Cells (D-Mannose / Calcium / Magnesium) Chinese Strawberry
250g (8.81 oz.) Powder

Waxberries are native to China where the fruits have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years, though records reveal the fruit might have been harvested as far back as 5000 B.C. Archaeological and written evidence suggest that Waxberry cultivation first took place in China over 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. Waxberry is mentioned throughout Chinese literature, including several appearances in Li Bai's poems. Rightfully nicknamed ‘China Wonder Fruit’, Waxberry, also known as Bayberry and Yumberry, contains loads of Vitamin C and E as well as Riboflavin, Thiamine and Carotene.

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Ancient Purity is so excited giving you the opportunity to enjoy the health benefits provided by this seasonal exotic super fruit any time you like! Just mix it into your favourite exotic smoothie. This extraordinary fruit is also known as Yumberry, Bayberry, Yangmei and Chinese strawberry. The scientific name of the fruit is Morella rubra. Waxberries are only available for a few weeks between late spring and early summer. But no worries! Ancient Purity’s Waxberry Powder Extract can be enjoyed year-round and it tastes just like the fresh Waxberries! Myrica rubra or Waxberries have been used by TCM practitioners for centuries, for their ability to aid alleviating bodily discomfort support healthy digestion, skin health, immune system support and a healthy heart. This fruit is a Nutritionist's fantasy.

The Wax/Yumberry is round and has a deep red to purple hue, a roughly textured exterior, similar to that of a Lychee. Its juicy flesh is soft and overtly succulent with a ruby colour slightly lighter than that of its exterior. Its flesh has a sweet tart flavour and contains one hard seed in the centre of the fruit. Both the flesh and skin of the Waxberry can be eaten. Like I said before, Waxberries are only available for a few weeks between late spring and the beginning of summer. So you can say that these little fresh treasures are quite rare. Waxberries are brilliant enjoyed fresh out of hand but also can also be prepared in several cooked and raw preparations, both sweet and savoury. They are absolutely delicious baked into pies and tarts (You can try it with Ancient Purity’s Waxberry powder as well!) or cooked down to make preserves and sauces. These little wonder fruits also make a fantastic addition to salads, soups and stews. 

Waxberry Fruit Powder - Information & Points to Research.

  • Authentic Wax/YumBerry Fruit Powder.
  • Sourced from it's native country China.
  • Famous Beauty Fruit.
  • Supports your Heart Health.
  • Promotes normal Eyesight.
  • Might lower Bad Cholesterol.
  • Healthy Blood Pressure.
  • Fights Inflammation.
  • May Strengthen your Cell Membranes.
  • Quenches Thirst and might Relieve Holiday Tummy.
  • Might Cleanse your Stomach and Intestines.
  • Contains Immune System boosting nutrients.
waxberry powder yumberry

Yumberry the Chinese Wonder Fruit

In China, Waxberries have long been used for medicinal purposes and are touted for their ability to help alleviate bodily discomfort, promote healthy digestion, as an anti-inflammatory and it is believed that by eating them daily severe health issues might be avoided. The Chinese also prizes the fruit for their anti-wrinkling properties and for a young looking skin. Besides Vitamins C and E, Riboflavin, Carotene  and Thiamine, some consider the Waxberry a ‘super fruit’ because of its high content of antioxidants, more accurately Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins (OPCs) the most powerful class of free-radical-scavenging antioxidants assumed to support the body’s every metabolic system.  Fifty times more potent than Vitamin E and twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C!!! The fruit also provides cleansing digestive system properties (So, be ready to go to the bathroom) The Chinese believe it benefits respiratory as well as aiding healthy inflammation management and menstrual health support. This unique fruit has also been shown to boost the immune system. it might increase strength and elasticity of blood vessels while it may slow down the collapse of collagen too, keeping your skin smooth and firm, in other words, an anti-ageing wonder berry. 

According to recent studies, Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins are highly resistant to free radicals, and since the Chinese Waxberry is rated as one of the most potent antioxidants, it is believed to sweep free radicals completely out of the body. OPCs apparently penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and in turn may protect the nervous system and brain. OPCs are also believed to combat cataracts, slow ageing skin, and may help relieving discomfort and inflammation joints. Waxberry juice has even been used to maintain healthy blood pressure, clear blockages, and help to restore the flexibility of blood vessels. As a treatment for those with bodies not producing enough or respond normally to insulin, Waxberry juice helps normalise cells and supports the pancreas. Don’t you think by now it’s time to pour yourself a Waxberry drink!

A Fruit for Youth & Beauty

waxberry smoothie

Yumberry Gives

Digestive Support… Due to its emetic and astringent and properties Waxberry or Bayberry is often used for helping with digestion issues like indigestion, watery stools, common disorders that affects the large intestine, and chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Physicians in the 19th century used to make Waxberry as a help for problems related to digestion, especially watery stools.

Oral Health…Waxberry is used traditionally as a help getting rid of gums and mouth related issues. Persons with oral issues use it as a gargle to decrease sore throat and gum related conditions like sensitive gums. Today, many Chinese people use Waxberry bark root powder as toothpaste by blending it along with salt, cinnamon powder, and Echinacea root.

Weight Management… Berries are usually low in calories and Waxberry is no different. So, if you are looking for a something low in calories to satisfy your sweet-tooth, A nice Waxberry Smoothie might be the best thing for you! A Waxberry has six calories, so this means that eating 16 Waxberries (one tablespoon of powder) makes a filling 100 calorie snack. Snacking on the wrong foods is the main reason why overweightness has become so prevalent. Being overweight is affecting billions all over the world and is no longer the lifestyle problem of the western world. What should you do to protect yourself? You need to find low calorie healthy foods that are also filling in order to maintain a healthy body weight. Well…..how about ordering a bag of Waxberry powder?

The Chinese Strawberry (Yumberry)

waxberry fruit england supply

Waxberry Nutritional Profile

  • Moisture (g) 89.08 / Vitamin A (g) 7 / Protein (g) 0.72 / Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.01/ Fat (g) 0.31
  • Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.05 / Total carbohydrate (g) 6.80 / Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.05 / Reduced sugar (g) 2.78
  • Vitamin E (mg) 0.81 / Total acid (g) 2.15 / Vitamin C (mg) 9 / Calcium (mg) 14 / Biotin (g) 19
  • Phosphor (mg) 8 / Carotin (mg) 0.04 / Iron (mg) 1 / Folacin (g) 26 / Potassium (mg) 149 /
  • Pantothenic acid (mg) 0.3 / Sodium (mg) 0.7 / Nicotinic acid (mg) 0.3 / Copper (mg) 0.02 / Thiamine (g) 10
  • Magnesium (mg) 10 / Lactoflavin (g) 50 / Zinc (g) 0.14 / Dietary fibre (g) 1 / Selenium (g) 0.31

Simple, Natural, Ground Yumberrys

Chinese waxberry yumberry rare fruits

Nutrient Dense

Well, you don’t need to be a nutritionist seeing all the good stuff above this fruit contains! Waxberries have a good sugar-acid balance and are a source of thiamine, riboflavin, carotene, minerals, dietary fibre, and very high levels of vitamin C. They are also a good source of the same antioxidants (e.g. anthocyanin) that give red wine its health benefits.

In addition to Anthocyanins, the Waxberry contains Monosaccharides like rhamnose, arabinose, mannose, glucose, and galactose are found in this berry as well as metal ions like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and copper., and phenolic compounds like Gallic acid, Quercetin Hexoside, and Deoxyhexoside.

There’s more…. Monosaccharides like Rhamnose, Arabinose, Mannose, Glucose, and Galactose are found in this berry as well as metal ions like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, and Copper. Monosaccharides like rhamnose, arabinose, mannose, glucose, and galactose are found in this berry as well as metal ions like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and copper.

At Ancient Purity we always go for living, whole foods, and i took these photos of the Yumberrys, then i ate them, they're delicious, but they're also really expensive for a little punnet. I have to eat the things we sell, and really know it. So although getting these from your local Asian store if you're in the west is best, i'm telling you that this simple freeze dried Yumberry Powder will give you the same.

waxberry powder yumberry health benefits

Upgrade your Smoothies with a unique SuperFruit

waxberry for smoothies, bubble tea yumberry

Waxberry / Yumberry... Closing Thoughts

Red Waxberry / Yumberry or Bayberry plants are evergreen trees cultivated in hilly areas of south-eastern China. The plant bears edible fruit. There are also local uses for its seeds, leaves and roots. The red Waxberry plant has a height of 2-10 metres and a uniform round-shaped canopy. Red Waxberry trees grow well on poor soils due to a nitrogen-fixing bacterium association with the root system. Thus, strong growth and high productivity can be achieved on infertile hill slopes. Male and female catkins are on separate plants and pollination is by wind.

Red Waxberry / Yumberry fruit from cultivation can be about 3 centimetres diameter. The fruits ripen in China from mid-June to early July, in mid-Summer. The harvest period is short, being just 2-3 weeks duration. Red Waxberry fruit are harvested when appearance and taste are optimal. The fruit have a palatable sugar-acid balance. They contain a broad spectrum of vitamins that include: vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, carotene, and minerals. Harvested red Waxberry fruit rapidly break down under ambient conditions, and present similar post-harvest handling challenges to temperate berry fruits. Their delicate nature makes it difficult to store and transport the fresh fruit. This is exactly why Ancient Purity’s dried Waxberry Powder Extract is soooo special, a Chinese Strawberry hit nutritionally and an amazing smoothie ingredient.

Experience the Warm Fuzzy Fruit Hit - Order Today

yumberry waxberry chinese strawberry powder
  • Waxberry / Yumberry fruit - Feeze Dried / Ground.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 
  • Take 1-4g daily in a Smoothie, Water or Juice.
  • Can be added to healthy desserts, sprinkled into your cereal, yoghurt or into baked goods.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 250g.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 + years.
  • Storage: Keep in dry place once opened and keep sealed.
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