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Teas & Herbal Preparations

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Chaga Mushroom

Wild Crafted / Sustainably Sourced King of Medicinal Mushrooms
150g (5.29 oz) Dried Pieces

Hemp Leaf - Air Dried

Sacred Harvest - Herbal Hemp Tea Calming Stress Relief
125 - 250g (4.41 -8.82 oz.) Dreid Leaf
- £21.99

Herbal Digestive Bitters

8 Wild, Organic Herbs (Surthrival) Multi Herbal Digestive Bitters
50ml (1.69 fl oz)

Herbal Mouth Spray

Kamillosan M (Oils / Extracts) Mouth / Gum
15ml (0.52 fl oz.) Spray

Liquorice Biodynamic®

Fermented, Biodynamic & Organic (Highest Quality Liquorice available)
60g (2.1 oz) Powder

Matcha Green Tea

Ceremonial Green Tea Leaf Powder Organic - Cultivated in Nishio Japan
30g (1.05 oz.) Powder

Shan Pyo Mai

Traditional Burmese Herbal Medicine (Blood Purifying / Heart / Digestive)
50g (1.76 oz.) Powder

Tea / Coffee Mug (Shinno)

(Porcelain) Structure Tea & Coffee Flower of Life / Golden Ratio
0.3 liter / 10 fl .oz

Wild Cherry Bark

(Quercetin/Kaempferol) Vasorelaxant Expectorant / Decongestant (USA)
200g (7.05 oz.) Dried Bark

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Teas & Herbal Preparations