Singing Bowl Set (Made in Nepal)

Medicine Buddha / Green Tara / 5 Buddha - Box Set + Cushion
13x8 (cm)

Tibetan or Buddha Singing bowls’ sounds harmonise and allows both sides of the brain to deeply relax. This ancient sound therapy promotes stress relief on every level as well as the elimination of bodily toxins. After a sound therapy session with these bowls emotions are tranquil and the mind sharper and the vibrations of the serene sound have a positive effect on the body after the Tibetan singing bowls have been used playing on it. A Buddha singing bowl might help you spiritually, mentally and physically! The first singing bowls were produced from a range of various metals and in the Far East they were using them for more than 6000 years already. Buddha singing bowls are a mysterious ancient acoustic device, which was discovered in the Himalayas by “spiritual tourists”.  After Chinese occupation of Tibet they also appeared in USA and Europe.

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Ancient Purity presents… a choice of three different brass Buddha Singing Bowls.  Sound therapy is an ancient regeneration form. The first singing bowls were produced from a range of various metals and in the Far East they were using them for more than 6000 years already. The Buddha singing bowls are a mysterious ancient acoustic device, which was discovered in the Himalayas by “spiritual tourists”.  After the Chinese occupation of Tibet they appeared in the US and Europe as well. Also known as Himalayan bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls are said to support relaxation and provide potent healing properties.

Some research does indicate that these Tibetan singing bowls can enhance meditation and deep breathing, which may help maximise the stress-relieving benefits of those practices.

Buddha Singing Bowls - Information & Points of Interest

  • Authentic Functional Piece.
  • Made of Brass by Tibetan Artists in Nepal.
  • Deep Relaxation & Muscle Regeneration.
  • Might Enhance Energy Flow.
  • Can Aid to Alleviate Mental or Emotional Issues.
  • Positive Feelings.
  • Better Balance & Harmony.
  • Improved Focus.
  • Digestion Supportive.
  • Might Support Immune System.
  • Improved Self-Confidence.
  • Medicine Buddha.
  • Green Tara.
  • Five Buddha.
  • Boxed Gift Set.
Tibetan Singing Bowls

Choose from 3 Different Singing Bowls

Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl

The veneration of Medicine Buddha, the supreme- healer (Sangye Menla in Tibetan) is considered a potent way not solely for healing and obtaining healing powers both for oneself and others, but  for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, ignorance and hatred as well. Believers assume that meditating on the Medicine Buddha can aid reduce mental and physical illness and suffering.  

“Human life is inherently dualistic. It consists of or is explicable as two fundamental entities, including rivalries between subject and object, mind and matter, and conflict between the benevolent and the malevolent forces. Opposition in the universe creates a dynamic living universe composed of good and evil, body and soul. Human thoughts and feelings are the communal products of the conscious and unconscious mind’s interpretation of a constant flow of coded and symbolic dialogue.” - Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

The Blue Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl

Green Tara Singing Bowl

The Green Tara is commonly portrayed as a compassionate being ready to step down from the Lotus throne providing protection and comfort from all of the agony we humans experience on this planet. The Green Tara is also known as the Mother of all Buddha’s and is for the female spirit of compassion, longevity, power and love. This stunning Green Tara Singing Bowl can be used to in hands the feminine and nurturing sense of the Mother for longevity and protection. 

The Green - Green Tara Singing Bowl

Five Buddha Singing Bowl

The number 5 holds enormous significance in almost every Buddhist tradition. The number refers to the colours, the five elements, the five senses, the five Wisdoms and all of this is expressed in the 5 Buddha's.  In recent times, the term 'mindfulness' has become so popular, but the very first tees about this kind mindfulness system of 5 Buddha's were found in the 6th century A.D when Buddhism was slowly introduced in Tibet.

The Orange Five Buddha Singing Bowl

How Can Sound Affect our Bodies?

Sound is without a doubt one of the most potent media, as it is able taking the human spirit in various consciousness states. Besides their traditional use for meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowls can be used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration, to reduce discomfort in the shoulders, joints, and muscles, to ease discomfort related to the digestive system, sciatica, migraine headache  or spine injuries. In addition, sound therapy is used to enhance circulation, release blockages or tensions, opening the energy flow and help to eliminate bodily toxins. When we unwind with the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, our concentration enhances and our emotional blockages and tensions are eased. The sound and its vibrations can help alleviate mental or emotional distress (worries, nervousness, anger, low self-esteem, mood disorders, sleeping disorders). Tibetan Singing Bowls produce unique tones that can be used to stabilise blood pressure levels, to ease respiratory issues, to renew the adrenal gland’s functioning, to open and stabilise the meridians and to enhance the synaptic responses in our brains. They might also aid kids with hyperactive issues and they can stimulate our immune systems.

“ power to negative thoughts or fears was bringing ideas to life in physical world, idea in mind became emotion in heart, emotion turned into words spoken, written, painted, strummed across guitar strings, or vibrantly held note by Tibetan singing bowl, thoughts affected physical world.” - Christina Westover, The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac

Scientific research has revealed that Tibetan Singing Bowls produce specific sound waves.  Electromagnetic brainwaves’ scientific analyses have confirmed the presence of clearly recognisable waves that are linked to different states of consciousness. We do know that our brain in its normal state, i.e. in everyday conscience, creates beta waves. In meditative states alpha waves are present and calm consciousness. Theta waves are typical for the state of slumber. Delta waves are present solely during deep sleep. When the waves produced by singing bowls were recorded, researchers discovered wave patterns that were similar to the alpha waves made by our brain. These waves provide a feeling of serenity and deep relaxation.

Tibetan Singing Bowls…Closing Thoughts

Handmade by Tibetan artists on the roof of the world, Ancient Purity’s brass Singing Bowl is a magnificent bowl, struck by a mallet, mostly used in religious or spiritual settings to invoke relaxation and meditation through the relaxing sounds and resounding vibrations it emanates when used. They can be used in sound therapy as well to induce healing and help with various health issues. The tranquil sounds the Tibetan Singing Bowl produce is said to create a type of energy that may centre the body, mind and soul’s frequencies. Playing these bowls has also been said to cause the right and left sides of our brains to synchronise together, creating peacefulness and calmness during meditation.  Consider how vibrations make water react: moving, and dancing in choreographed and often concentric, symmetrical forms. The Buddha Singing Bowl utilises these acts of physics affecting our physical bodies, and in turn the soul and mind. Today, we have advanced technology that can slow down and observe the way the Buddha Singing Bowl specifically affects the water present in it. We can study how the sound vibrations may be shifting the water elements in our bodies into creative patterns.  

“The soul is the body’s vanity and pleasure as long as the body’s in good health, but it’s also the urge to escape from the body as soon as the body is sick or things go badly.” - Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

Experience the Sounds and Vibrations of a Genuine Singing Bowl - Order Today

  • Circle the bowl gracefully build up the sound, tap the bowl.
  • Types: Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Five Buddha.
  • Net Weight: 0,65Kg /Set.
  • Dimensions: 13x8 (cm).
  • Material: Brass.


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