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Tulsi Holy/Sacred Basil - Essential Oil (Queen of the Herbs) 30ml

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Tulsi Holy/Sacred Basil - Essential Oil (Queen of the Herbs) 30ml

Organic Tulsi Sacred "Holy" Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum sanctum) is a spicy-sweet oil steam distilled from the leaves of the holy basil plant. Traditionally used to support detoxification and a healthy immune and stress response. Its effects are warming, clarifying, and uplifting.

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The Queen of Herbs... Tulsi Holy Basil, is an important medicinal plant in many traditional and folk systems of medicine in Southeast Asia. Tulsi is a medicinal herb that’s considered a sacred plant by the Hindus in the Indian subcontinent. In traditional systems different parts of Tuls... leaves, stem, flower, root, seeds and even the whole plant, have been recommended by ancient Ayurvedic masters.

In India, it is believed to have endless miraculous values and has been worshiped and highly valued in India for thousands of years. It has been an age-old custom in India to worship it two times a day, water it, and light lamps near it in the morning and evening. It was and still is, believed to protect the whole family from evil and bring good luck.

Tulsi Holy/Sacred Basil

  • Ancient Skin Vitality Essential Oil.
  • Good source of Vitamin K.
  • Benefits the respiratory system .
  • Mentally Relaxing.
  • Hormonal Balancing.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation.
  • Dental & Oral Health.
tulsi holy basil benefits

Tulsi Gives

Breathe Healthy
Holy basil benefits are found in the components of tulsi leaves, including camphene, eugenol and cineole, which help provide relief from congestion and other symptoms of respiratory disorders. Scientific studies have confirmed that holy basil possesses impressive anti-asthmatic abilities and may make breathing easier, which is why it’s a commonly recommended herb for respiratory issues in Ayurvedic medicine.

Tulsi, along with curing viral, bacterial, and fungal infections of the respiratory system, gives miraculous relief from congestion due to the presence of components like camphene, eugenol, and cineole in its essential oils. It is very effective in curing almost all respiratory disorders including bronchitis, both chronic and acute. Tulsi is very beneficial for those with of asthma, it relieves congestion and facilitates smoother breathing. The phytonutrients and essential oils, along with the other minerals in it, help cure some of the underlying causes of asthma as well.

The natural compounds like vitamin C, camphene, eugenol, and cineole present in the essential oils of Tulsi not only provide relief from the infections in the lungs but also help clear the lung congestion. Furthermore, they are found to be effective in healing the damages caused to the lungs due to smoking and second hand smoke.

Hormones & Stress
Holy basil may keep hormone levels balanced naturally and mental well-being too.A scientific article published in 2014 in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, there is increasing evidence that shows holy basil benefits can improve physical, chemical, metabolic and psychological stress. 

Tulsi has been found to protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals, and physical stress from prolonged physical exertion, ischemia, physical restraint and exposure to cold and excessive noise. Tulsi has also been shown to counter metabolic stress through normalization of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels, and psychological stress through positive effects on memory and cognitive function and through its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.

Some other evidence of this stress-lowering effect includes the ability of holy basil to improve reaction times and error rates in human subjects compared to placebo. Tulsi includes three phytochemical compounds that help achieve these results. The first two, ocimumosides A and B, have been identified as anti-stress compounds and may lower blood corticosterone (another stress hormone) and create positive alterations in the neurotransmitter system of the brain. The third, 4-allyl-1-O-beta-D-glucopyronosyl-2-hydroxybenzene is also able to lower stress parameters in lab studies. 

tulsi holy basil for skin

Oral and Dental Health
Tulsi has the power to fight bacteria in your mouth that lead to dental issues, such as cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath. Tulsi leaves serve as a mouth freshener because they kill the bacteria and germs hiding in your mouth. Holy basil benefits include helping to diminish ulcers in the mouth, and in vitro studies demonstrate it can stop the growth of oral issues. For natural dental care, try adding a drop of tulsi essential oil to your toothpaste

Rich in Vitamin K
Vitamin K is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in bone health and heart health. It’s one of the main vitamins involved in bone mineralisation and blood clotting, but also helps maintain brain function, a healthy metabolism and cellular health. One cup of tulsi leaves has more than your daily recommended value of vitamin K, making it a perfect source to prevent vitamin K deficiency. Plus, vitamin K can be beneficial to your bone density, digestive health and brain function. Animal studies published in the Alternative Medicine Review also demonstrate that holy basil benefits include cardio-protective properties. In other words, it appears to boost heart health.

Blood Sugar Health
Holy basil benefits appear to include the ability to control blood glucose levels as demonstrated by several test tube and animal experiments, as well as human clinical trials. A randomised placebo-controlled, single blind trial of holy basil leaves points towards holy basil’s anti-diabetic activity. In this trial, patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes experienced decreases in fasting blood sugar levels, postprandial (after a meal) blood sugar levels, urine blood sugar levels as well as mean total cholesterol levels during the holy basil treatment period. Overall, the researchers conclude that holy basil may be prescribed as part of a treatment plan for people with mild-to-moderate non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Bathe in Holy Basil and Applying it to your Skin

tulsi holy basil bath

Try taking a bath with a nourishing blend of Tulsi Holy Basil and Lavendar Essential Oil.

Try washing your face with this ancient Essential Oil (Remeber to dilute a little and start with a small amount).

Applying Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil on the body keeps mosquitoes and other insects away.

It helps against skin disorders both internally and externally, without any side effects.

This essential oil is highly antibiotic, disinfectant, antibacterial, and antifungal in nature.

External application on the skin also removes extra oil from the surface of the skin.

The Camphene in Tulsi Holy Basil gives it a soothing and a cooling effect.

Grow your own

You could grow your own Tulsi Holy Basil, making an essential oil is complicated process but you can consume Tulsi leaves in various ways.

Many people like eating the leaves raw, some suggest brewing the dried leaves into a potent tea.

Holy basil Tea is perhaps the most common and popular use of this herb and can also be made with the dried leaf. You simply place in a boiling cup of water and allow it to steep for 5-6 minutes. The flavor is strong, but its health effects are undeniable.

If you grow some, Tulsi Holy Basil will require sunlight for at least 6 hours daily and it needs to be spaced away from other plants. Avoid overwatering the basil plants and as they develop, try to prune some back so that there are roughly 18 inches between each plant. Removing the matured leaves several times every week is essential to encourage fresh leaf growth.

grow tulsi holy basil ancient purity

Experience the Ancient Holy Essential Oil - Order Today


  • Tulsi Holy Basil Leaf Oil.
  • Organic Oil, steam distilled from fresh Holy Basil leaves.


  • If you choose to ingest we recommend using a carrier oil such as Hemp, Black Seed or Olive Oil.
  • Can be diffused for aroma therapy.


  • Topically - essential oils are highly concentrated, so it’s important to ensure they are properly diluted. Applying a high-quality undiluted essential oil directly to the skin may cause irritation.
  • Food grade - not all essential oils are recommended for ingestion.
  • The best method to consume food grade oils is to apply a drop or two to your dish or beverage.


  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 30ml.
  • Origin: India.
  • Container: Glass Bottle.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep it in a closed cabinet, dry, room temperature. Close the cap, keep out of reach of children.


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