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Earthed Yoga/Fitness Mat - Grounding Tech (UK/US)

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Earthed Yoga/Fitness Mat - Grounding Tech (UK/US)

A safe, effective way to tap into the Earth’s energy, while in your home, office, gym, or the yoga studio. Just access an electrical outlet. Perfect for any type of barefoot physical activity, including yoga, Tai Chi, kickboxing, Pilates, or lifting weights. Can also be used for more passive activities like meditation, working, or relaxing.

We provide Dr Mercola's Universal Earthing Yoga Mat with a US to UK Plug adaptor and a UK Socket tester as well as the US Socket Tester.

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Dr Mercola Products UK - Grounded Fitness & Yoga Mat
Dr Mercola on his Grounded Yoga mat.....
Ground Yourself to the Earth Without Going Outside. As you likely know, I am not recommending anything I don’t personally do. I believe in grounding so much that I moved to Florida. I walk about two hours nearly every day on the beach where the water meets the sand, as this provides a near ideal grounding environment.

I realize not everyone has the ability to go to the beach but even if you could, most of your day will still not be grounded.Many of you are like me, and connected to your computer for many hours a day. Ideally this is a grounding opportunity where you can stand up on a grounding mat and actually improve your health rather than degenerate it. Dr Mercola's Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat allows you to connect yourself to the Earth’s energies while you move and exercise – or simply sit still. And because it’s low profile enough to roll up compactly, you can take it along to the gym or your favorite yoga studio. Simply plug its grounding cord into the third prong of an electric outlet to tap into your home’s or building’s ground wire. Make direct skin contact with the mat (black side up) and, presto… You’re grounded!

Work Out or Meditate in Peace, Away From the Invisible Sea of EMFs
Move Over… Grounding May Help Your Pet, Too Don’t be surprised if your dog or cat joins you while you’re using your Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat. Animals instinctively gravitate towards the Earth’s energy. Grounding can help to improve your pet’s energy, stamina, flexibility, joint mobility, muscle tone, sleep, calmness, and an increased willingness to jump, play, and move quickly. What’s potentially beneficial for you may be just as valuable for your pet. With a generous 24 by 72 inches of mat space, there’s plenty of room for you both on your Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat!

Whether you’re at home, or at work, or even at play, you’re surrounded by an invisible “sea” of human-generated electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs. If you live in North America, it’s next-to-impossible to escape the electrical power grid that’s constantly vibrating at 60 Hz. The effects from EMFs – and the interference in your body – are highly personal. Some individuals are ultra-sensitive to EMFs and are more affected than others.

Here’s the potential problem with EMFs…
Electrons and other particles in your body can react with EMFs and produce unnatural disturbances, creating stress and other effects. When you ground yourself during your workout – or even while you sleep or work – with my Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat, you’re helping to protect your body from EMFs. Earth not only provides a source of beneficial electrons for your body, it also acts as a "shield" preventing potentially harmful electric fields – or electropollution – from creating disturbances in your body. Truly, a win-win!

Boost Your Performance, Help Quiet Your Mind and Soothe Your Body With My Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat
You’re probably wondering by now how a seemingly simple mat can potentially offer so much for your mind and body… It’s all about grounding. Now that you know all the potential benefits of grounding while you work out or practice, let me tell you more about my Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat…

PVC-Free and Latex-Free, Your Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat Will Help Take Your Workout or Practice to the Next Level

Grounding Fitness & Yoga Mat Kit

This sturdy, generous sized mat is perfect for any type of physical or passive activity. You can even use it when you’re not working out! Its many uses are only limited by your own imagination. Here’s what you get when you order my Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat kit:

  • Earthing Mat – A spacious 24- by 72-inch, 3/16-inch thick cushy mat with grounding conductive layer
  • Earthing Magnetic Cord – 15-foot (180-inch) snap-on connector and cord (this connects your mat to the ground port of your electrical outlet)
  • Earthing Ground Outlet Checker – To make sure your electrical outlet is grounded
  • MultiMat Connector – For optional use if you want to connect another mat to yours
  • Instruction Guide

And best of all, my Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat is:

  • PVC-free 
  • Latex-free
  • Odorless
  • Eco-friendly
  • And it’s naturally anti-skid! (No towel needed!)

Remember, for grounding to work, you must have direct skin contact with the black side of the mat, so you’ll want to avoid the use of towels or cushions that could block contact. And be sure to always use the black side up – that’s where the conductivity is!

Are You Ready to Get Connected to the Earth? Order Your Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat Today!
There aren’t many other ways as simple as this one to take control of your health. All you have to do is swap out your current mat and the potential benefits are yours!

What could be easier?
Get connected today and boost the benefits from your workout or practice. You can’t go wrong with my Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat. I’ll even guarantee your purchase. Order my mat, give it a try and see if you aren’t impressed. Properly connected, grounding effects start flowing your way in as little as 20 or 30 minutes! You don’t need to wait weeks or months to enjoy its potential benefits.


  • Access an electrical outlet. Go barefoot for any physical activity, including yoga, Tai Chi, kickboxing, Pilates, or lifting weights.
  • Can also be used for more passive activities like meditation, working, or relaxing.


  • Brand: Mercola

Pack Contains: 

  • Earthing Yoga / Fitness Mat.
  • Instructions.
  • 15 foot (4.57 m) cord.
  • UK Socket Tester.
  • US Socket Tester (Can aslo be used in AUS/JAP/CAN).
  • US to UK Plug Adaptor.


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