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Zoiben (Yeast / Biofilm / Parasite Detox) 60ml

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Zoiben (Yeast / Biofilm / Parasite Detox) 60ml

Zoiben contains six different essential oils as well as the bitter herb extract Berberine, all of which are known for their effects on parasites and lack of toxicity to us. Zoiben may play a part in epigenetically supporting our detox and immune responses. A decrease in the desire for sweet and savory foods is an excellent indication that Zoiben is working for you.

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Biofilms are susceptible to being dissolved with the enzyme serrapeptase and essential oils so you may wish to consider Notoplex and Zoiben. Zoiben also contains bitters which may confuse biofilm quorum sensing (intelligence). Once the biofilm is disrupted, Ellagica may also be of help in supporting the body in dealing with pathogens.

90% of all infections are biofilm infections. Biofilms have transport systems for food, water, create nanowires that act like a microbial nervous system, have tiny appendages called pili that they use to attach to our tissues and send up giant towers with fruiting bodies that launch pieces of itself off to start new biofilms elsewhere in our bodies. White blood cells get stuck in biofilm so our immune system can’t fight them. Once in a biofilm, it takes a 5000X greater concentration of antibiotics to kill an infection. Biofilms are worthy adversaries but they do have a weak spot. 

Parasites (as well as biofilms, candida and pathological cells) are simple, relying on the amino acids glutamine and glutamate to construct themselves and sugar for energy. Glutamate is savory and sugar is sweet. Parasites manipulate our brains into making us crave what feeds them and dislike what kills them. This is why we crave sweet and savory foods but dislike bitter foods. While limiting glutamate (msg, soy sauce…) and sugar is a good idea we cannot completely eliminate sugar or glutamine since our bodies produce them internally. A decrease in the desire for sweet and savory foods is an excellent indication that Zoiben is working for you.
Chronic infections and pathological conditions are associated with biofilm formation Consider adding Zoiben to your protocol.


  • Proprietary blend of Powerful unqiue ingredients.
  • Biofilms Detox.
  • Anti-Candida.
  • Parasite Detox.
  • Supports Weight-loss.
  • Deals with pathogens in the gums.
  • Protocol can balance Mood Disorders.
  • Support a healthy response to insulin.
  • Can be used as a digestive aid.
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Zoben Effects

Epigenetics and Hormetics
Epigenetics is the study of how external triggers can control which genes are silenced and which are activated. Hormetics are those beneficial and necessary stressors that positively affect our epigenetics.  We evolved eating bitter compounds as a hormetic stressor, but modern agriculture has removed bitter compounds from our diets.  Zoiben may play a part in epigenetically supporting our detox and immune responses.

Mood Problems
Parasites affect the brains of their hosts making them engage in behaviors that increase their transmission. If a parasite has evolved to affect a specific animal in a certain way and we become exposed to it, it can have bizarre effects on our moods. It is a sobering thought to think that many of the people suffering from what they believe are mood disorders are in fact dealing with a parasitic infection.

There are three ways we feel satisfied after a meal. Increased blood sugar, stomach distension and through bitter flavors. Without bitter flavors, we keep eating until either our blood sugar rises or our stomachs stretch from the sheer mass of food we eat. This means in order to feel satisfied, we need to either eat sweets or overeat. Zoiben contains berberine HCl, a very bitter anti-parasitic agent. If you find that no matter how much you eat, you are still unsatisfied, take a single drop of Zoiben before meals. Initially it will increase your hunger as your digestion is improved, then it will satisfy your hunger as you finish your meal.

Insulin Sensitivity
As we age and with poor diet our cells become less sensitive to insulin.  It’s been said that if we live long enough we will all become diabetic.  Bitter tastes may support the body in having a healthy response to insulin.

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Zoiben a different type of Detox

Parasites and their eggs are in the foods we eat and the water we drink. We do not live in a sterile environment and never will. Animals, (that includes us), do not have good anti-parasitic defenses. Plants however have excellent anti-parasitic defenses. Because of this, animals have learned to seek out and eat bitter and aromatic plants (those that contain essential oils) that are anti-parasitic in order to rid themselves of parasitic infections. Zoiben contains 6 different essential oils as well as the bitter herb extract berberine, all of which are known for their effects on parasites and lack of toxicity to us. Parasites can live anywhere in the body. They dislike bitter compounds and serrapeptase. You may want to consider one bottle of Zoiben and one box of Notoplex.

Fungi are also parasitic. They live on the same food sources as parasites (glutamine and sugar) and have the same weaknesses. If you have a white coating on your tongue, that is candida. Every bite of food we eat that is not right out of the oven or frying pan has millions of candida spores on it waiting for the right environment to grow in.

Detox Reactions
While most parasites can make their homes in our intestines, some migrate to other parts of our bodies. If you are feeling something in part of your body from Zoiben, it may be an allergic reaction (some people are sensitive to clove oil), but it may also be parasites dying in those body parts. The following is a list of where those parasites may appear.

  • Tapeworms:  Brain tissue.
  • Roundworms: Muscles of the eyes, jaw, neck, lower back and heart.
  • Hookworms: Skin.
  • Heartworms: Lung.
  • Lungworms: Brain.
  • Spirchetes: Systemic.
  • Flukes: Liver, eyeballs and bloodstream.
  • Flatworms: Veins.

Oral Use

One of the best ways to take Zoiben is to use it after brushing your teeth; a few drops swished about your gums. 

In this manner we not only get the systemic effects but also support the body in clearing bacteria from the often chronically infected gumline.

We recommned using the Tulsi Toothpaste.

Experience the Powerful Unique Effects of Zoiben - Order Today

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A proprietary blend of:

  • Organic ginger.
  • Clove.
  • Oregano Oil.
  • Thyme Oils.
  • Steam distilled pine resin extract.
  • Berberine Hcl.
  • Gentian.
  • Vitamin E.
  • In a base of organic Pumpkin Seed oil.


  • Adults: 1 - 3 drops on the tongue before meals.
  • Shake well as contents will settle.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Take a few drops after brushing your teeth and swished about your gums. 

How to use Zoiben.

  • Preliminary phase: The first time you take Zoiben, mix one teaspoon with a tablespoon of sesame oil and swish it between your teeth for one minute, then spit it out. This serves two purposes. First, it helps the body deal with pathogens in the gums which are typically the most infected part of most people’s bodies. Secondly, it let’s you know if you are allergic to clove or any of the other essential oils in Zoiben. If no allergic reactions happen then you can move on to the next phase.
  • Acute phase: Take one teaspoon of Zoiben a day for three days. Make sure to stay hydrated (drink water) for these three days. TEASPOON, not tablespoon.
  • Maintenance phase: Put one to three drops of Zoiben on your tongue before meals.
  • NOTE: Zoiben should not be taken if you are on macrolide antibiotics or SSRI medications, pregnant or nursing.

Parasites/Biofilm Specifically: You may want to consider one bottle of Zoiben and one box of Notoplex.


  • Brand: Remedy Link.
  • Size: 60ml.
  • Container: Glass Bottle
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.


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