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OralTide Mouthwash (Dental Bond Peptide/AGDP) 60ml

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OralTide Mouthwash (Dental Bond Peptide/AGDP) 60ml

Oraltide-Pro Mouthwash with DPR (Dental Bond Peptide) AGDP (Anti-gingival Degenerate Peptide). This scientific mouthwash promotes re-growth of shrinking gums, oral healing, prevents infections (such as gingivitis) aids enamel remineralisation, while reduces bacterial growth and etching, fills slots in damaged enamel.

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OralTide-Pro Mouthwash containing DPR (Dental Bond Peptide) and AGDP (Anti-gingival Degenerate Peptide). An elite mouthwash that unlike all the harmful toxic mouthwash availble in supermarks actually benefits your oral health and promotes healing. OralTide Mouthwash is FREE FROM Bactericide, Alcohol, Fluoride, Potassium Nitrate, and Artificial colours.

What can a peptide based mouthwash do:

  • Promotes growth of shrinking gums.
  • Speeds healing of mouth & tongue.
  • Prevents oral infections (such as gingivitis).
  • Helps with enamel remineralisation.
  • Reduces bacteria growth and etching.
  • Fills slots in damaged enamel.

DPR is obtained using a patented hydrolysis technology that yields a high concentration of the DPR fragments which is then purified via ultrafiltration membrane technology. A highly negative change of the three serine phosphorylation structures chelates calcium ions to form the soluble DRP calcium complex. This helps to contribute to the tooth enamel absorption of the calcium ion and also promotes enamel remineralization. The calcium ion leaves deposits on the damaged enamel, filling in slots, reducing bacterial growth, and preventing etching.

Is also obtained using the same patented process as DPR. AGPD increases synthesis of the type 1 collagen which promotes growth of shrinking gums, accelerates the healing of mouth and tongue wounds and activates gingival connective tissues and periodontal ligament fibroblasts (the cells that are thought to be responsible for maintaining the tissues.) Additionally, it promotes extracellular matrix (ECM), (molecules that are secreted by cells that provide structure and biochemical support to the surrounding cells).

Aniamal FREE
Ancient Purity are sure that CAP is a protein fragment that mimics bovine a-casein hydrolyzed decapeptide, (10 peptides). The source is from bioengineered fermentation(using endotoxin-free E. coli or edible pharmaceutical grade yeast) and does not contain any animal ingredients.


  • See label in product images.

Ethical: Ancient Purity uses peptide products which are produced by microorganism fermentation and purification, and contain no animal products.


  • Mix 1ml of OralTide in a small amount of water.
  • Swish around your mouth for 10-15mins.


  • Brand: Profound Products.
  • Size: 60ml.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 - 4 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.


Q - Dr. Lippman in your book Stay 40 and also in issue no. 4, 2015 Aging Matters magazine you show before and after photos of individuals whom over a 12-18 month period ‘got fit’ by aerobic exercise, but showed the dramatic ageing of their faces and hair at the same time. Would you please indicate at what level aerobic  exercise can become problematic?
A - Heavy aerobic exercise, including heavy breathing, burns up approximately 8 times the amount of inhaled oxygen compared to oxygen consumed at rest. Unfortunately, even an athlete’s enzymatic defences can only dismutate (render harmless) 2 times the resting radical production. Consequently, without antioxidant supplementation, free radical damage occurs extensively throughout the body. This damage is visibly apparent in the hair and face of older people (as per the before-and-after photos in my article published in the Aging Matters™ magazine and in my book STAY 40). To summarize: Heavy aerobic exercise generates free radicals that burn up a body and prematurely age it. In other words, we breathe pounds of oxygen daily which converts to grams of free radicals that damage our bodies if we don’t have sufficient protection from our free radical lines of defence.

Q - The ACF228 supplement contains catalase enzyme. I have been made to understand that catalase enzyme is digested instead of being absorbed by cells, rendering it potentially useless in supplement form. As far as I am aware, if you ingest a product it will go into your blood stream. After researching this on the website, I am unable to find anything that may suggest that the catalase enzyme is digested instead of absorbed. If you could clarify this for me, it would be much appreciated.
A - Dr. Richard Lippman replies: “You are correct. Catalase is not absorbed into the blood stream and neither are other large enzyme molecules such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). Catalase was included into the ACF 228 formula for the sole purpose of eliminating peroxides, especially hydrogen peroxides, from the food that we consume. Thus, catalase is only working in the GI tract and not in the bloodstream.”

Q - I'm searching for Superoxide Dismutase - this is the product that increases SOD production as I've been searching for years for one that actually works. 99% of SOD products marketed do NOT work as SOD is sooo fragile.
PLEASE let me know if you have the Superoxide Dismutase that actually WORKS! One that does not destroy sublingually or in the Digestive System. Thank you for your consideration, interest, and time.
A - “I have been studying SOD since the 70's, and the only way to increase SOD is by heavy aerobic exercise. Heavy aerobic exercise creates 8 times the amount of free radicals, especially the superoxide anion radical, and this effect causes the body to double or more levels of SOD. This is the only way despite what some marketers’ may think!”

Given that this may not help you achieve your goal successfully, we then asked him what could aid in the reduction of the superoxide radical, which is the purpose of SOD. His answer is: “ACF228™ will quench free radicals and active oxygen species, but SOD is very specific for the superoxide anion radical whilst glutathione is a general, all-around clean-up molecule for miscellaneous radicals and peroxides.” Dr Richard Lippman


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