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Zane Hellas

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Fungus Stop for Nails and Feet Athletes Foot (Zane Hellas)
10m / 30ml / 60 Softgels
- £16.99

Oregano Essential Oil

Pure Greek Wild Organic Oregano Softgels or Essential Oil
30ml / 60 Softgels
- £33.99

Oregano Toothpaste

Oregano with Sage Extract Matricaria Extract (Zane Hellas)
125ml (4.23 fl oz)

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Zane Hellas

The highest quality Oregano products available. Made by our friends in the small town of Kilkis in northern Greece where they grow and harvest the finest quality oregano from their own fields and selected local farmers. The climatic conditions of Greece, the sunshine, the sea breeze, and the subsoil rich in the trace are all that make the Greek Oregano unique and in our opinion the best in the world. From this wild and organic (non-GMO) oregano that grows on the Greek mountains, they produce (through steam distillation) the Essential Oil of Oregano that Ancient Purity offer.