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Pinus Cembra (Swiss Stone Pine)

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Alpine Carafe

Deer or Cow Design (Pinus Cembra)
1 Litre

Alpine Water Bottle

Deer / Chamois / Capricorn Design Wooden Box
600ml (20.28 fl. oz)

Cadus - Swiss Stone Pine

Flower of Life / Gemstones
1 Litre (33.81 fl oz)

Diffuser Swiss Stone Pine

Pinus Cembra
- £137.99

Pinus Cembra - Lids

For Carafes / Cadus
- £59.99

Pinus Cembra Carafe

Flower of Life
1.3L (43.96 fl oz)

Reed Stick Diffuser

Pinus Cembra (Swiss Stone Pine) Sleep / Relaxation / Lungs
1 Unit plus 150ml (5.07 fl oz) Fragrance

Swiss Stone Pine

(Pinus Cembra) Essential Oil
10ml (0.34 fl oz)
- £14.99

Swiss Stone Room Spray

Room Spray / Pinus Cembra Swiss Stone Pine
200ml (6.76 fl oz)

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Pinus Cembra (Swiss Stone Pine)

Swiss Stone Pine contains volatile essential oils which, when diffused into the air, have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and spirit. With the pleasant and refreshing scent of the essential oils from the Swiss Stone Pine, breathing and relaxation are deepened, and there is even a feeling like being in the woods, in connection with the natural world. This earthy yet stimulating fragrance enhances the feelings of safety and being at home, and supports a deep, restful sleep for the body to relax and regenerate. The Swiss Stone Pine has a fresh and woody fragrance. Its scent feels like a combination of pine, lemon, lime myrtle, vanilla and soft wood.