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Green Pasture (Fermented Fish/Butter)

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Butter Oil Concentrate

X-Factor™ Gold)
- £47.99

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

With Concentrate Butter Oil
Capsules / Oil
- £39.99

Ghee (Virgin Coconut)

Raw Grass Fed Ghee
765g (26.98 oz)

Skate Liver Oil

(Fermented) DHA / Vits K, D, A
Capsules / Oil
- £42.99

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Green Pasture (Fermented Fish/Butter)

Green Pasture Products is proud to offer sacred foods prepared with great care and attention, following the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. Dr Price discovered that in every traditional culture, no matter the region, people carefully collected and prepared sacred foods to ensure strong minds, bodies, and spirits. With these special foods, people sought to ensure robust health in both present and future generations. One of Dr. Price’s central discoveries was that high-vitamin butter oil taken in combination with cod liver oil fosters a powerful nutritional synergy. When Dr. Price’s patients consumed both oils together, they experienced often dramatically improvements in dental and physical health. Ancient Purity presents the essential Green Pasture products, including the fermented Cod and Skate liver oils, Concentrated Butter Oil and Ghee.