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Deuterium Depleted Water (Preventa)

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Deuterium (D2) Test Kit

Level Determination Test Kit Deuterium Depletion Therapy
1 Kit

Deuterium Dep-Water

Deuterium Depleted Water 125 - 25PPM DDW (Preventa)
1.5 Litre (50.72 fl oz) Single / Multi Pack
- £129.99

Oyster Mushroom DDW

Deuterium Depleted Water Cultivated Oyster Mushroom Extract
120 Capsules (85 PPM DDW)

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Deuterium Depleted Water (Preventa)

Deuterium Depleted Water effectively reduces the quantity of deuterium in the body. Research has shown that decreasing deuterium levels in the body's tissues and organs is a natural biological process. Our body's ability to deplete deuterium decreases as we get older, sicker and get less exercise or sunlight. The low deuterium content of the water gives it therapeutic properties at cellular and DNA levels, slowing the ageing process, lowering the appearance of cell division defects and improving the immune system.