Scorpion Venom Black Balm

Black Balm for Aches / Pains / Insect Bites (Unique Blend) Anti-Swelling
50g (1.76 oz.) Black Balm

Scorpion Venom Black Balm is warm, comforting ointment effective for relieving muscular aches and pains. But it is also versatile enough to relieve insect bites, itchiness and headaches. Just rub the ointment onto your skin and its pain relieving properties will work quickly to reduce aches, swelling and other discomfort that irritates the body. 

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Ancient Purity present a cool but warming Black Balm... with a tiny amount of the extremely valuable Scorpion Venom. This unique balm is suitable for the health of joints and health over inflammation and other such body, muscle, joint and bone issues. Also it can be used for effective symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains, sprains, insect bites, burns, itchiness and lumbago. This is potent Balm, it does contain the Scorpion Venom, you'll find a little of this special analgesic balm goes far. We recommend doing some research on the powerful effects of Scorpion Venom, here was a good article in the Daily Express. This Balm is very famous in Thailand, the venom of a scorpion accelerates penetration of the other therapeutic components this balm to body tissues and increases their overall therapeutic effects. Scorpions are not harmed in the collection of the venom but obviously this not suitable for vegans.

The Balms from Thailand presented by Ancient Purity are all unique and although they have been created and bottled recently for you to use, the origin of the Balms and their make-up is ancient. The knowledge of the healing power of this Black Balm and the potent ingredients was collected by Thai sages for centuries, it has an antioxidant and wound-healing, stimulating effect. Black Scorpion Balm with the Scorpion Venom is a completely natural product. It does not contain chemicals, artificial additives and dyes. The balm does not cause allergic reactions and does not cause burning. So learn more about this powerful, potent Balm, order today and feel the unique effects.

Scorpion Venom Black Balm - Information & Points to Research

  • Authentic Original blend.
  • Trusted for Generations.
  • 100% Natural, Clean Ingredients.
  • Use as a driver for other therapeutic topical elements.
  • Can be used with our Magnesium Spray.
  • Massage for Muscle and Joint, Relaxation.
  • Fights insect bites, burns, eczema, psoriasis.
  • Inhalation Benefits.
  • Healthy blood circulation.
  • Supplying tissue cells with oxygen.
Banna black scorpion venom balm

Regenerative & Clean Ingredients

This Scorpion Venom Balm is a unique collection of medicinal herbs, in fact it consists of more natural ingredients than we can really explain, simply because some of the herbs in this jar remain secret. The Balms from Thailand are all unique and although they have been created and bottled recently for you to use, the origin of the Balms and their make up is ancient. The knowledge of the healing power of this Black Balm and the potent ingredients was collected by Thai sages for centuries, it has an antioxidant and wound-healing, stimulating effect.

Black Scorpion Balm with the Scorpion Venom is a completely natural product. It does not contain chemicals, artificial additives and dyes! Balm does not cause allergic reactions and do not cause burning. The ingredients in it that we do know about include: Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Bergamot Oil, Borneol, Cinnamon Oil, Camphor, Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Extract of Brown Daisy Leaves, and of course the super powered, most potent active ingredient present... Scorpion Venom.

Ease into comfort with a Potent Black Balm

Thailand scorpion black balm scorpion venom

Venom & Health

The majority of us humans will fear scorpions due to their venom and intimidating pinchers. However, numerous scientists are reporting that these scary creatures can actually provide health-improving benefits for people. Many researches have shown Scorpion Venom to be effective as an analgesic and helping to reduce health difficulties from many known issues. Now, scientists in Mexico and at Stanford University have come to the conclusion that a scorpion living in Eastern Mexico produces venom that may have antibacterial properties.

Antimicrobial resistance has become a rapidly-expanding problem around the globe. Many health experts believe and fear that common bacterial infections could in the near future become life-threatening if the available antibiotics no longer work against them. This is why researchers are studying venoms of scorpions, snails, snakes, and other poisonous species to find new substances fighting off drug-resistant bacteria. A recent study resulted in isolating compounds present in scorpion venom and synthesising them in the laboratory to create synthetic chemical duplicates of the venom. The natural Scorpion Venom, as well as the synthetic copy of the venom, was capable of eliminating harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus as well as drug - resistant strains of the TBC bacteria in mice. While the research results are positive, there is a significant hurdle.

Harnessing a unique power

black scorpion balm from Thailand

One of the world’s most precious liquids

Scorpion Venom is one of the world’s most precious liquids, the scientists note. The production of five litres Scorpion Venom would cost millions. That’s the reason researchers are so dedicated on identifying the main active ingredients in the venom and creating it synthetically. Now you understand that there will be a day that we gently scoop up our scorpion mates rather than kicking them with a boot. Regarding rheumatic and arthritic conditions, rub some of the analgesic balm with soft massage movements on the painful area for about ten minutes.

The longer you rub, the more intense the tingling sensation will be. For an even stronger pain-relieving sensation it is recommended applying Scorpion Balm right after a shower, as the pores of your skin will be open. Rub a tiny amount of the Balm on your temples to reduce Migraine and Headache. Put a teaspoon of balm in a bowl and add boiling water, next inhale the steam. This will help relieving Cold and Flu. Rub a little Black Scorpion Balm on Insect Bites in order to decrease Itching. Athletes will love this balm too! They can use it to relieve tension in the Muscles. In addition, just giving a massage using this balm is a great way to fully unwind.

Experience the Deep, Potent Power of Scorpion Venom - Order Today

scorpion venom balm massage
  • Scorpion Venom.
  • Natural Thai herbs.
  • Camphor.
  • Menthol.
  • Clove Oil.
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Apply a small portion on painful areas 2-4 times a day, rubbing in with massage movements, until completely absorbed. 
  • Brand: Bannar.
  • Origin: Thailand.


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