Schizandra Berry Extract

Extract (Surthrival) Energy / Vitality Beauty (Organic American-grown)
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Schizandra Berry aka the “five flavour berry” (Schisandra Chinensis) is an ancient beauty tonic and one of the most celebrated tonic and adaptogenic substances in TCM. Surthrival’s Schizandra is 100% Organic and American-grown, dried through a proprietary process at peak ripeness to lock in Maximum Antioxidant Potential. This renowned beautifying tonic berry makes an ultra-refreshing functional beverage. It's a highly nutritious, great-tasting, medicinal berry that is low in sugar! It is carefully-dried to lock in all of its nutritive and adaptogenic properties. Fruits form an important part of our diet today just as they have all throughout our human ancestry. Unfortunately most of the fruits available to us today differ vastly from those we adapted to eat. One of the most celebrated tonic and adaptogenic substances in the Chinese system of medicinal herbalism, Schizandra Berry is hands-down, one of the most exciting herbs of all time. Add this to a fruity smoothie, make an ice tea or make your own Elixir of Life.

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This renowned beautifying tonic berry makes an ultra-refreshing functional beverage. It's a highly nutritious, great-tasting, medicinal berry that is low in sugar! It is carefully-dried to lock in all of its nutritive and adaptogenic properties. Fruits form an important part of our diet today just as they have all throughout our human ancestry. Unfortunately most of the fruits available to us today differ vastly from those we adapted to eat. Modern fruits have been bred to be much larger, are lower in nutrients and antioxidants, are far higher in fructose, and in many cases are sterile hybrids or genetic clones. One of the most celebrated tonic and adaptogenic substances in the Chinese system of medicinal herbalism is Schizandra Berry, hands-down, one of the most exciting herbs of all time.

Named by the Chinese, “Wu Wei Zi”, directly translated as “Five Taste Fruit,” Schizandra or Schisandra embodies all 5 tastes, sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty, which accesses all five elements, 12 meridians, and tonifies all 3 treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen, and integrates with the human body with great harmony and balance. Maintaining intake of Schizandra for prolonged amounts of time will bring you closer and closer to homeostasis. It has been said that after taking schizandra daily for 100 days, profound shifts, both internal and external, will take effect. Schizandra is one of the most interesting berries you’ll ever taste. Revered since as early as 2000 B.C. in ancient Chinese history as a quintessential herbal substance, Schizandra Berry has not only been used regularly by Chinese royalty, but has ranked highly in many herbal honours. Its primary uses have been focused around beauty and sex, pictured in ancient art as a symbol of longevity and immortality.

Schizandra Berry Extract - Information & Points to Research

  • Clean, Effective American Grown (Organically).
  • Highest Level Longevity Tonic.
  • Revered in Chinese Medicine.
  • Glow with Vitality.
  • Balancing Adaptogen.
  • Contains all 5 Tastes, 5 Elements, 12 Meridians & 3 Treasures.
  • Historical Beauty Tonic for Luxurious Skin & Hair.
  • Sharpens Mind & Improves Coordination & Memory.
  • Improves Sexual Function, Endurance & Performance.
  • Tonifies the Kidney, Liver & Purifies Blood.
  • Rejuvenates and Restores Respiratory Functionality, Power & Circulation.
  • Naturally Low in Sugar Fruit.
  • Powerful Cleansing, Detoxification & Astringent Properties.
  • Make Delicious Beauty Smoothies.
  • Phase 1 & 2 Liver Detoxification.
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Schizandra Gives

Exalted as one of the most powerful “youth tonics” of all time, Schizandra has held true to its reputation, rejuvenating skin, helping to maintain its moisture while also protecting it from environmental and external stress. With usage overtime, it has also been utilised to reduce and protect from wrinkles. The powerful astringent properties of Schizandra Berry make it one of the most transformational beauty supplements of all time. Schizandra enhances sex drive in both men and women, for men improving sexual function and endurance, and in woman, increasing water qi from the kidney (and other areas) while counter-acting vaginal discharge. As Schizandra also has been said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, this herb can be very complimentary to intimate relationships.

Beyond the surface, Schizandra can be used to aid and balance internal functions. It strengthens your respiratory system and purifies your blood, as it increases circulation. Schizandra opens up the airways, allowing all this purified blood and oxygen travel throughout each of your organs. Naturally, this increased oxygen flow runs straight into your brain, making Schizandra an extremely effective mind tonic, increasing alertness without a stimulant effect- a wakeful focus. While also known to have a calming effect, you are able to experience best of both worlds. Also a tenacious antioxidant, schizandra’s cleansing and liver-tonifying properties rank with Reishi. In addition, Schizandra can be used to balance your nervous system, refine coordination, improve memory, enhance vision, increase sensitivity and strengthen endurance. Schizandra is one of the major herbs almost always used in Chinese mind tonic formulations. It has traditionally been used to treat mental and emotional illness, improve mental clarity, concentration, and coordination, reduce forgetfulness, irritability, nervous exhaustion, stress, depression, and anxiety. 

"Five Taste Fruit" Schizandra Embodies all 5 tastes

schizandra Surthrival

Schizandra Berry - Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detoxification

For a substance to effectively cleanse the liver, two phases must be initiated and completed for the body to completely rid itself of any toxin or undesirable elements. There are many substances that go into the liver that release bio-activated toxins. What people often term as a “healing crisis” is often these bio-activated toxins being released and doing damage in the body. Schizandra has been demonstrated to be effective in activating phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes safely and efficiently. You can take Schizandra on a daily basis and never throw yourself into a healing crisis, yet, you will gently cleanse your liver. This is a great way for us to detox our liver from the thousands of chemicals present in the environment we are exposed to on a daily basis and receive a whole host of other benefits at the same time.

Phase 1 – A substance goes into the body and binds with a toxin, releasing the toxin from the liver into the blood stream. This poses a problem however, because the toxin that is released is almost always more toxic as it is bio-activated and has the ability to reabsorb into the body. It is like tearing down a wall in your house to remove toxic mould and leaving the debris on the floor. If you don’t remove it from your house you will keep being exposed to the mould and reabsorbing it. Re-exposure to old toxins in their new bio-activated form can make you sick. Much of this material will end up back in the liver again, or stored in other tissues.

Phase 2 - Which is often times missed in cleansing protocols, is where the bio-activated toxin is safely removed from the body. If phase 2 is absent, then all we are really doing is poisoning ourselves

Schizandra Makes you Beautiful


For thousands of years, schisandra has been adored by women for its ability to make the skin smooth, soft, beautiful and moisturised. By balancing the fluids of the skin, it helps lock in hydration and protects against damage from the sun and wind. Historically, it was only available to the one-percenters in the Royal Courts of China, but now everyone can experience its beauty benefits!

Schizandra is famous as a beauty herb.  It’s great for the skin and it is powerful in giving you that radiant glow.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say that if you use it every day for 100 days, your skin will become radiantly beautiful and it will help heal many areas especially helping to heal your liver.  

This is valuable because most liver herbs, especially in Western medicine, are cleansing herbs and will quite often make you feel worse before they make you feel better. Not Schizandra; it very gently rejuvenates the liver without causing any discomfort on the way. 

Now you too can enjoy the delicious beautiful GLOW of Schizandra!

Schizandra Berry... American Grown - Clean, Traceability

This Schizandra Extarct is not heated and has no chemicals used at any point during the extraction Extraction or the Growing Process. Schizandra has been most commonly available as a dried herbal berry or as a powder, both of which have been oxidised, which is apparent through the brown colour or tone that usually accompanies such products. Surhtrival use organically grown fresh berries grown right here in the United States. The berry has been picked, and in its beautiful ripened glory, frozen for optimal freshness beyond its harvest. Then, using a COLD extraction process, the berry is dried through a proprietary process, yielding a concentrated powder. This stuff is hands-down, the most extraordinary expression of Schizandra we have ever had.

This extract is bright pink, not brown or tan, and full of all the wonderful dimensions of flavour this berry has to offer. Organic, fresh, delicious, dynamic and powerful,  Surthrival’s Schizandra Berry Extract that we offer here has preserved the full integrity of the fresh Schizandra berry to supplement the human body with optimum, health, beauty, wellness, and vitality. These 100% American grown Schizandra comes from a 50 acre farm in Massachusetts. Grown in pristine, mineral-rich soil, Surthrival’s nutrient-dense berries are processed immediately on site to preserve their integrity. The proprietary process allows them to preserve their vibrant colour, aromatic essentials, energetic signatures, and flavour profile. This American grown Schizandra is truly a benchmark in the herbal product world and is quickly gaining international recognition. Surthrival standards, that go beyond organic, are the absolute strictest in regards to purity and effectiveness. You will not find finer Schizandra products anywhere in the world.

Feeling Good with Schizandra Berry

Schizandra is famous for its feel good properties. People who take it regularly will notice being happier and more joyful, and optimistic about life.

This makes sense in that if your reserves of energy are replenished and you’re less aggravated by a toxic liver, then you’re going to feel really good about life. Ancient Purity have been told regularly about its benefits to people’s practice. 

Many people find Schizandra a very grounding herb. For instance, people who are psychically or energetically sensitive find that taking this herb brings them right down to earth but in a good, solid, feeling-unstoppable kind of way.

Schizandra is one of the main Chinese herbs we take an interest in, and I sincerely believe Surthrivals Extract is the best available version.

We can’t stop recommending Schizandra enough, why not get your glow on. Schizandra or Schisandra is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body's resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors.

The chemicals in Schizandra also improve liver function and might increase energy, which can improve endurance and coordination.

Schizandra berries are a powerful adaptogens that fight fatigue and increase endurance. Schizandra helps your body adjust to the environment, enabling you to handle stress and any kind of physical or mental challenge. These small berries can help stimulate the central nervous system without making you nervous like caffeine would. Schisandra is very popular with those who have great physical and mental demands placed on them daily.

schizandra sex

Schizandra Berry - Sex & Longevity

Sex is an important link to longevity, both energetically and, more recently through modern research, physically.  It has been suggested that a regular and satisfying sex life increases positive hormones and brainpower. Sex releases endorphins, releasing stress, makes you feel good, boosts longevity, increases circulation, metabolism, and cardiovascular health. In Eastern approaches like TCM and Ayurveda, they use sexual potency and vitality as an indicator and measure of the overall health of the system. As we mentioned earlier Schizandra gives all 5 tastes- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter, accessing all 5 elements and yin organs, to all 3 treasures- Jing, the essence of life, Qi, the lifeforce, and Shen, the Spirit, and to all 12 meridians, which are the directional pathways of qi.

An orgasm produces the oxytocin hormone, which is a neuromodulator in the brain and has been directly correlated with longevity, and for prolonged release of this hormone, cuddling after sex can supplement this, just as a mother would hold a child immediately after birth, as it is oxytocin that is released when creating the initial mother-child bond. We can see that this makes sense because of the obvious link between hormonal health, stress levels, and sexual vitality. This can be depicted through understanding that generally when a person’s health starts to decline or fall into a sub-optimal state, their sexual health is one of the first things to go.

An Invigorating Schizandra Tonic I made

Schizandra Berry... The Power of a Real Sexual Tonic

Schizandra has been used for almost 4000 years, popular among emperors of China for supplemental sexual stamina, for they had many concubines. It was also popular among the women of royalty, for its beauty-enhancing qualities were highly revered. In the 16th century, officials of the Hezhong Territory sent large quantities of it to the emperor as a tribute. It has also been pictured in ancient Chinese tales as a symbol of longevity and beauty, as well as a protectant from environmental harms. Schizandra tonifys the kidney’s water qi, the body is then able to both astringe and build Jing, or essence, by taking schizandra over a period of time. This means increased sexual stamina, more energy, increased vaginal fluids, a stronger erection, prolonged endurance in men, heightened sensitivity in women, and an overall release of more of that oxytocin hormone we mentioned earlier. Creating this energy generated through your kidney facilitates to a deeper lung capacity, helping you to get the most of all that inhaling and exhaling you’ll be doing. This has even more to do with beauty than we had already written about further up.

A stronger respiratory system helps to circulate both blood and oxygen throughout your being, thus reaching even the furthest of surfaces of your skin and hair. Lung health can actually be seen through the quality of your skin, nails and hair.  When you send oxygen, blood and qi through your system, it helps to keep your skin and hair moisturised, youthful, and healthy. Schizandra is also a powerful astringent, protecting your gorgeousness from harmful stressors, while also helping to get rid of the ones that already let themselves in.  Schizandra has been shown to have positive and visible effects on both beauty and sex when taken over a period of time. Circulation of these energies is essential to the quality of your life, as both the circulation and quality are vital to longevity. For the most definable and solidifying results, it has been said to take Schizandra for one hundred days, however, being that schizandra is also a powerful adaptogen, immediate results will also be seen depending on your current level of homeostasis.

Photo from the Farm where the Schizandra Grows in the USA

Schizandra Berry Extract… Closing Thoughts

Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) has long been used in traditional Chinese and Kampo medicine for liver disorders. Medicinal substances derived from the fruit of the plant include schisandrine A, B, and C, and several gomisins. Schizandra is a potent free radical scavenger, a characteristic that may explain the hepatoprotective effects observed with this botanical. Schizandra has demonstrated adaptogenic and tonic effects in experimental models and is sold in the United States as an adaptogenic tonic for decreasing fatigue, and improving performance and endurance. It is believed to strengthen uterine contractions and its use is cited in TCM to stimulate labour. A 70% Schizandra combination extract of the fruit suspension, fruit, and fruit coat demonstrated uterine stimulant activity in the pregnant, non-pregnant, and postpartum rabbit uterus, whereas a tincture administered to rabbits caused increased uterine tension and contractility. 

''This cocktail may be virgin, but you won't be after drinking it. Schisandra is a superberry, an adaptogen and ... an aphrodisiac.'' - Author: Zoe Helene

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  • 6:1 Freeze Dried Concentrated Organic Schizandra Extract.
  • Take 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon (More of less depending on your taste and experience level). in a large glass of hot water. Mix well and enjoy.
  • Can be added to fruit smoothies.
  • Can be eaten directly from the bag, as it's a fruit extract and ready to eat.
  • Brand: Surthrival
  • Size: 57g (2.01 oz.).
  • Container: Natural Grip Seal Pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.


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