Dental Floss (Glass Jar)

Activated Charcoal & Peppermint Organic / Natural (Plastic Free) UK Made
50 Metres (3 Flavours)

Ancient Purity presents Eco, Natural Dental Floss, made in the UK. Support your oral health and longevity with this natural Dental Floss, there a re 3 types here to choose from, made from a blend of natural fibres and compostable Corn-Base PLA, coated with Vegetable Wax and Organic Ingredients. Studies have shown each ingredient to be extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, left untreated this bacteria can cause gum disease. Choose from Activated Charcoal - dowsed in health-promoting botanicals and Activated Charcoal. Orange - With Orange Oil this is safe to use with young children and during pregnancy as it is known for its superior but gentle soothing properties. Spearmint - This Floss with Spearmint Oil is a strong antiseptic, so this natural floss will help eliminate germs and promotes healing in your gums. 

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Ancient Purity is proud to supply this Organic, Natural Dental Floss. There is 3 to choose from first Activated Charcoal - dowsed in health-promoting botanicals and Activated Charcoal. Orange - With Orange Oil this is safe to use with young children and during pregnancy as it is known for its superior but gentle soothing properties. Spearmint - This Floss with Spearmint Oil is a strong antiseptic, so this natural floss will help eliminate germs and promotes healing in your gums. This great dental tool is UK-made with zero waste and 100% Recyclable. Why would you invest in premium Dental Floss? There is no fluoride coating, long-lasting clean, fresh essential oil flavours. Environmentally friendly and the Plastic-Free packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

This Natural Floss easily glides in and out of those hard to reach places… cleaning your teeth and gums and helping to mechanically remove plaque. Try it today as part of your optimal fluoride-free dental regime. This Dental Floss supplies 150 applications per Floss per person based on flossing twice daily. Your oral health is paramount to good health, choosing to only use the best for yourself and the environment is available now. If you currently have a gum issue we recommend our Herbal Blend - Bio Gum (See ''Related Products'') both Vitamin D and Organic Sulphur support health and repair, we also have a range of delicious, organic natural Toothpastes. Put your oral health right up the list and take the time to Floss your teeth.

Organic Dental Floss

  • Cleans & Refreshes Naturally.
  • Powerful Effect.
  • Prevents Plaque & Decay-Causing Bacteria.
  • Supports Gum Health.
  • Organic Ingredients.
  • 50 Metres in Length.
  • Natural Botanicals - Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Zero Waste, Cruelty Free & Vegan.
  • Free from Fluoride.
  • UK-Made, Independent Company (Just like Us ;).
  • Long Life - 150 Applications for 1 Person, Twice Daily.
  • Fights Bad Breath.
  • More Effective than Brushing Alone.
  • Flossing Can Give You a Whiter Smile.
ancient purity dental floss

Ancient Purity Standards for Dental Floss

natural organic dental floss eco

Why is it Essential to Floss?

Consider Flossing Daily... Regular flossing plays a significant part in your dental hygiene. Skip flossing can lead to plaque building up along your gum line and between your teeth. Over time, your risk of experiencing gum issues and tooth decay might increase. The American Dental Association (ADA) reported that interdental cleaners such as dental floss play a main role in removing debris and plaque from spots which a toothbrush cannot reach. Removing some leftover cabbage or digging out a lingering piece of popcorn from between your teeth feels very satisfying. In addition helping your gums and teeth look nice and feel good, flossing has numerous other oral benefits as well. Let us have a closer and more detailed look at these benefits.

Reduces Bad Breath… For millions of people around the world bad breath (halitosis) is a serious problem. Take some time to floss is one of the ways you can use keeping stinky breath away. When pieces of food get trapped between your teeth, they slowly begin to decay. If you don not remove these food particles, they can cause you having foul-smelling breath. Also, if plaque builds up between or around your teeth and starts to gradually wear away your tooth enamel. This process can cause gum illness and cavities, which largely contribute to bad breath. Might support Heart Health…You probably think: ''How can flossing be good for my heart? '' Well, according to comprehensive research in 2019, participants who adhered to a high standard of oral hygiene experienced a decreased risk of heart failure and atrial fibrillation! The American Heart Association stated that a link between oral health and heart health may have more to do with a link between the health of your mouth and the overall health of your body. So decent dental hygiene doesn’t solely benefit your gums and teeth but it might benefit heart health, too!

Flossing Daily can Transform your Oral Health

ancient purity dental floss

Flossing... Need more Convincing Facts?

Decreases the risk of Cavities…Tooth decay can lead to cavities, which cause a small hole or opening in your teeth’s hard surface known as enamel. Although this process takes a while, the more plaque you have on the enamel of your teeth, the higher your risk of developing a cavity. A good flossing session between your teeth at least once daily can aid getting rid of hidden particles of food and plaque build-up, and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Helps Preventing Gum Issues… The beginning stage of gum disease is known as Gingivitis. One of gingivitis’ first symptoms is inflammatory conditions around your gums. When brushing or flossing your gums might bleed as well. If you don’t treat gingivitis, it can lead to a more severe infection known as Periodontitis. If not taken care of, periodontitis can lead to an inflammatory response throughout the body. Flossing once daily can assist reducing your risk of gum conditions. Most dentists recommend to floss at least once daily. Some people like to floss in the morning, while others prefer one final cleaning before bedtime. In general it is advised that you floss before brushing your teeth using high-quality natural toothpaste. 

Choose from 3 Flavours of Dental Floss

organic dental floss

Dental Floss - a Brief History 

We've explained the benefits of this practice, you should consider adding this to your healthy lifestyle. But have you ever wondered when we began flossing? The answer might be surprising. Flossing is an older concept than you most-likely think.  While we not really know the exact start of flossing, it seems like as long as food particles has been getting stuck between our teeth, humans have used some kind of interdental cleaning tool. Several studies suggest cleaning between teeth was performed as early as the Prehistoric period! So Dental Flossing is once again Ancient Purity in action.

Flossing teeth as we know it today has developed around 2 centuries years ago. An American dentist, Levi Spear Parmly, introduced the idea of using waxen silk thread as floss in 1815. In his book named “A Practical Guide to the Management of Teeth,” he wrote that the silk-made thread should be used “through the interstices of the teeth in order to dislodge that annoying matter that no brush could get to which is the real source of disease.”  Flossing didn’t get popular right away. Toothpicks were more interesting for Victorians instead of going with their hands in their mouth pulling thread through their teeth. English writer and social critic, Charles Dickens, along with numerous other rich people of that time owned retractable toothpicks ornamented with ivory and engraved with their initials. Fancy! It was not until the mid-20th century that dental flossing gained increasing popularity. 

An Ancient Practice for the Modern Smile

best UK dental Floss

Organic Dental Floss…Closing Thoughts

Most of us know that we should be flossing but regard it as a bit of an optional extra in our dental care routine. Surely diligently brushing our teeth twice a day does the job? Wrong!  Interdental plaque removal, known as flossing, may actually be the most important part of your oral hygiene routine. “There are great benefits to using dental floss,” says Dr Digges, “and I believe it is an essential part of everyone’s oral hygiene routine.” Most importantly, dental floss can reach the places between your teeth that your toothbrush cannot, and which are therefore often neglected. 

Flossing easily removes food particles and the build-up of plaque from between your teeth, helping maintain healthy teeth and gums and avoiding gum disease and tooth decay. Flossing also stimulates the gums, improving circulation which can promote healing. It also helps keep your breath fresher by removing the old food caught between your teeth. An essential part of any good oral hygiene routine, flossing is simple, effective and very important way to help protect your teeth and gums. Floss like a Boss!

''When they mention great little things in life, they usually forget flossing.'' - Scott Simon 

Choose Organic and Clean for your Dental Floss - Order Today

ancient purity organic dental floss in glass jar best UK dental floss
  • Corn PLA Floss.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder.
  • Vegetable Wax.
  • Organic Peppermint Oil.
  • Gently pull out about 30 centimetres of floss and roll the floss around your thumb to control the strength and position.
  • Floss slowly between each tooth, reaching close to the gum line.
  • Brand: Georganics.
  • Origin: England (Haywards Heath).
  • Size: 50 Metres.
  • Container: Glass Jar.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 4 years.

Q - Does this contain Fluoride and/or SLS?
A - No, it is fluoride and SLS free.

Scientific Articles

American Dental Association - Federal Government, ADA Emphasize Importance of Flossing and Interdental Cleaners

Delta Dental - Flossing Gut Check: How to Floss and why it is Still Important

Supporting Scientific Research

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