Tree Syrup (Madal Bal)

Lemon Detox Protocol (Palm & Maple) Weight-loss / Fasting / Detox
1L (35.1 fl. oz.) Syrup

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup... a blend of premium grade Palm and Maple saps. Mix it with with organic fresh lemon juice (rich vitamin C), filtered pure water (hydration) and a pinch of cayenne pepper (metabolism stimulates ) to make a drink that will provide the body with natural vital energy whilst fasting. No miracle ingredients, just replacing solid food with energy-giving fluids, to support your fast.

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Ancient Purity proudly presents Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup Blend, a simple classic that is the integral part of the Lemon Detox Fast, one of the most enjoyable fasts. If you don't yet know about this protocol, the Lemon Detox Diet (with Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup) is a safe and natural detox. The Tree Syrup when mixed with the right levels of lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper is specially formulated to give the body all the nutritional goodness it needs to support you whilst fasting or dieting. It is free from preservatives  chemical processes. Grade C Maple Syrup is rich in manganese and zinc, Palm Syrup contains large quantities of potassium and calcium, elements required by the cells to function properly and, therefore, important to the purification of the body.

The Lemon Detox Diet allows the body to cleanse itself naturally of accumulated toxins and helps the body to normalise its weight. People who have completed the Lemon Detox programme frequently report a wide variety of additonal benefits in addition to the weight-loss they originally started it for. Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup was formulated by a Swiss naturopath Dr. K.A. Beyer, Dr Meywald (GP & Homeopath) Dr Raabe (GP & ayurvedic doctor) Kumudini Weerawarna (ayurvedic doctor, pharmacist & herbalist). It took 5 years and thousands of tests to produce. The end result is a finely balanced mixture, meeting all the mineral and nutrient requirements the body needs during the fast/diet.

Natural Tree Syrup

  • Authentic Madal Bal Original Tree Syrup Blend.
  • Tried and Tested Formula used worldwide.
  • Premium Quality Maple and Palm Syrups.
  • Developed by Doctors & Homeopathes.
  • For the Famous Lemon Detox Diet.
  • Effective Weight-Loss Protocol.
  • Cleanse your body of toxins.
  • Increased vigor and vitality.
  • Potassium and Calcium.
  • Zinc and Manganese.
  • Digestion Support.
  • Sleep Support.
real Madal Bal tree syrup mi

The Lemon Detox

The Lemon Detox is a highly effective naturopathic detox and weight-loss programme, that can help your body cleanse itself of toxins. Perfect for supporting long and short periods of fasting, including the 5:2 diet. A mix of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, fresh lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper provides the body with a balance of nutrients to support your fast. Download a handy leaflet here. First conceived over 60 years ago by the famous Hawaiian naturopath Stanley Burroughs and formalised more recently in the book The Lemon Detox Diet by Dr KA Beyer, the Lemon Detox is now practised in over 30 countries around the world.

Supported by leading healthcare practitioners its followers frequently report a variety of benefits including: Cleansing the body of toxins, Weight loss, Increased energy & vitality, Shinier hair & stronger nails, Clearer skin and eyes, Better digestion and Greater sense of wellbeing. A true fast involves complete abstinence from food of any kind (usually practised with just water). The Lemon Detox is in effect liquid food – nourishing and energizing. It is important not to burden the body with solid food during the detox as digesting solid food consumes much of the body’s energy and overrides many of its other tasks. In the absence of solid food the body can focus its energy on cleansing. Throughout history, experience has shown a periodic abstinence from solid food to be a blessing for the entire organism, the best investment in improved health and a longer natural life span.

While the actual inner cleansing and rejuvenation is performed by the body itself, the Natural Tree Syrup & lemon drink fulfils important functions in assisting this process: It supplies the nutrients necessary for the body’s continuing alert functioning, assisting to restore the biochemical and mineral balance in tissues and cells and expediting cell regeneration. It is assimilated directly into the bloodstream, placing no additional burden on the digestive system. It provides a liquid medium essential for the efficient flushing of wastes from the system. The acidity of lemon juice assists the cleansing process, acting like an internal detergent to dissolve excess fats and the cayenne pepper or ground ginger helps speed up metabolism, thus promoting circulation and the elimination of toxins.

A Tropical and Traditional Solution

Madal Bal tree syrup for lemon fast

Palm Tree Syrup

The production of palm syrup is equally painstaking, involving the cutting of the tree’s flowering fruit stems a little each day. The sap is then harvested from the stem. This delicate, laborious task effectively condenses the most potent life force of the plant, the sap that would otherwise have become the fruit of the tree (coconuts for instance).

This sap is then heated over an open fire, gently concentrating the syrup to avoid fermentation. Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup uses sap from several Southeast Asian palm species, including the Coconut Palm, the Arenga and Kitul Palms of the rainforests, the Nipah Palm of the swamps and marshes, and the Palmyra Palm of northern Sri Lanka.

Madal Bal uses only palm syrup produced on small family farms, using techniques introduced and monitored by international aid workers. This intensive form of production is certainly more expensive than large-scale plantation methods, but it ensures the highest-quality syrup, and helps local community development by supporting family-based enterprise.

An Easy to Follow Detox or Fast Protocol

Madal Bal lemon fast kit plus instructions
Madal Bal lemon fast kit detox weight loss

Features Premium Grade Maple Syrup

This is the richest, most nutrient dense of all Maple saps, and not to be confused with regular processed Maple Syrup. The Bird’s-Eye maple, one of over 75 varieties of maple tree, only produces sap during a period of four to six weeks during March and April at the start of the Canadian spring. At this time the forests are still covered by several feet of snow. Thus harvesting the sap is a cold and arduous task.Trees must be about 40 years old before they can be tapped for this grade of maple.

There are three further sub-categories of sap identifiable by their colour: The first phase of the harvest is the most abundant and contains more sugars and fewer minerals. This is of a light amber colour and widely used in cookery. The second phase is generally and used as a sweetener in the specialist food market and is of medium amber colour. The third phase is the final collection of the year and has the smallest yield. This is what is used in Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup. The sap is dark amber in colour and of superior quality; it is highly concentrated, less sweet and with the highest mineral content.

Premium Quality

ancient purity Madal bal tree syrup

Detox or Diet?

The term ‘detox’ and ‘diet’ are often confused as the same thing. But there is a real difference. While significant weight loss is a natural by-product of any real detox, the primary reason for doing The Lemon Detox should be to cleanse the body of toxins. The ‘Total Detox’ programme allows the body to cleanse itself naturally while taking a break from solid food.

Only by doing this do you allow your vital organs a chance to break down the toxins and expel them from the body. The combination of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper provides the body with all the mineral and nutrient requirements to take a short break from solid food. And for the natural process of detoxing to take place. The ‘Relaxed Diet’ programme is not a true detox, in that it is not supporting you through a fast, but can be done as a diet over a longer period of time.

Naturally Effective

Madal Bal detox kit
lemon juice fast diet pack

What People Say...

"I used this product to do the lemon water detox. (140ML of the product with the juice of three lemons, some grated ginger or cayenne pepper mixed with 1.5L of water) i ave been on it for 11 days now drinking this as my calorie intake (which i believe is the equivalent to 600cals) and then plain water, roughly 4L on top. If you need to shift some weight i highly recommend this plan, i started on the 01/07/2019 i am 11 days in and i have lost 7.711kg in weight, my skin looks completely different, my energy levels are above and beyond, i work 12hr night shift 4-5 nights a week and i am able to power on through them. All theses results could be because i have stopped eating for the sake of it and had no carbs or overload of sugar but the syrup its self in the drink i make is delicious, not too sweet, kinda like an ice tea type of flavour. very refreshing and its natural x worth the price 100%. i will be buying again..."

"I managed to lose 17lbs after birth - slowly over 5 months but then for 6 weeks I couldn’t seem to lose the last 10lbs. So I bought this on bogohp . I mixed 200ml with water , lemon and cayenne (adjust to taste) and I still had 300-400 calls of food a day as well as drinking this mixture. I did this for 4 days with no exercise and lost 3lbs. I then had a break and ate as normal and I didn’t put weight back on. I did the same routine a week later and then a third time . After using 1.5 bottles I’ve lost 8lb with no exercise and eating normally plus takeaway on none detox days."

"I use twice a year of this products and I have to say make great difference in skin and hair. Afterwards it feels like reborn. After few time doing this don't feel 7days too hard to handle."

"Used for 5 days as a total detox and lost 5lb which I didn’t regain after going back to eating. Thought it would taste gross but was pleasantly surprised and even looked forward to my drinks, preferring to have it hot. Couldn’t continue further than 5 days due to commitments but plan to do for longer next time"

"The Lemon Detox is such an easy and tasty way to detox- I never get tired of the syrup, I have done 5 lots of ten days over the last 2 years and honestly, it gets easier every time as my body now has a memory of it. My body LOVES this detox! I bought 2 litres of the syrup on the buy-1-get-1-half-price, which with my bonus points made it amazing value, better than the internet. Highly recommend this, I also use it in place of maple syrup in recipes, delicious!".

Experience the Lemon Detox Fast with Natural Tree Syrup - Order Today

Madal Bal natural tree syrup
  • Palm Syrup Blend.
  • Premium Maple Syrup.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nutritional Info Per 100g:

Energy 300kcal
Protein 0.56g
Carbohydrates 74.6g
Fat 0.3g
  • Can be enjoyed alone as a health Syrup blend.

Detox Drink

  • 2 small tablespoons (or 20 ml) of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup.
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about half a Lemon).
  • Use fresh Organic Lemons only.
  • Half a pinch of Cayenne Pepper or Ginger (adjust to taste).
  • Mix the ingredients and dilute with half a pint of hot or cold pure filtered water.
  • Drink up to 10 glasses daily.
  • Brand: Madal Bal.
  • Size: 1 Litre (1000ml).
  • Container: Tin.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in fridge once opened.


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