Nucleotide Complex Liposomal

Nutri-tide Formulated (DNA / RNA) Cortisol Balance / Oxygen / Protein Synthesis
Weight240ml (8.11 fl. oz.)

Ancient Purity Presents… A Liposomal Nucleotide Complex. Nucleotides are micronutrients that play a vital part in organisms’ physiology as carriers of activated metabolites for biosynthesis, nucleic acids’ building blocks, chemical energy storage, metabolic regulators and structural moieties of coenzymes. Nucleotides are essential for achieving the best immune function and are pivotal for the maintenance of a healthy gut. Scientific evidence from recent studies has revealed that, at all stages of life, nucleotides modulate the function of our immune systems. In addition, these micronutrients have a crucial role in the proliferation and renewal of intestinal cells, decrease responses of exercise-induced stress and they may have ergogenic (enhanced physical performance) effects as well. This advanced health supplement can be used in the health areas of Immunity, Skin Health, Digestion and Longevity. Nucleotides are present in all living organisms. In fact, every bodily cell contains them – more than a billion per cell. Now you can get “life’s building blocks”  in a liposomal technology supplement for ultimate absorption! Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan and GMO-Free.

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Ancient Purity Presents Nucleotide Complex Liposomal

A Powerful Nucleotide Complex - Naturally Effective

Nucleotides Improve Oxygen Transport in the Blood

lipolife liposomal DNA RNA supplement

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  • Nucleotide Complex 250 mg (Per 5ml serving).

Other Ingredients: Ultra-Pure Water, Phospholipids (non GMO Sunflower, Lipoid), Nucleotides (Nutri-tide® IB70 as 5-Ribonucleotides/RNA Concentrated Extract), Pectin, (stabiliser), Glycerol, Potassium sorbate (preservative), D-alpha-tocopherol (anti-oxidant).

This product has been developed and manufactured in a HACCP registered European laboratory using only European sourced components. Special techniques have been used to ensure the stability and efficacy of the product.




    Nucleotides can be found in every living organism. In fact, all cells in our bodies contains them – over one billion per cell. Nucleotides are crucial for numerous biological functions, such as their role of being the building blocks of RNA and DNA.
  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) or more per day or take it as recommended by your health care professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Shake before use, can be mixed with filtered water or juice to dilute.

NOTES: Tastes best chilled. Keep refrigerated after opening. Measuring cup supllied.

**In rare cases, persons may lack the ability to digest DNA and RNA from their food decently, preventing their bodies from breaking down and absorbing Nucleotides. For example, the rare genetic disorder pancreatic agenesis prevents the production and secretion of Digestive Enzymes. People who have the disorder often take Digestive Enzymes (available @AncientPurity) to help in the digestion of DNA and RNA, as well as the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in food.

  • Brand: Lipolife.
  • Size: 240ml (8.11 fl. oz.).
  • Container: Darkened Palstic Bottle (BPA Free).
  • Storage: Refrigerate after opening, keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 year (3 months from opening).

Ripe strawberries are an outstanding source for extracting DNA because they’re easy to pulverise and contain enzymes called pectinases and cellulases that help to break down cell walls. And most important, strawberries contain 8 copies of each chromosome, so there is a lot of DNA to isolate. Kakadu Plum is Australia’s star superfood containing the highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit on our planet.

Double Strawberry DNA Boost (Nucleotides Complex Liposomal)


• 8 Ripe Strawberries.

• 1 Teaspoon (5ml) of Nucleotides Complex Liposomal.

• 2 Teaspoons Ancient Purity Kakadu Plum Syrup.

• Ice Cubes.


• Put all ingredients in the blender.

• Blend for 2 minutes.

• Enjoy the Boost!

Q: What are nucleotides?

A: Nucleotides are micronutrients which create your body’ foundation of RNA and DNA. Nucleotides are present in some form in all cells of our bodies; our overall health and well-being relies on obtaining nucleotides from foods.

Q: What is the function of Nucleotide health supplements?

A: Nucleotides are extremely important for achieving optimal immune function. Additionally, these micronutrients are also significant for the maintenance of your gut’s health. Evidence from scientific research has indicated that nucleotides modulate immune function throughout your entire life, play a main part in your intestinal cells’ renewal and proliferation, lower exercise-related stress responses and may also improve physical performance.

Q: Why are Nucleotides good for me?

A: All living organisms house nucleotides. In fact, they are present in every cell in your body, over one billion per cell. Nucleotides are vital for a wide range of biological functions, including the role as DNA and RNA’s building blocks. Our bodies have a never-ending demand for the production of new cells. Adults need to produce new cells at a speed at least fast enough to replace cells which die.

Q: What foods should I consume to get nucleotides?

A: Since almost all foods and beverages are made up of either intact cells or cellular contents, almost all foods provide a source of Nucleotides. In general, you should consume adequate Nucleotides regardless of the specific foods that make up your diet. Consume grains, meats, fish, nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and milk as sources of nucleotides, as well as sources of several other nutrients.

Q: What is the importance of Nucleotides?

A: Nucleotides perform many functions in your cells. One primary purpose of Nucleotides is to store genetic information; specific sequences of Nucleotides make up genes that help to guide your cells' behaviour. In addition, the Nucleotides in RNA contribute to multiple steps in protein generation within your cells. Since the proteins made partially as a result of nucleotides make up the structure and function of your cells, Nucleotides prove pivotal for maintaining cell and tissue health. An inability to generate new DNA and RNA, due to a lack of available Nucleotides, can lead to tissue damage and illness.

Q: Can you explain why a Liposomal Supplement is good?

A: Supplements using the Liposomal Delivery Technology deliver more than 200% of nutrient absorption. We don’t want you to waste money on inferior ‘health’ products. Your health and well-being deserves the best!


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