Phosphorus (Ionic)

Ultra Concentrate Liquid Nano Ionic Therapeutical Grade Phosphorus (25,000PPM)
50ml (1.69 fl. oz.)

Ultra Concentrate Liquid Ionic Phosphorus Supplement. Phosphorus is our second most abundant mineral in the body, equaling 1% of our body weight. In fact approximately 85% of the phosphorus in your body is found in your bones and teeth. Healthy balance of calcium and Phosphorus supports nerve function and the contraction of all of the body's muscles, including the heart. In training, Phosphorus can be taken for sore muscles after strenuous exercise.

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Ancient Purity present liquid Ionic Phosphorus from Phosphoric acid. Phosphorus is an essential mineral involved in hundreds of cellular activities every single day. The skeletal structure and vital organs including the brain, heart, kidneys and liver, all need Phosphorus to keep the body functioning properly. Phosphorus also helps to utilise nutrients from the foods that we eat and supports detoxification. It keeps our metabolism running smoothly and help boost energy levels due to its help in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary source of “energy.” Phosphorus acts as an electrolyte within the body that helps with cellular activity, heartbeat rhythms and balancing the body’s fluid levels. A higher intake in our diet can help support our bones, healthy detox, metabolism and more.

This mineral is the body’s source of phosphate, a type of salt present within the body that’s made up phosphoric acid. It’s also an important compound for synthesizing the major macronutrients from our food. Phosphorus plays a role in the functioning of other nutrients. Iodine, zinc and vitamin D all require phosphorus to be properly used by your body. If that weren’t enough, it also helps your body effectively utilise B vitamins for energy production by assisting in the synthesis of fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

Ionic Phosphorus Benefits & Points to Research

  • Ionic Technology.
  • Clean, Absorbable, Highly Effective.
  • 20 drops contains 25mg.
  • Bio-availble, full effect.
  • Muscle & Bone Health.
  • Growth and Development.
  • Balances the body’s pH levels and improves digestion.
  • Assists in synthesis of fats, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Supports easy Detox through urination and excretion, aiding kidney function and health.
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Why Ionic / Ionised Minerals

You will see likely have seen phrases about some natural health products like "ionic," and "ionised (ionized USA) minerals." Ancient Purity beleives in some natural health elements for it to be Ionic creates superior results. We choose a few minerals in Ionic form because in some circumastances they absorb faster and more efficiently than traditional pills. Ionic means to convert wholly or partly into ions, an ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged ion will hook up with a negatively-charged one, then it turns into something new and available

Ionised minerals is simply getting minerals in an ionised form, which is how plants and animals were designed to absorb inorganic minerals. (Inorganic substances, like rocks and similar matter.) Plants are like sprouting little factories where they make their own food, they take in the inorganic minerals through their roots from the dirt (the dirt is partially made up of crushed rock). Then the plants change the minerals into organic, ionised form—the form of minerals that can be used by your body.

Naturally Effective & Absorbable

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Phosphorus Gives

Bone Health: Phosphorus, along with calcium, is one of the most important minerals in the body for maintaining bone structure and strength. In fact, more than half of all bone is made from phosphate. Phosphorus helps form bone mineral density that prevents bone fractures, breaks and osteoporosis – which all are more likely as someone ages. Without enough phosphorus present, calcium cannot effectively build and maintain bone structure. For example, high levels of calcium from supplements can block absorption of Phosphorus. More calcium alone will not improve bone density, since both minerals are needed to form bone mass. It’s key for Phosphorus and calcium levels to remain balanced in order to maintain the best bone health.

Metabolism & Nutrient utilisation: Phosphorus is needed to properly synthesise, absorb and use vitamins and minerals from food – including B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin. It’s also important for synthesising amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, in order to help with cellular function, energy production, reproduction and growth. It helps balance levels of other nutrients in the body, including vitamin D, iodine, magnesium, calcium and zinc. All of these functions support a healthy metabolism. We need this mineral for proper digestion of carbohydrates and fats since it helps produce digestive enzymes that turn nutrients into useable energy. Overall, it can help keep our mind alert and muscles active by stimulating our glands to secrete hormones that are needed for concentration and energy expenditure.

Phosphorus... Supporting you Naturally


Phosphorus Gives

Health Detox: The kidneys are bean-shaped organs that serve several essential regulatory roles. They remove excess organic molecules from the blood, including extra minerals the body doesn’t need. Phosphorus is important for kidney function and helps the body detoxify by eliminating toxins and waste through urine. On the other hand, in people with kidney disease, it’s difficult to maintain normal mineral levels since excess amounts are not excreted as easily. Ancient Purity recommends you consult a doctore before taking if you have a Kidney issue. In order to balance levels of uric acid, sodium, water and fat within the body, the kidneys and other digestive organs rely on electrolytes like phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Phosphates are closely tied to these other minerals and are usually present in the body as compounds of phosphate ions in combination with other electrolytes.

Digestion & pH level: Inside the body, phosphorus partially occurs as phospholipids, which are a major component of most biological membranes like our nucleotides and nucleic acids. The functional roles of phospholipids include balancing the body’s pH level by buffering excess levels of either acid or alkali compounds. This helps with digestion by allowing healthy bacteria within the gut flora to flourish. It’s also important for the process of phosphorylation, the activation of digestive catalysts enzymes. Because it acts as an electrolyte, phosphorus is also believed to help improve digestion by reducing bloating/water retention and diarrhea, as well as provide natural constipation relief and contribute to acid reflux remedies.

Energy: Phosphorus helps with the absorption and regulation of B vitamins that are vital to energy production within cells, in the form of ATP. B Vitamins are also needed to maintain a positive mood due to their effect on neurotransmitter release in the brain. Additionally, it aids in the transmission of nerve impulses that help control muscle movement. A deficiency in phosphorus and lack of foods high in phosphorus can lead to general weakness, muscle aches and soreness, numbness, and general or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Natural & Powerful

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Phosphorus Keeps Giving

Cognitive Function: Proper neurotransmitter and brain functions rely on minerals like phosphorus in order to carry out everyday cellular activities. A key role of phosphorus is helping maintain proper neurological, emotional and hormonal responses. A Phosphorus deficiency has been linked with cognitive decline and the development of age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

Dental Health: Similarly to how phosphorus is needed for bone health, it’s also important for maintaining teeth and gum health. Calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus all play a role in the formation and maintenance of dental health by supporting tooth enamel, jaw-bone mineral density and holding the teeth in place, too — thus, these minerals and vitamins can also help heal tooth decay. Children especially need foods high in phosphorus and calcium-rich foods while they are developing adult teeth in order to form teeth’s hard structure. Vitamin D is needed along with phosphorus to regulate the body’s balance of calcium and improve its absorption during tooth formation. Vitamin D can also help to decrease inflammation of gums that is associated with periodontal gum disease.

Growth and Development: Because phosphorus is vital for nutrient absorption and building bones, a deficiency during toddler and adolescent years can stunt growth and contribute to other developmental problems. During pregnancy, it plays a role in the production of the genetic building blocks, DNA and RNA. Indeed, foods high in phosphorus are key in a pregnancy diet because the mineral is needed for the growth, maintenance and repair of all tissues and cells starting from infancy. Phosphorus is also important for proper brain function, including the ability to concentrate, learn, problem-solve and remember information.

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  • Ionic Phosphorus (from Phosphoric acid).
  • Ultra Pure Water.
  • Take with a meal or small amount of food.
  • Shake before use, take with a glass of Pure Water or Organic juice. 
  • Take 10 drops daily or as recommend by your healthcare professional. 
  • Children: Take 5 drops daily or as recommend by a healthcare professional. 
  • Do not take on an empty stomach.

NOTE: Consult a doctor before taking if you have kidney disease.

  • Brand: Goodstate.
  • Size: 50ml.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. Consume within 4 months.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.


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