Herbal Digestive Bitters

8 Wild, Organic Herbs (Surthrival) Multi Herbal Digestive Bitters
50ml (1.69 fl. oz.)

Surthrival’s Herbal Digestive Bitters… take it for before or after meals to encourage strong and healthy digestion. For centuries cultures have used Bitter herbs, long since known to stimulate natural digestive juice flow, optimising nutrition and supporting nutrient absorption. This ancient blend of Herbal Bitters created by our friends at Surthrival has a wicked, neat taste and can be added to your favourite beverage. As Charlemagne, King of the Lombards and Emperor of the Romans already knew in the year 800: ''Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks.'' Contains Blue Flag Root, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root, Gentian Root, Fennel Seed, Ginger RootOrange Peel, Prickly Ash Bark and Oregon Grape Root with the Essential Oils Pink Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange. Extracted in Organic Grain Alcohol (26-36% by Volume) Deionised Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerine. All of these carefully curated ingredients in Herbal Digestive Bitters are certified organic. Stored in a Miron 'Dark Violet' Glass Bottle.

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Ancient Purity is incredibly proud and thrilled to introduce Surthrivals Herbal Digestive Bitters Complex to the UK! Experience a Citrus Bitter Kick with Orange, Lemon and Ginger Root. To absorb all the wonderful nutrients of the planet’s foods we need healthy digestion. Bitter Herbs have been used by our ancestors for centuries. Wild & Organic Ingredients infused with Bitter Herbs to Aid Healthy digestion. This complex is extracted in Organic Alcohol and gives a refreshing Citrus Flavour. This is a fantastic and carefully formulated blend of bitter herbs accompanied by a balancing amount of citrus flavours, ensuring a delightful experience for your whole GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). Healthy Digestion is the cornerstone of Nutrient Assimilation, an essential pillar of being healthy.

This carefully curated elixir of Herbal Digestive Bitters is made from certified organic and wild-crafted herbs accented with the essential oils of orange, lemon, and grapefruit. This is made to improve your digestion with delicious but not overpowering flavour. Digestion is a chain reaction of many interrelated processes with different organs and hormones communicating together, and bitters improve digestion from beginning to end. This formulation of bitters is the most deliciously potent pre-meal digestive assistant proudly provided by Ancient Purity.

Herbal Digestive Bitters - Information & Points to Research

  • A Work of Ancient Herbal Medicinal Art.
  • Blue Flag Root (Organic).
  • Dandelion Root (Organic).
  • Gentian Root (Organic).
  • Ginger Root (Organic).
  • Fennel Seed (Organic).
  • Orange Peel (Organic).
  • Oregon Grape Root (Organic).
  • Prickly Ash Bark (Organic).
  • Yellow Dock Root (Organic).
  • Extracted in Organic Grain Alcohol (26-36% by Volume) Deionised Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerine.
  • Essential Oils: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange.
  • Can Aid you make more Saliva, which could Help with Digestion.
  • Might Aid an Upset Stomach.
  • Can Help to Reduce Bloating, Gas, & Constipation.
  • Helps Improve Low Stomach Acid.
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Wild Crafted Organic Bitters

The incredible flavour of digestive bitters comes from the blend of certified organic and wild-crafted bitter herbs and the delicious addition of citrus in natural orange peel. The Miron glass spray bottle delivers digestive stimulation directly to your palette, making them easy to use before or after eating. Due to the Miron Glass, this potion stays fresh as long as possible while it health-improving properties remain. Develop strong, healthy digestion and make the most of your meals. 

The Herbal Complex comes in an easy, convenient Spray Top bottle (Miron Dark Violet) made only in small batches to ensure quality and uniqueness. Bitters have been used since prehistoric times, and bitter infusions of medicinal plants are still widely used to treat and prevent illness in health-care systems around the world. Today, approximately seven thousand modern medicines are derived from bitter plant medicines. Bitters can be classified on the basis of their physiological effects on the human body, digestive bitters are among the largest class.

Surthrival's Herbal Digestive Bitters Exclusively Available at Ancient Purity

surthrival UK herbal digestive bitters

The Bitter Herbs Explained

Blue Flag Root… People use the underground stem (rhizome) of blue flag to make medicine. It is also is used as a laxative and to relieve fluid retention and bloating. This ancient herb is also used to combat swelling (inflammation) and skin conditions; and to help to prevent vomiting.

Prickly Ash… This is an evergreen tree that grows around the world. Its name comes from the half-inch (1.2-cm) spines that cover its bark. Incredibly versatile, this species has been used for everything from alternative medicine to cooking and even bonsai tree art. Because the bark of the tree is prized by some cultures for relieving tooth and mouth pain, prickly ash is sometimes referred to as “the toothache tree”.

Yellow Dock Root… Yellow dock is an herb. The leaf stalks are used in salads. The root and fruits are used as medicine. Yellow dock is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of nasal passages and the respiratory tract, and as a laxative and tonic. It is also used to treat bacterial infections and sexually transmitted issues.

Oregon Grape Root… Oregon grape is a plant. The root and root-like stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. Oregon Grape is used for stomach issues and stomach cleansing.

Gentian Root… This root is an herb that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It comes from a large genus of plants that typically grows in the mountain climates of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. These plants have trumpet-like flowers that come in blue, yellow, and other colours.

Potent Herbs, Powerful Effects

Prickly Ash…This is an evergreen tree that grows around the world. Its name comes from the half-inch (1.2-cm) spines that cover its bark. Incredibly versatile, this species has been used for everything from alternative medicine to cooking and even bonsai tree art. Because the bark of the tree is prized by some cultures for relieving tooth and mouth pain, prickly ash is sometimes referred to as “the toothache tree”. Yellow Dock Root… Yellow dock is an herb. The leaf stalks are used in salads. The root and fruits are used as medicine. Yellow dock is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of nasal passages and the respiratory tract, and as a laxative and tonic. It is also used to treat bacterial infections and sexually transmitted issues.

Some of the Featured Digestive Herbs

The Bitter Herbs Explained...Continued

Dandelion Root… This popular herb has diuretic properties and is sometimes included in weight-loss formulations to help drop water weight. Dandelion Root is sometimes used to heal skin lesions, rashes, and acne. Dandelion Root may also be helpful for managing blood sugar in people with diabetes and repairing liver damage.

Ginger Root… Most people know ginger. This potent is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body's DNA. They may help your body fight off chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, heart sickness, and issues of the lungs, plus promote healthy ageing.

Fennel Seed… Both the flavourful, crunchy bulb and aromatic seeds of the fennel plant are highly nutritious and may offer an abundance of impressive health benefits. Adding them to your diet may improve heart health, reduce inflammation and suppress appetite.

Orange Peel… The orange peels are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, calcium and other essential nutrients. The skin of the oranges contains a good amount of polyphenols that protect against several illnesses. ... And the essential oil present in the peel has anti-inflammatory properties that help boost your immune system.

A Majestic Creation of Ancient Bitter Herbs by Surthrival

Naturally Wild... Herbal Digestive Bitters

Surthrival & Ancient Purity "Thriving Together" Across Continents

Our ancestors would have handled and processed foods for much longer before they were ready to eat, and often gone longer between meals making them much hungrier and more responsive to the sight and smell of food. Time spent foraging, processing animals and plants, skinning, cracking, grinding, cooking, all of these would have excited our parotid glands and given our digestive system time to heat up its internal fire. Today, we eat so frequently and so quickly that this first important step in digestion is forgotten, and it’s an easy step to take for granted. Surthrival Digestive bitters close that gap by directly and immediately stimulating the parotid glands to get digestion off the best possible start. Bitter tasting compounds often are helpful to the digestive system. The bitter reflex can be thought of as a series of stimulation and secretion throughout the body. The appetite and certain mechanisms repairing the lining of the intestines are stimulated, and enzymes and bile that aid detoxification, plus pancreatic hormones that regulate blood sugar are secreted.

This explains why digestive bitters are one of the largest classes of bitters in traditional medicinal systems, known to help with constipation, gas, bloating, loose stools, food allergies, and acid reflux. In addition, the bitter reflex is considered to improve nutrient and mineral absorption, increase the appetite, promote healthy blood sugar levels, protect liver function, and heal inflammatory damage to the intestinal walls. In centuries previous, bitters were used as medicinal tonics. The infused herbs themselves offered healing benefits, but often the healing reaction came from improved digestion which made nutrients already present in the diet more readily absorbed, so maladies stemming from nutrient deficiencies were resolved on their own. The same is true today. If you are spending money on organics, quality pastured meats, and dietary supplements, a small investment in digestive bitters taken before meals can drastically improve your absorption of micronutrients from your quality diet and pave the way to improved overall health.

Powerful Ingredients

We love these Herbal Digestive Bitters

Herbalist Jim McDonald says, "A taste of bitter helps to reground a person to the present." and we could not agree more! These Herbal Digestive Bitters are carefully curated with organic & wild-crafted ingredients to keep your gut healthy and happy. Digestive bitters can be taken before or after a meal, depending on their function and flavour. Many digestive bitters are taken before a meal to prepare the body for eating; other digestive bitters with strong aromatic profiles are taken after a meal to help digestion as well as to providing fresh breath.

Bitters, herbs, and other therapeutic products used to relieve bloating and intestinal gas are known as carminatives. Many carminatives have rich volatile essential oils; for example, peppermint oil has been shown to serve a carminative role to relieve bloating. Likewise, the peel of bitter orange is frequently found in bitters not only as a flavouring agent but also as a mild carminative. Ancient Purity always gives away samples of to customers and on this one we mostly get a wow! It has an acquired taste, but one thing’s for sure, it's mighty powerful.

A Unique Blend of Herbal Digestive Bitters

Oregon Grape Root… Oregon grape is a plant. The root and root-like stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. Oregon grape is used for stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach upset, as a bitter tonic, to treat infections, and to cleanse the bowels.

Herbal Digestive Bitters… Closing Thoughts

Digestive bitters, specifically, are said to help digestion because of their bitter taste. They stimulate your bitter taste buds, which signal different activities in your digestive system to start, like making more saliva. Sure! We will need more research but it is clear that digestive bitters seem to have a range of health benefits. A study showed that people who took bitter herbs consumed not as much calories. Digestive bitters might act on bitter receptors in parts of the digestive system that make your body release gut hormones that make you feel full. 

Your saliva has enzymes that help you start to break down your food. Bitters can help you make more saliva, which can help with digestion. Your stomach contains different chemicals like pepsin and stomach acid that help you break down food. Bitters can make your stomach release more gastric juice. This can help with heartburn, cramping, and indigestion. The lack of bitter flavour has been recognised as one of the culprits contributing to several digestion and appetite control problems. However, bringing back bitters could be the solution we need to cub every form of indigestion and other digestive problems. The root of good health is great digestion, and bitters are here to ignite your digestive power and oh so much more.

''Herbs have dozens, if not hundreds compounds in them.'' – Stephan Bent

''All those spices and herbs in your spice rack can do more than provide calorie-free, natural flavorings to enhance and make food delicious. They're also an incredible source of antioxidants and help rev up your metabolism and improve your health at the same time.'' – Suzanne Somers

Experience Herbal Digestive Bitters - Order Today

surthrival UK
  • Blue Flag Root.
  • Dandelion Root.
  • Gentian Root.
  • Ginger Root.
  • Fennel Seed.
  • Orange Peel.
  • Oregon Grape Root.
  • Prickly Ash Bark.
  • Yellow Dock Root.

Other ingredients: Deionised Water, Organic Grain Alcohol (26-36% by Volume), Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange Essential Oil.

  • Pump 3 Sprays in the mouth. For the best result, you should do this before or after meals. Or take it as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • You can use it up to 3 times a day.
  • Shake before use.

Note: Consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Some herbs might not be safe for some health conditions like epilepsy, kidney disease, liver disease, low blood pressure, and bleeding disorders. You can also be allergic to the herbs used in bitters.

  • Brand: Surthrival.
  • Size: 50ml (1.69 fl. oz.).
  • Container: Miron Glass Bottle.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

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