Foot Stone (Volcanic Lava)

Natural Exfoliation of Feet / Hands / Body Everlasting Pure Lava Stone
4 x 2" Square - Stone

A unique Restorative Foot Health solution, created from truly incredible and therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium, iron and oxygen which creates the holes in the stone. This foot stone allows you to easily remove dry, dead skin from body, hands and feet. It goes perfectly with our Herbal Foot Soak & Scrub, designed to deeply clean and to rejuvenate your feet. These 100% Natural Foot Stones last forever... Now that is really Eco! 

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Ancient Purity presents this all-natural Lava Stone for keeping your feet healthy and smooth. This Foot Stone will never lose its effectiveness or shape. It safely assists in the exfoliation of dry, dead skin from the body, hands and especially the feet. It is lightweight, with a surface made of tiny little holes. We believe it is the most natural way to exfoliate and smooth the skin of body, hands and feet... Yes it can absolutely be used anywhere on your body. It's a therapeutic mix of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium, iron and oxygen which creates the holes in the stone that easily remove dry, dead skin. With natural maintenance using the Lava Stone you'll have your foot health covered naturally and effectively. Every stone comes with a natural hang rope.

Why not give your feet a full rejuvenation and add our relaxing Herbal Foot Scrub & Soak. It cleanses your feet deeply and makes them beach ready, or just to look and feel good. The Herbal combination with a couple of other natural powerful ingredients will protect against foot health problems, eliminate odours and reduce any rashes. It has deep cleansing properties when you scrub using this you remove dead skin cells, with the other elements it will over all soften and smoothen your feet, relaxing you in the process. There's lot of products claiming to do this, most are either full of junk or simply don't work. This does! The Herbal Scrub with this Lava Stone will give your feet all they need.

Volcanic Lava Foot Stone - Information & Points to Research

  • All-Natural Lava Stone.
  • Lasts Forever (if cared for).
  • Powerful Exfoliating.
  • Gives your Feet the Ultimate Make-Over.
  • Therapeutic make-up of Basaltic Minerals.
  • Can be used on Whole Body (except face).
  • Easy hand-sized, travel-friendly.
  • No Plastic or Packaging.

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Lava Stone Explained

Conceived in Mother Earth’s womb and born through fire, the meaning of Lava is twofold. This ancient material offers passion and raw assertive energy and on the other hand, balance and practical restraint. This paradox of energies makes Lava Stone the ideal companion stone for dealing with modern life's rapid-paced competitiveness, while remaining focused and calm. Lava rock is the material that stays behind after volcanic eruptions. As extreme hot melted earth flows from the volcano’s depths over our planet’s surface, it instantly starts to cool down, transforming from a liquid to a solid substance. The left behind solid rock is very porous due to its creation from the fiery, swirling, bubbling, lava flow’s moving streams. Lava, basalt or pumice stone, is one of the globe’s most common types of rock found in the sea and on land. Today, lava rock is estimated to cover approximately 8% of the world’s entire surface. It's an igneous volcanic stone created of primarily pyroxene and plagioclase minerals. 

Since ancient times, humans have collected pumice stones and have benefitted from them for throughout history. Early human settlements, in regions with volcanic activity, respected lava stones for magical and practical purposes. The rocks were used to create beads, dye pigments, vessels, and for preparing food on hot lava stones. When finely grounded, lava stone makes an outstanding stain to colour fabric, body paint, pottery, furniture and walls. Even though it has practical purposes, lava stone is profoundly spiritual as well.  Pumice stone can help us strengthen our connection with the planet by grounding us and keeping us in touch with the present time. Often we are anchored in the past or projecting ourselves into the future, neither of which add value to our lives. The present moment is where value is found and that moment of time is the sole environment we can make any real impact!

Exfoliate with a Lava Foot Stone


Lava Foot Stone Benefits

Pumice stone is created when hot lava blends with water and hardens. This leads to the creation of a porous coarse pumice stone which is ideal for rubbing and cleaning your skin. As these are natural stones they come in slightly different size, shape and colour. Pumice stones are the most natural tool to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin of your hands, heels, elbows, feet and fingers. In addition, they help to remove warts, corns, and dry dead skin.

Ancient Purity’s volcanic foot stones contain trace elements. You can use them to gently massage which will stimulate your blood circulation. A scrub session might help relieving chronic tiredness and to experience total relaxation. When using this basalt foot stone daily, your skin might become smooth and soft just like after a luxury spa treatment. 

Created Naturally


Your Skin Deserves to be Pampered!

As organic rocks of volcanic origin, since ancient times pumice’s healing properties have been appreciated by medicine men, shamans, spiritual healers and other health practitioners. Just soak areas of thickened skin in warm/hot water optionally adding some Celtic Sea Salt. Rub your heels, feet, fingers or palms gently with the foot pumice stone using a circular motion.  Rinse the treated body part with cold water and, for longer use, wash off the volcanic foot stone. Apply a soothing cream, lotion or oil on your feet or other parts of your body to get the best results. Should you wish to experience full relaxation, soak your feet in Ancient Purity’s Herbal Foot Soak (See "Related Products") 

After having used the volcanic scrubber, thoroughly rinse the pumice stone with natural soap and water and allow it to dry. By doing so you’ll prevent the growth of bacteria. Replace your volcanic foot stone if the device shows signs of wear. However, this is unlikely as your stone will last for ages as long as you take care of it. You should not use the stone on open wounds or inflamed skin. For hygienic reasons, do not share your foot stone with other persons. It is optimal to exfoliate 4-6 times monthly. Get rid of dead skin, corns, dryness, and cracks in the most natural way without having to visit expensive spa salons! Finally, I would like to say that dermatologists warn against being too aggressive when using a volcanic foot stone, particularly on certain areas of the body. “It is best to use a pumice stone in areas with thicker skin like the knees, elbows, and feet,” Dr. Laureano says. “The feet are the safest area to stick to. I would avoid using it on thinner skin, like the face, as this skin is more susceptible to micro-abrasions and tears. Too much irritation on a thin-skin area can lead to inflammation, which can result in scarring and/or pigmentation changes.”

The Natural Way to Smooth, Healthy Feet & Skin


Foot Stone… Closing Thoughts

Ancient Purity’s Volcanic Foot Stone might effectively solve nasty foot and skin issues including: thick rough skin, cracked heels, corns, dead skin, dry foot skin, callus, as well as rejuvenating tired feet. In addition, frequent use will stimulate your blood circulation, fight chronic tiredness, and promote relaxation. Your precious skin most likely will become smooth and baby soft just like after a spa treatment. 

Pumice stones’ health-improving properties have been prized by ancient healers. Today, medical cosmetology advises the use of natural volcanic stones for exfoliating skin, giving your body softness and smoothness. This is truly a ''Gift of Health''. Ancient Purity’s Basalt Foot Stone might be the perfect gift for friends, family or loved ones. It provides the most natural method of softening rough skin. Why not treat yourself, or your friends and family to the gift of healthy and youthful skin?

Experience Deep Natural Cleansing for your Feet - Order Today

Foot Stone - Volcanic Lava foot health
  • Stone (Volcanic Lava).
  • Clean your feet, soak, scrub.
  1. Soak your feet or other area of callused skin in warm water, optionally adding Celtic sea salt or 1-2 drops of essential Lavender oil.
  2. Dampen the pumice stone in the same water for ease of use.
  3. For the heels, palms, and feet, gently rub the pumice stone in soft circular motion.
  4. After cleansing, rinse your body with cool water.
  5. Apply a soothing natural lotion.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Material: Lava Stone.

Q – Can I use it very gently on my face?
A –
Facial skin is thin. Too much irritation on a thin-skin area can lead to inflammation. My advise to you is to avoid your face.

Q – How is health connected with using a volcanic foot stone?
A – Our skin-polishing volcanic stone exfoliate away all traces of dead skin cells, whether they be in the form of dry skin, corns, stains or tough, thick calluses, to reveal smoother, softer heels and soles. They are also essential for maintaining your foot’s hygiene, as accumulated dead skin cells can lead to bacteria and create an unhealthy ecosystem for your feet.

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