Fermented Cod Liver / Butter Oil Capsules

With Concentrate X-Factor Butter Oil Blue Ice - Royal Blend (GP)
120 x 750mg (Capsules)

This is a powerful synergistic blend of 67% Fermented Cod Liver Oil and 33% Concentrated Butter Oil. Individually effective, but the two together they support strong bone structure and teeth, improving brain and overall health. Cod Liver oil is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids, called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

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Green Pastures Blue Ice™ Royal Blend combines the benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil. We proudly present this uniquely powerful product that has been a long-term favourite of Ancient Purity. The blend is two-thirds Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil and one-third X-Factor™ Gold Concentrated Butter Oil. Green Pasture ferment Cod Livers from fish that have been exclusively wild caught in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Island regions of Alaska. X-Factor™ Gold Concentrated Butter Oil is pure oil from cows grazing on rapidly growing grass extracted and concentrated through centrifugation. The blend comes from the work of the Dr Weston A. Price. The Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil together can aid in strengthening bone structure and teeth, improving brain health and overall development in infants and adults alike. 

Cod Liver Oil is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids, called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). In addition, there’s Omega 6, 7 and 9 Fatty Acids plus many more important fat soluble nutrients present in it. These fatty acids have been proven effective against reducing inflammation but also contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, vision and blood triglyceride levels. With natural bioavailable Vitamins A, D and K the blend is effective in maintaining healthy eyes, brain function and skin. Vitamin D alone affects virtually every cell and tissue in your body and is important for good health. Using fermentation as the extraction method shields the fragile nutrients, and retains these nutrients in an all-natural form that your body recognises as food.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil with Concentrate Butter Oil – Information & Points of Interest

  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA.
  • Omega 6, 7 and 9 Fatty Acids and many more important fat soluble nutrients.
  • X-Factor (Vitamin K2) "Activator X" (K2).
  • Shelf Stable, Easy Swallow capsules.
  • Natural Bioavailable Vitamins A and D. 
  • Rich in Vitamin A benefiting eyes, brain function and skin.
  • High Powered Tooth/Oral Health Support.
  • Supports removal of excess minerals from soft tissues, preventing calcification of vulnerable areas like the arteries and kidneys.
  • Helps the body absorb and utilise minerals, rebuild tissue, bones and teeth.
  • Sustainably Sourced, Clean, Traceable and Highly Effective.

Ethically Sourced Cod Liver Oil

Green Pasture ferment livers from fish that have been exclusively wild-caught in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands region of Alaska. Alaskan Leader Seafoods is the supplier for Green Pasture products. Alaskan Leader are a vertically integrated ‘Hook and Line’ fishing company in Alaska. Their sustainable fishery is applauded by several conservation organisations including the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and the Environmental Defense Fund as the most eco-friendly fishing method existing today. Their fleet is outfitted with a custom designed and patented Norwegian long-line system that places single hooks along the ocean floor. This ‘one hook, one fish’ method of harvesting the catch is the most ecologically responsible and least intrusive on other species habitats.

Alaskan Leader catches and releases live un-targeted fish, carefully landing only the ones we are fishing for. This results in having the absolute cleanest and healthiest method of harvesting Alaska Cod above any other commercial fishing technique. Once the catch is pulled over the rail it goes through an automated bleeding, cleaning and processing system. This system was designed by master food equipment technicians in Iceland, and based on knowledge that they acquired from generations of tradition, along with modern research and development. The fish are thoroughly inspected by our on-board HAACP trained Quality Control staff, and once the fish has been sized, they are quickly frozen to 30 degrees below zero so as to capture that ‘deep white and sweet ocean fresh’ flavour.

Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil... Naturally Wild

green pastures cod liver oil

Quality Ensured, Responsibly Sourced Cod Liver & Butter Oil

The Cod Liver Oil is third party tested every step of the way – from ocean to bottle. Green Pasture uses a traditional fermentation method for extracting the oils, while holding it to modern standards for safety and purity. Green Pasture is committed to recognising and implementing conservative environmental approaches whenever possible. We use the highest standards of quality and sustainability when selecting our partners. That is the reason they work with Alaskan Leader Seafoods as their exclusive Skate and Cod Liver provider. 

Green Pasture has received the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its premium-quality Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Green Pasture Products and all of its manufacturing partners have completed the MSC’s rigorous certification process, carried out by independent third parties. Certification follows the MSC’s Chain of Custody Standard, which ensures “ocean to plate” traceability back to MSC-certified sustainable fisheries. Green Pasture is one of only a handful of fish oil companies to have achieved the highly esteemed MSC eco-label for its entire supply and manufacturing chain from ocean to bottle.

Enhanced with Organic Butter Oil - Fermented Cod Liver Oil

green pastures fermented cod liver oil with butter oil

The Historical uses of Fish Liver Oil

There was an assertion made that Fish Liver Oils used medicinally were first invented or discussed in Norway and only as recently as the 1700’s. That is not what in depth research reveals. Using Fish Livers for medicine has deep historical significance in human medicinal history... An illustration referenced in the Book of Tobias, scripture that is part of the Catholic and Orthodox biblical canon. It shows the Arch Angel Rafael telling Tobias to save the heart, liver and gall from the fish being that they may be used for healing purposes. A reference from Apicius’, Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome, which discusses the fact that the finest, medicinal and most expensive Garum was the oil from fermented Fish Livers. The process to make this product in ancient Rome is very similar to how we make our Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We apply the same principles. I find it interesting that the author discusses exposing Cod Liver Oil to the sun similarly to the ancient practice of fermenting fish livers in Rome.

The finest Garum was made of the livers of the fish only, exposed to the sun, fermented, some-how preserved. It was an expensive article in old Rome, famed for its medicinal properties. Its mode of manufacture has given rise to much criticism and scorn ancients in placing any value on the “essence from putrefied intestines of fish. However, garum has been vindicated, confirmed, endorsed, reiterated, rediscovered, if you please, by modern science! What, pray, is the difference in principle between garum (the exact nature of which is unknown) and the oil of the Liver of Cod (or less expensive fish) exposed to the beneficial rays of ultraviolet light—artificial sunlight—to imbue the oil with an extra-large and uniform dose of vitamin D? The ancients, it appears, knew “vitamin D” to exist. Maybe they had a different name for “vitamins,” maybe none at all. They knew the nutritive value of liver, proven by many formulas. Pollio, one of the vicious characters of antiquity, fed murenas (sea-eel) with slaves he threw into the ‘piscina’, the fish pond, and later enjoyed the liver of the fish. – Apicius, Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome Edited and Translated by Joseph Dommers Vehling, p. 22. The process followed by Green Pasture is not new, but rather a very old practice that has been used to prepare and preserve food/medicine since the first written word.

Alaskan Leader - Working with the Environment

green pasture blue ice skate liver oil production

Fermentation - Unleashing the Power of Cod Liver & Butter Oil

Green Pasture's fermentation process is a very gentle extraction method that avoids using heat. The fermentation process used to extract the oil is such a gentle method that it shields the natural antioxidants. Garum is the inspiration for Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil. These products are made in a very unique way, and as a result have some very interesting properties. This research takes us as far back as the Roman Empire and as far forward as modern research in food science.

Throughout history, Garum and similar fermented fish sauces have been hailed for their health benefits, although no one really knew why. Now, with modern understanding of biological systems we can start to understand what makes these products so beneficial for health. The subject is fascinating, complex and incomplete, which does allow for a degree of speculation and imagination to fill in the gaps.

Take in the Benefits of Nature with Cod Liver Oil

cod liver oil ancient purity

A Brief History of Garum

There is evidence of fermented fish sauces like garum being consumed as far back as the Bronze Age (at least 2600 years ago), but because nothing was recorded then, the details are very scarce. As you move into the Iron Age, there is an increasing amount of evidence that fish sauces are an important part of life in Europe, particularly in the Celtic regions. In fact, the most Western part of France, which was known as Armorica, was renowned for producing a high quality garum which would ‘give you strength‘. Think about the fictional characters Asterix and Obelisk who fought the Roman Empire lived in this region. Perhaps the secret potion that gave them super-human strength was garum. Legends aside, fermented fish sauces were certainly consumed in Europe before the Roman Empire expanded into France and Britain, but it was the Romans who made it popular across the continent, and made it commercially. Evidence of garum factories is found throughout the Roman Empire, and from these factories it is clear that they made 2 types. One was plain garum, which was made in vast quantities and was used regularly as a flavour enhancer for food.

The other was made in much smaller quantities for medical purposes and was called garum armoricum (after the region in France). A popular fish used to make high quality garum armoricum was the tunny (or tuna), which could only be caught once a year during their migration to spawning grounds. The limited amount of tuna available year round combined with the high quality garum it produced made it a very expensive and sought after product. As tuna is a very oily fish the resulting garum would likely be high in omega-3 fats, which may well be one reason it was associated with promoting health. This garum was used by the military, athletes and women/children considered to be ‘weak’, because it was associated with promoting strength and good health. It is clear that its benefits were well recognised throughout the Roman Empire. However, as the Roman Empire went into decline the price of salt (which was essential for garum) rapidly increased which meant that garum could no longer be made. After this point in Europe fish sauces were never made on the same scale and were largely forgotten about, aside from some small isolated communities.

Cod Liver & Butter Oil... Supporting Healthy Skin and an Active Lifestyle

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Garum Production

Recipes for garum vary from region to region, but they all follow a basic blueprint. Small fish (or the organs of specific fish such as tuna) are layered in containers. Between each layer of fish/ fish organs is a layer of salt and sometimes herbs. This is then left to ferment (often in the sun) for 1-6 months. The liquid can then be removed and shipped all over the empire as a flavour enhancer or medicine. Using the same basic recipe that the Romans did, Green Pasture created garum-like Cod Liver Oil. Green Pasture mixes Cod Livers with salt and a starter broth and then lets it ferment for a number of months before the oil is filtered out. From speaking to David Wetzel of Green Pasture, the only real difference between what the Romans did and what they do is the use of a starter broth.

Green Pasture saves some of the brine from previous ferments to use for future production. This ensures that the same bacteria are doing the fermentation, and so it keeps the end product consistent (similar to how cheeses are made). Aside from this, Green Pasture ferments their Cod Livers in the similar way the Romans did. Production is simple and traditional, but to anyone familiar with lipid biochemistry this method doesn’t sound like it would produce healthy oil. Fats in these fish are predominantly poly-unsaturated fats, which are extremely easily oxidised. Left in these conditions for an extended period of time seems like oxidation is inevitable, which will make these fats toxic.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil, Supporting an Active Healthy Lifestyle

Fermented Cod Liver Oil benefits

Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil... Closing Thoughts

Cod liver oil is the oil extracted from the livers of Atlantic cod. It is commonly taken as a dietary supplement and is packed full of nutrients. It is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and it contains relatively high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. The exact concentration of nutrients in cod liver oil depends on the species of Cod, or Gadus, the oil comes from. Cod Liver was first used in medicine in 1789, to treat rheumatism, followed by rickets in 1824. By the 1930s, it was frequently given to children to help prevent rickets and other conditions caused by vitamin D deficiency. Other fish oils are extracted from the tissue of deep sea cold water fish, including tuna, trout, mackerel, herring, salmon, and cod. Cod Liver Oil comes only from the livers of cod. It contains less omega-3 fatty acids than regular fish oils, but more vitamins A and D. 

Butter Oil is a dairy product which is created by removing the moisture and the non-fat milk solids contained in butter. It is a milk fat-based dairy product in its purest form. In terms of a packaged good, butter oil is an efficient and economical means of transporting and storing butterfat. These fats are heart healthy fats in comparison to poly-unsaturated fats in oils, which are unwanted fats. While butter has 20% water which evaporates while cooking, oil is pure fat which gets absorbed as it is by the vegetables you are cooking. So, by now you can imagine that the Fermented Cod Liver Oil together with Butter Oil makes this high-quality dietary food supplement extra potent!

Experience the Power of Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Order Today

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  • Capsules - Raw Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Raw Concentrated Butter Oil, unbleached Beeswax, Milk, Plant Cellulose (capsules).
  • Capsules - 2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Brand: Green Pasture - Blue Ice.
  • Form: Capsules / Oil.
  • Quantity: 120 caps / 240ml.
  • Container: BPA Free Plastic tub / Glass bottle.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.


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