Spiritual Notebooks

Spiritual Sketch Notebooks (Unlined) Chakras / Mandala / Goddess
1 Book (20x15cm)

Vegetable Tanned Leather Notebooks Covers are championed by skilled artisans and leather connoisseurs. These handmade Leather Notebook Covers offer a really unique experience for your writing, journaling, sketching, and note-taking endeavours and they will age brilliantly over time. These Spiritual Notebooks have a strap and unlined pages, so you can sketch or write. Choose from Tibetan and Chakra Mandala or Cosmic Goddess. All 3 feature amazing work of leather carving. Take your journaling practice to a whole new level with these handcrafted notebooks! While it is more convenient and quicker to type into a computer or mobile phone, Ancient Purity believe there is something more connecting and deeper when performing the intimate handwriting art. In this digital age, there is still time and space in our lives for the analogue…

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Until the 20th Century vegetable tanning was the principal tanning way and today this method is growing in significance once again. Approximately 10% of all leather is vegetable tanned. This ancient technique involves using tannins present in natural vegetable to alter the hide’s protein structure, causing the skin to become leather. In essence, these organic components service 3 functions: strengthening, preserving, and giving the hide’s colour. The vegetable tanned leather is left to breathe and dry 2 weeks until they turn a wonderful beige colour. Over time, Mother Nature’s elements seep into its grain, enhancing the Notebook Covers’ earthy and authentic character.

If you are a wine connoisseur, you’ll probably know that the distinct flavour of every bottle of wine is influenced by tannins present in the grapes. Tannins are also commonly present in other fruits, seeds, and plants, where they’re discernible because of their sharp taste. When it comes to the method of vegetable tanning, roots, leaves and tree bark are often preferred due to their extraordinarily rich tannin concentration. Tree species usually used to make Vegetable Tanned Leather include: Birch, Catechu, Chestnut, Mimosa, Oak and Willow. You can select your favourite Vegetable Tanned Leather Notebooks Cover as we offer 3 types including: Tibetan Mandala, Cosmic Goddess and Chakra Mandala.

Spiritual Sketch / Notebooks - Information & Points of Research

  • Handmade by Skilled Leather Workers in India.
  • Ideal for Sketching.
  • The Ultimate Spiritual Journal.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather.
  • Chrome-Free. 
  • Lead-Free.
  • Azo-Free. 
  • GI Tag Enabled.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Perfect Gift for Loved Ones.
  • Tibetan Mandala.
  • Cosmic Goddess.
  • Chakra Mandala.
  • Beautiful, Natural, Subtle Scent.

Tibetan Mandala Cover

Vegetable Tanned Leather – A Little History

Vegetable Tanned Leather’s story is intricately tied up with human development’s wider history. One of 4 ancient tanning methods, first our ancestors utilised the process approximately 5,000 years ago in Sumer (modern-day Kuwait and Iraq), where skins were soaked in water-filled reservoirs with leaves and Mimosa bark. The resulting leather was then utilised to produce primitive clothing types, which kept them from freezing and provided camouflage for hunting, as well as bags for transporting their prey.

Later civilisations such as the Babylonians and the Ancient Egyptians, continued to make advancements in Vegetable Leather Tanning, but it was the Romans who first regulated the industry. This allowed Tuscan craftsmen to perfect the art of making leather sandals. To this day, the region retains its rich socio-cultural history, and is still regarded as the leather heartland of Italy. Certainly, contemporary artisans who continue to practice Vegetable Tanning are leveraging thousands of years of human experience.

Cosmic Goddess Cover

Vegetable Tanned Leather – Benefits

There’re many reasons why Vegetable Tanned Leather is regarded as the leather industry’s benchmark. Let us begin by looking at the favourable physical characteristics it possesses. Vegetable Tanned Leather, in particular, is famous for its strength and robustness. If appropriately cared for, the leather could last longer than a lifetime! Aside from durability, the Vegetable Tanning process also gives leather a distinct, somewhat sweet scent, the kind you probably already associate with leather. And the absorption of tannins makes for colours that are notably rich and deep in character; think natural and earthy tones, like beige and brown.

Because Vegetable Tanning requires no synthetic coatings, the leather is allowed to ‘breathe’. As a result, it is able to absorb moisture and oils, and go on to form a ‘patina’. In the world of leather, patina is an indicator of quality and aesthetic beauty, something that enhances the perceived value of a leather product. Part of the joy in owning say, a Vegetable Tanned Leather Notebook, is also the sense of prestige that it evokes. Knowing that this leather has been diligently produced by expert craftsmen who rely mostly on ancient techniques is something to celebrate. Finally, Vegetable Tanning is the most environmentally-friendly way to produce leather as solely organic and natural substances are used during the manufacturing process.

Chakra Mandala Cover

Vegetable Tanned Leather Notebooks Cover… Closing Thoughts

These gorgeously crafted Leather Notebook Covers are made from high quality Vegetable Tanned Leather in an Indian workshop. They provide a beautiful way to motivate you by writing each day, whether for study, work, emotional release, personal introspection, or just fun. These Leather Notebooks feature outstanding quality paper and superb binding.

Ancient Purity has been hard at work for the past year finding that perfect Leather Notebook what you now will be able to hold in your own hands. These awesome Notebooks make brilliant leather diaries for avid writers, journalists, sketchers and note-takers who appreciate leather’s soft feel in their hands. They even make perfect leather bound journals for men! Why not choose your favourite Vegetable Tanned Leather Notebook Cover today? Or purchase all three of them. 

Experience a Natural Meaningful Notebook - Order Today

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: India.
  • Mateiral: Leather (vegetable Tanned) Paper.
  • Size: 20x15 (cm).
  • Weight: 500g.


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