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Pinus Cembra - Sacred Pine Transport Senses (Presentation Box)

This is a beautifully-shaped Pinus Cembra Diffuser, with Swiss Stone Pine Essential Oil and Pine Shavings. The device is electricity free and you can place it anywhere in your living or work space or even travel in your car with it. Transport your senses to the Swiss Mountains and experience this calming, relaxing and truly divine scent. Our diffuser is presented in a beautiful tubular box which makes a great gift option!

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Ancient Purity presents a natural (no plug) diffuser, ideal for the natural house or work-space. These beautiful and carefully crafted Fragrance Diffusers are made from Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra). Designed as a stunning petite Globe, a Standard and an Extra Large Diffuser, they can sit comfortably in and compliment any room. The divine aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil delivers the Swiss Mountain scent into your home. This natural organic essential oil has a soothing, relaxing effect.

Swiss Stone Pine is highly recommended for those having respiratory issues and can be very beneficial if one is experiencing a common cold. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil can neutralise odours, be it from cooking, cigarette smoke or animals. Over and over people tell us it contributes to a better atmosphere in their home and even their workplace. At Ancient Purity when we are working indoors we make sure that the Swiss Stone Pine scent is all around us. Simply put the Swiss Pine Stone shavings into the Swiss Stone Pine Globe Fragrance Diffuser, pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them and enjoy the enlightening Swiss mountain tree fragrance. Many people like to sit comfortably close their eyes and meditate, taking deep breaths of forest freshness. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil is so calming and relaxing.

Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra) Diffusers – Information & Points of Interest

  • Sacred to the Swiss Alps.
  • Natural, Clean & Sustainable.
  • Incredible Scent transports your Senses.  
  • Promotes Good-Quality Sleep.
  • Scent relaxes the Heart.
  • Antiseptic vapours penetrate deep into the Lungs.
  • Can improve Mood & Wellbeing.
  • Keeps your home fresh with Revitalising Energy.
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Choose from Globe, Standard or Extra Large Pinus Cembra Diffuser

natures design pinus cembra natural diffusers

The Mighty & Rare Coniferous Tree

The Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra) is an ancient tree from the White Pine family. It has been growing on earth for at least 7000 years. Swiss Stone Pine is a strong tree. It grows very tall and in harsh conditions. Most trees from this family of Pine live from 200-400 years, and in the past, they were much more widespread. Today it grows only in secluded Alpine areas.

A truly Majestic Tree... It reaches up to 35metres in height and up to 1.5 metres in diameter. On average it grows from 200 to 400 years, while there are individual trees which are up to 1200 years old. It can survive freezing temperatures and harsh winds down to -50°C growing in Alpine areas from 1300m (4200ft) up to 2300m (7500ft) above sea level. It is mostly present in the Mont-Blanc area, Vallis, Engiadina, Tirol and South Tirol of the Central Alps range and in some places of the Carpathian Mountains. The benefits of using the wood of the Swiss Stone Pine have been known for centuries, and have in our modern times been scientifically verified.

The Queen of the Alps

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People living in the different regions of the Alps have recognised the beauty and usefulness of the Swiss Stone Pine tree for centuries. Traditional wisdom surrounding this tree points to its beneficial effects on relaxation, sleep and recovery, and for these reasons it has been used to make room ceilings, beds, baby sleeping spaces and other bedroom furniture. It has been called the ‘’Queen of the Alps.“ In modern times, scientific studies have confirmed these well-known beneficial effects of the Swiss Stone Pine on human participants. Now you can bring the fragrance of the Swiss Stone Pine into your home to improve the quality of your life.

“Aromatherapy is more thoroughly defined as the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well-being. Science is now confirming what has been known for centuries: essential oils have healing properties on both physical and emotional levels. Absorbed through the skin and via the olfactory-brain connection through inhalation, they have been considered among the most therapeutic and rejuvenating of all botanical extracts throughout the ages.” - Valerie Gennari Cooksley, Aromatherapy: Soothing Remedies to Restore, Rejuvenate and Heal

Swiss Stone Pine - Essential Oil and Shavings

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With this Purchase you get…

  • Globe, Standard or Extra Large Fragrance Diffuser (made from Swiss Stone Pine).
  • Beautiful Tubular Presentation Box (Ideal as a gift).
  • Swiss Stone Pine essential oil, the Extra Large Diffuser comes with 2 x bottles of Swiss Stone Pine Essential Oil.
  • Shavings from the Swiss Pine Stone Tree.

Working with Nature... Sustainably Sourced

pinus cembra swiss stone pine UK diffusers
pinus cembra natures design

An All-Natural Diffuser

pinus cembra diffusers swiss stone pine diffuser natural

Swiss Stone Pine - Essential Oil... Calming, Relaxing Essence

natures design diffuser swiss stone pine

Diffuser Swiss Stone Pine… Closing Thoughts

The Swiss stone pine essential oil from Ancient Purity takes you to the fragrant, mountainous forests in the Swiss Alps. It’s an evergreen tree that grows to an impressive height of 15-20 meter, and the twigs and leaves are especially aromatic. The oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that support the airways and immune system. When applied topically as a tonic, it relieves muscle and nerve pain and purifies the skin. The Swiss stone pine essential oil provided by Ancient Purity is 100% pure and organically certified.

Already our Alpine ancestors knew the calming effect of Swiss stone pine for body and soul. The Swiss stone pine is a high-alpine tree that grows from 1,500 metres above sea level and can reach the stately age of 1,000 years. The wood is known for its ethereal healing properties.  It is scientifically proven, that Swiss stone pine wood has a positive effect on our autonomous nervous system. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and ensures well-being, deep relaxation and restful sleep. Body regeneration belongs to the everyday health consciousness of mankind. Well, no need telling you about the diffuser as you can see everything on the photos of the striking device.

“I believe that for every illness or ailment known to man, that God has a plant out here that will heal it. We just need to keep discovering the properties for natural healing.” - Vannoy Gentles Fite, Essential Oils for Healing

Transport your senses to Nature, Health and Well-Being - Order Today

natural diffuser not plug in
  • Put Pine Shavings into Diffuser.
  • Pour 5 - 10 drops of Essential Oil (included) onto Shavings.
  • Enjoy the uplifting scent around your living or workspace.
  • Brand: Natures Design (Pinus Cembra).
  • Origin: Switzerland.
  • Size:  Height / Φ .
  • Globe - 9 / 9 ".
  • Standard - 10.5 / 8.5 ".
  • Extra Large - 21.5 / 17.5 ".
  • Joanneum research, Institut für nichtinvasive diagnostik, Weiz, Austria, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser.


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