Reed Stick Diffuser

Pinus Cembra (Swiss Stone Pine) Natural (Sleep / Relaxation / Lungs)
1 Unit plus 150ml (5.07 fl. oz.) Fragrance
The health-friendly room diffuser serves as a decoration in your home, giving it a nice scent. Due to the high quality of the liquid, its rich aroma develops and fills the area. The diffuser is most useful in rooms where you move the most as the air nicely moves and spreads the aroma around the house. The smell of the forest will embrace you every time you go past it.
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Of all your five senses, your sense of smell is the fastest way to reach your brain "When you inhale an essential oil, the benefits are almost instantaneous" In your nose are smell receptors that respond to scents. These receptors send chemical messages along the nerve pathways to your brain’s limbic system, also known as your “emotional brain.” Your limbic system controls many basic functions: your breathing, heart rate, memory, stress levels, and even your hormones. It’s intimately involved with your moods and emotions. When your limbic system or your “emotional brain” is stimulated by the scent of an essential oil, it can have profound effects on your mind and body. Scents can invoke memories, stimulate feelings, and arouse your senses.

However, with essential oils, it’s important to note that your olfactory system isn’t just limited to your nose…Certain essential oils can be absorbed through your nasal cavity and through your bronchial tract and lungs. All these “fast track” delivery systems help explain how your body – and your brain – can respond so quickly to a calming or invigorating essential oil scent!

Pinus Cembra - Reed Stick Diffuser

  • Sacred to the Swiss Alps.
  • Natural, Clean and Sustainable.
  • Incredible Scent transports your senses.  
  • Promotes good-quality Sleep.
  • Relaxes the Heart.
  • Antiseptic vapours penetrate deep into the lungs.
  • Can improve Mood and Well-being.
  • Keeps your home fresh with revitalising energy.
pinus cembra reed diffuser UK

The Reed Stick Diffuser

Container made of Swiss Stone Pine wood. Can use any essential oils with the diffuser.
Including 150ml fragrance and 7 reed sticks.

Swiss Stone Pine liquid for the Diffuser, 150ml lasts 7 – 8 weeks. Simply place back into the diffuser with the lid off and insert the 7 reeds. 
Enjoy the scent of Swiss Stone Pine over and over by refilling with this 150ml liquid for the Diffuser with Reeds. 
Will last 7 – 8 weeks based on daily usage.
best reed stick diffuser natural pinus cembra

A Mighty & Rare Coniferous Tree

The Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra) is an ancient tree from the White Pine family. It has been growing on earth for at least 7000 years. Swiss Stone Pine is strong, it grows very tall and in harsh conditions. Most trees from this family of Pine live from 200-400 years, and in the past, it was much more widespread. Today it grows only in secluded Alpine areas.

A truly Majestic Tree... It reaches up to 35metres in height and up to 1.5 metres in diameter. On average it grows from 200 to 400 years, while there are individual trees which are up to 1200 years old. It can survive freezing temperatures and harsh winds down to -50°C growing in Alpine areas from 1300m (4200ft) up to 2300m (7500ft) above sea level. It is mostly present in the Mont-Blanc area, Vallis, Engiadina, Tirol and South Tirol of the Central Alps range and in some places of the Carpathian Mountains. The benefits of using the wood of the Swiss Stone Pine have been known for centuries, and have in our modern times been scientifically verified.

Enrich the essence of your home

pinus cembra natures design UK

The Queen of the Alps

natures design

People living in the different regions of the Alps have recognised the beauty and usefulness of the Swiss Stone Pine tree for centuries. 

Traditional wisdom surrounding this tree points to its beneficial effects on relaxation, sleep and recovery, and for these reasons it has been used to make room ceilings, beds, baby sleeping spaces and other bedroom furniture. It has been called the ‘’Queen of the Alps.“

In modern times, scientific studies have confirmed these well-known beneficial effects of the Swiss Stone Pine on human participants. 
Now you can bring the fragrance of the Swiss Stone Pine into your home to improve the quality of your life.
pinus cembra swiss stone pine

Experience Swiss Stone Pine, Diffused into your Living or Work space - Order Today

reed diffuser swiss stone pine
  • Insert the sticks into the bottle with the liquid and place the bottle into the diffuser.

For the Refill

  • Push and unscrew cap.
  • Place inside Diffuser.
  • Replace Diffuser cap on.
  • Insert reed stiks.
  • Brand: Natures Design.
  • Material: Swiss Pine Wood.
  • Capacity: 150ml.


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