Carafe Aladdin

Sacred Geometry / Structure Water Flower of Life Platinum / Happy
1.3L (43.96 fl. oz.)

Carafe Aladdin with Platinum, Happy (Rainbow) or White Flower of Life. This beautiful glass energy Carafe with multiple Flower of Life options provides the purest storage and enhancement of your liquids. Purify, enhance and enjoy water, wine and any other drinks or liquid health concoctions you may make. This carafe is made with traditional workmanship and mouth blown. It is lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158 F. Each one is an individual with its own meaning and its own resonance with you. Have a read through the page and see what fits with you. Give your water, wine or any other liquids the respect and gratitude they deserve and enhance their structure. This amazing Sacred Geometry, Carafe Aladdin will look stunning in your home, workspace, practice. Designed following the Golden Ratio these Carafes take water to another level.

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Ancient Purity just loves these Carafes and check out all the meanings of each colour on the emblazoned flowers... These stunning, master craftsmanship, revitalising Carafe's are available with a choice of 3 different Flowers of Life, also you can choose the classic Golden Flower of Life Carafe (see our ‘Related Products’ section)

Each one is an individual with its own meaning and its own resonance with you. Have a read through the page and see what fits with you. Give your water, wine or any other liquids the respect and gratitude they deserve and enhance their structure. This amazing Sacred Geometry, Carafe Aladdin will look stunning in your home and with the Flower of Life, it is the purest storage for liquids.

Carafe Aladdin Happy / Platinum / White – Information & Points of Interest

  • Functional Sacred Geometry. 
  • Emblazoned Flower of Life in Base.
  • A Nature's Design Glassware Product.
  • Designed Following the Golden Ratio.
  • Mouth-Blown.
  • Traditional Swiss Workmanship.
  • Structures Water & Liquids in 3 Minutes.
  • Choose from Platinum, Happy or White.
  • Multiple-Use: Seeds / Salt / Joss Sticks.
  • Lead-Free Glass Suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.
  • 1.3 Litre / 45.7 oz Capacity.
  • The Water Crystal in Product Images shows the Effect on Water.
  • Respect, Revitalise & Rejuvenate the Beverage Inside the Carafe.
  • Ideal for your Home, Workspace or Practice.
  • Decorative Design.
natures design UK

Platinum - Flower of Life

natures design carafe UK sacred geometry

Happy/Rainbow - Flower of Life

happy carafe flower of life natures design UK EU

The Flower of Life - Prototype for Creation

This powerful symbol is another expression of what is sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, is found in many cultures and religions and also in the products. And for good reason! In its simple beauty and perfection, it is a symbol of the perpetual process of creation and, in the process, contributes to the harmonious reorganisation or “structuring” of water. The Flower of Life consists of numerous overlapping circles. The starting point is the circle in the centre. Represented in this circle is a basic, geometrical structure, which reveals that originally, all life sprang from a single source. Cell division proceeds until every creature has achieved its appropriate and harmonious form. As this symbol is utilised in products, water held in these products remembers this “original code”.  

The Flower of Life through the influence of the Flower of Life. Water once again arranges itself symmetrically as it corresponds to its basic structure, the hexagon. And this same, original, hexagonal form is found in the Flower of Life. All the products are created from the Golden Ratio. You will get revitalised water from all of them. But with the Flower of life on the bottom, there is also an opportunity to enrich the water with additional information. Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life and its mathematical properties. He drew the Flower of Life and various components such as the Seed of Life. In his artwork, da Vinci drew geometric figures and forms such as the platonic solids, a sphere, a torus and many more as well as the Golden Ratio of Phi. All of these forms can be derived from the Flower of Life.

White - Flower of Life

white flower of life carafe natures design UK

Choose your Design

You can select the right flower of life for yourself intuitively - which attracts you most or maybe the following information will help you. 

(For Gold - See our 'Related Products' at Bottom of this Page)

Looking at the rainbow makes us happy. Rainbow colours have a positive effect on us since each vibrates with its own resonance. That is why this flower enriches the water with optimism, with a positive attitude towards the world and ourselves.

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” - Author-Poet Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow

The white colour is known for its purity. It is associated with the good, with honesty, beginning, innocence and perfection. This flower will help you broaden your perception and will make you feel more open for the new opportunities and suggestions.

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” - Coco Chanel , Chanel

There is only 0,005 parts per million of platinum in the Earth’s crust. Since it is an extremely rare metal on our planet those who possess it should be very proud. This flower is good for strengthening self-confidence and love towards yourself.

''Achievements are precious and timeless, just like the precious metal platinum. And what better way to celebrate milestones in your life than with precious platinum'' - Vijender Singh


The Golden Ratio / Fibonacci Sequence

Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics. Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design and elsewhere. The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in nature, which is why we use it as the guiding principle in the design of our products. It arises from the equality of proportions when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part is the same as that between the whole and the larger part. This ratio, this formula – the phi number from mathematics – is 1.618. All glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the Golden Ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy.

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is based on this same principle as the Golden Ratio and describes the characteristics of growth processes which can be found in nature, for instance in the leaf and flower position of plants. This arises, for example, in left and right-handed spirals with a ratio of 8 to 13, or 21 to 34 (all numbers in the Fibonacci sequence) When dividing these numbers the result is always 1.618, which is known as “Phi” or the Golden Ratio. Each individual core in a sunflower basket belongs to a left-handed and a right-handed spiral. The remarkable thing is that the number of spirals is without any exception only adjacent numbers of the Fibonacci numbers sequence. In sunflowers, for example, you find always The Fibonacci numbers sequence in Nature spiral combinations of 21/34, 34/55, 55/89, and especially in large sunflowers also 89/144 cores. This principle also applies to daisies, pine cones, cabbage and pineapples…

Fibonacci Numbers Sequence: 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 ... 21+34=55, 34+55=89, 55+89=144 ... Ratio between the two numbers in Fibonacci sequence is always 1,62 which is the Golden Ratio. 34:21=1,62 55:34=1,62 89:55=1,62

The Golden Ratio in Action

golden ratio products
natures design UK

Platinum / Happy White Carafe... Closing Thoughts

Platinum, Happy (Rainbow) and White Flower of Life Carafe's, the many colours of the spirit, simplified with a choice of 3, well the Happy has a lot. Sometimes I think it would be quite nice to open a huge Ancient Purity retreat and have all different Carafes in each room, what a place that would be. I didn't include the Gold in this page because well frankly too many photos. Gold is the most popular but do look at each and see which resonates with you.

I've been using all these over the years I keep one next to my Gravity Water Filter. Some people say oh that's long winded, Water Filtration then tipping into a carafe and then leaving it. Well it's an enlightening process and it's the respect to the water. We are made mostly of this stuff, so being mindful about how I make the best water ever is something I'm fine putting the time in with. I feel the energy when I drink structured water and right now I have the Gold Flower of Life Carafe, but Platinum is very cool as well. You choose!

Choose the Platinum / Happy White Carafe - Order Today

happy carafe platinum carafe white carafe natures design golden ratio products flower of life sacred geometry

Store your water, wine or any other health enhancing liquid in this Carafe.

  • Brand: Natures Design.
  • Flower of Life: Platinum, White or Happy.
  • Capacity: 1.3 Litre / 2.3 Litre.
  • Production: Mouth blown traditional workmanship.
  • Material: Glass (lead-free) suitable up to 70°C / 158 F.

Q - The symbols gold, white, platinum and coloured produce different intensities of vitalization to the water. How is that so? Could you please explain the mechanism on how the symbols affect the water?

Answer: It is known that each colour is an information carrier and has an impact on a human being. In combination with water which by itself interacts with colours too, the water absorbs the vibrations of the colour and saves the specific information. (Please note that frequency-measurements are scientifically proven.) 

Q - The gold symbol is made from gold, and the plantinum symbol from plantinum. What materials are used for the white and coloured symbols?

Answer: These are regular food proof transfer printing colours for glassware and are burned on the glass. 

Q - As mentioned in the brochures, it takes only 3 minutes for the carafe to vitalize the water. If the water was kept in the carafe for a longer period of time, will it have a better effect or it does not make a difference?

Answer: Based on our experience, the water-crystal structure that is building up is quite stable after 3 minutes. After 7 to 10 minutes, the maximum possible crystalizing structure is reached. Based on the feedback from our customers, the waiting time of approx. 3 is mostly appreciated. 

Q - If water that has been vitalized by the carafe, was poured into an ordinary drinking glass – how long will the effect last?

Answer: If drinking water is poured from a carafe into an ordinary drinking glass, the effect of the enhanced water is there, since one pours water out of a carafe into a drinking glass for almost immediate consumption. 

Q - Will the effect last too, if water vitalized by the carafe was to be poured into a plastic bottle?

Answer: If water from the carafe is poured into a plastic bottle, the crystalized structure of the water will fade quickly, because plastic material is one of the worst materials you can use to store water. 

Q - Can we store water in the carafe for over a week?

Answer: Yes, we say one week is fine. Our customers do tell us occasionally that they keep it even longer in the carafe. 

Q - Can you please explain why Natures Design carafes have a better effect on water compared to using a Natures Design drinking glass? What is the mechanism behind it?

Answer: It is the complexity of the form and geometrical structure which is quite a bit different from the drinking glasses and which results in an efficiency (scale of 100) of 100 for the carafe and approx. 40 to 50 for the drinking glasses. 

Q - If liquid beauty products such as toner or face mist were stored in the sprayer, will it have the vitalizing effect on the product?

Answer: The tests we have conducted and for which we have lab-test results on hand, are solely based on a comparison between tap water and vitalised water from the carafe which has been filled into our Nature’s Design-sprayers. We cannot make any statements on other liquids or cosmetics as they would have to be tested independently  (crystalising structure analysis with picture). 

Q - As mentioned in your documentation, Nature’s Design products are free from heavy metals and food-save. Do you have documents (lab test results) to support that?

Answer: Yes, upon request, we submit our laboratory test results or product conformity documentation of our Nature’s Design products. 

Q - Since Natures Design Products are made from lead-free, food proof glass, what is the composition of it?

Answer: You can find many different compositions of Glass in the world. But everyone has its own little composition secrets.

However, in general the glass composition of our products consists of:

Siliziumoxid  SiO2

Aluminiumoxid Al2O3

Natriumoxid Na2O

Bortrioxid B2O3 or Calciumoxid CaO or Kaliumcaerbonat K2CO3. 

Q - If wine was stored in the carafe for 3 days or longer, will the wine turn bad?

Answer: Regarding wine, please note that once a wine bottle has been opened, whether poured into the carafe for enhancement or just drunken out of the bottle, it should be used within a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. The wine that is left in the bottle, should be sealed again by using a vacuum pump to store it for a maximum of one to two days. 

Q - Could you please provide us with information on how the Natures Design products vitalize the water molecules? What is the mechanism behind it?

Answer: The distinctive characteristic of the product forms is that they increase the biological quality and shift the molecular geometry of water placed within them. This happens through the interaction of the water with the specific form of the glassware, where resonance waves are created which harmonize and amplify with each other.

Q - How does the drinking straw have an effect on the drinking water, since the drinking water passes quickly through the straw?

Answer:  The vortex form in the drinking straw has a gentle vitalizing effect by following the natural rotation of water. 

Q - How does the carafe improve the quality of water? Please explain the mechanism in detail.

Answer: Basically tap water is weakened in its structure. By pouring it into our carafe, the structure of the water will change and improve again. This can be tasted after approx. 3 minutes. You can also see how the water-crystal structure changes, after having been in the carafe for more than 3 minutes. Please see specific water-crystal pictures from 
the Swiss laboratory Braun for each of our products. 

Q - Do the Nature’s Design carafes also remove dirt, debris and contaminants that are in the water? And does it kill bacteria etc. from the water as well?

Answer: No, the water in the carafe only physically enhances the water quality to get it back to it’s natural structure. 

Q - If filtered water was added into the carafe, how does it affect the filtered water?

Answer: Filtered water (even if clean and pure) is normally weakened in the structure and we for instance, recommend to pour filtered water (filter cartridge) into our carafe to have it physically enhanced and vitalised. 

Q - Do the Natures Design carafe decrease the size of water molecules/clusters?

Answer: Yes this is correct 

Q - Is a carafe without symbol less effective than a carafe with a symbol or precious-stones?

Answer: Yes, but not for everybody (see also information on the flower of life in our brochure) 

Q - What do you recommend to be a good standard precious stone mixture to go with the Natures Design Products?

Answer: We do recommend to use a mixture of “rose quartz, amethyst and rock crystal”. This gemstone composition is called “Basic Mixture” and used universally for energizing and vitalizing water.   

Q - How does the energizing through the glass work?

Answer: Waves and electromagnetic frequencies are transmitted from the gemstones through the glass into the water. It is the similar kind of frequencies that make quartz watches work. 

Q - Why are quartz crystals used for structuring and vitalizing water?

Answer: Quartz crystals have the same geometrical molecular structure as water. They play a natural role in the structuring of water on earth. Due to their geometry and their piezoelectric properties quartz crystals are ideal to amplify information.

Q - What can I do to minimize the risk of algae developing?
A - The possibility depends fundamentally on the microbiology of the water. Beyond that, the carafe should be located away from direct sunlight, and ideally from strong diffuse sunlight (so having a blind down, but still near a window may not be sufficient barrier). It is best to keep the water fairly fresh, not to let it sit for many days, and not to top up (instead empty completely and refill).

Q - What should I do if algae does appear?
A - Double-check the tips above for ways to minimize the risk of recurrence. In terms of clearing any algae which has appeared, Nature's Design recommend: "Clean the carafe regularly, using for example water mixed with lemon juice or mixed with vinegar. Let it soak overnight and the clean it with a brush the next day. Depending on the water in a certain area it might need to be cleaned more regularly than other areas".


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