Bush Apple Syrup

Australian Bush / Papua New Guinea Rare, Luxury, Superfruit Syrup
100ml (3.38 fl. oz.) Syrup

Bush Apple Syrup... A transformative, Life-Giving, Indigenous Wonder of Oceania. Found in Australia and Papua New Guinea, this Syrup will capture your imagination, heart and senses with its incredible taste and the journey across worlds to reach you. Expensive, luxury and thoroughly worth it, reminiscent of Pomegranate and full of Vitamin C, experience it exclusively in the UK and Europe from Ancient Purity.

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Ancient Purity is still shaking with excitement on this one. As a traveler and lover of exotic fruits and tropical experiences this Bush Apple Syrup is maybe my most favourite luxury, nutrient rich, superfuit. Having been blessed visit Papua New Guinea in 2017 having this just transports my senses. It doesn't get cleaner, more natural and more incredible than this Natural Syrup. Impress everyone and most of all yourself and keep a bottle of this in your kitchen. Now for the next revelation... This stuff has incredible Health Benefits too!

The red Bush Apple (Syzygium suborbiculare) can be recognised by its large dark leaves, snow-white flowers and ribbed red fruit. It is an attractive tropical species which is also known as Djarduk. Bush Apple juice has long been used for its health benefits in soothing a sore throat. We at Ancient Purity think its tangy and tart taste makes it the most ideal antioxidant-rich addition to sweet treats! The Bush Apple tree flowers between July and November and provides fruit from October until February and thrives in tropical conditions.  They contain quite large seeds with only a tiny amount of flesh on the outside. The fibrous flesh of the fruit can be tinged with red and purple colours. Loaded with antioxidants, our naturally sugar free Bush Apple Syrup has a rose-like taste and gentle sweetness, delicious and healthy in sorbets, apple pies, chutneys, ice-creams and smoothies. Tart and tangy Bush Apple Syrup is the antioxidant-rich booster to Healthy Sweet Treats!

Bush Apple Syrup - Information & Points to Research

  • Ancient, Indigenous, untouched Superfruit.
  • Trusted, Traceable, Bush Apple Syrup.
  • High in Antioxidants, Fibres and Vitamin C.
  • Delicious & Healthy.
  • Helps Sore Throats.
  • Might Support Gut Health.
  • Naturally Sugar Free.
  • May Reduce Chest Congestion.
  • Might Relieve Coughs.
  • Only at Ancient Purity (Until the word gets around).
Australia bush superfoods syrup bush apple

The Vibrant Red Bush Apple - Alive in Delicious Syrup

Bush Apples belong to the Lilly Pilly family. It is a tiny, under storey tree that grows throughout Northern Australia’s open forests and woodlands and grows to a height of 4 to 20 metres. The fruit can also be found in Papua New Guinea. As wonderous as that country is, we just had to choose Australia for the source, but do go and really do eat these Apples. The trees can be recognised by their dark large leaves, white tiny flowers with numerous stamens, and of their vibrant pink apple-sized fruits, which drop to the ground and are harvested when ripe. The Bush Apples used to make our fruit syrup were wild harvested by Indigenous Australians. These native fruits are like a gloriously vibrant cross between an apple and a pomegranate.

Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal people consume the fruit raw and sometimes wrap them in paper bark for roasting some of the fruits on fire. The tree is used for its medicinal properties as well. In addition, it is used as firewood and also provides nectar sources for bees. Within native Aboriginal culture the bush apples are eaten raw and the cooked fruit’s juice, which contains high amounts of antioxidants, used to relieve sore throats, coughs and improve congestion. In old times the Indigenous Aboriginal people would follow the bush foods, moving from rainforest to the floodplains and from seaside to creeks. When the Bush Apples were flowering, it was a sign for them to move there. They used and still use leaves into a tea for the relief of stomach problems and hot leaves are applied to cuts and wounds to reduce swelling and bleeding. The pulp and juice can be used relieving ear ache. Now you see, the Bush Apple is quite extraordinary fruit! The Bush Apple Syrup we offer here is rare and gives you the opportunity to experience the mouth-watering flavour of the Australian Bush Apple. While drinking it you might even feel a little bit spiritual!

Delicious Superfruit from the Outback - Bush Apple Syrup

bush apple fruit UK

Bush Apples and Cuisine

In recent years (The fruit’s first commercial harvest was in 2017), the Bush Apple has caught the attention of several top chefs. The acidic but sweet complexity of the Bush Apple’s taste lends the fruit to applications in a wide range of dishes. Surrounding their large seeds, the fruits contain just a thin layer of flesh. The Bush Apple’s edible part is fluffy in texture on the inner side while on the outer side exhibiting a crunchier texture. You can try our Native Bush Apple syrup in classic apple desserts such as apple strudel, apple pie, apple crumble, or baked desserts. Be creative and make your own healthy otherworldly jam or fruit chutney or use it in a fruit salad. Adding some of the Apple Bush Syrup to sauces for pork, chicken (poultry) or savoury recipes is another culinary option. 

Combining the syrup with Granny Smith apples will result in a more complex blend of flavours. The sweet naturally sweet syrup is the perfect addition to ice-creams and sorbets.  Ben Shewry, the Melbourne Chef of the popular Attica Restaurant, uses Bush Apple Syrup in his favoured Black Ant Lamington at his Attica restaurant, which is one of Australia’s best! You can read more about it here. Ancient Purity’s Bush Apple also does a perfect job in cordials. You can add some of this Bush Fruit syrup to 1-2 shots of gin or vodka for an extraordinary cocktail. Cheers!

Revered and Enjoyed in Indigenous Cultures since Ancient Times...

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Bush Apple Syrup… Closing Thoughts

This wonderful fruit is found in the bush in the build-up season, Syzygium suborbiculare or Red Bush Apple in English. The Bush Apple comes from a beautiful plant that is in the mid layer of open woodland and starts off with red petioles and shiny oval leaves. It solely fruits at this period of year, but is found throughout entire northern Australia and it would definitely catch your eye, should you’ve been in the bush.

The Bush Apple is rich in antioxidants, fibres and Vitamin C. The indigenous Australian Aboriginal People know this species since Ancient times. They used it to relieve bodily discomforts such as sore throats, coughs and to improve congestion. Today, the Bush Apple (syrup) is still rare. However, more and more culinary buffs start to discover this native superfood and several well-known chefs prepare dishes as well as a range of beverages with Bush Apple Syrup. You could be one of the first Europeans to taste this delicious Syrup! Order today…

Experience the Wondrous Tastes of Bush Apple Syrup - Coming Soon

organic bush apple, bush apple benefits
  • Bush Apple.
  • Glycerol (Coconut).
  • Pure Water.
  • Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid.

NOTE: Each 1ml contain extract equivalent to 500mg fresh plant. 
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Can be enjoyed alone as a health Syrup
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 100ml.
  • Container: Miron Glass Bottle.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in fridge once opened.

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Supporting Scientific Research 

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