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Bilberries have been used for healing purposes since the Middle Ages, they are jam-packed with nutrients and low in calories. They rank among the fruits with the highest amounts of antioxidants. Sipping daily on a Bilberry smoothie might make you feel healthier than ever! These superb berries are linked to decreased inflammation and blood glucose levels, as well as better vision and heart health. Ancient Purity’s Bilberry Extract might even improve your brain function, fight off bacteria, support a healthy weight, and combat symptoms of an inflamation. Our 100% Natural Bilberry Extract Powder would be a super healthy and delicious addition to your diet... Experience It!

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Ancient Purity presents our delicious, colourful, Bilberry Extract Powder, packed with beneficial nutrients. Bilberries (Vaccinium Myrtillus) are a natural source of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are polyphenolic components that give Bilberry its gorgeous blue/black colour and super-high antioxidant content. These powerful anthocyanins are believed to be the key bio-actives responsible for the numerous health benefits of Bilberry and similar berry fruits. Bilberry is most famous for its ability to improve vision, but it has been reported to lower blood glucose, have anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering effects, promote antioxidant defence, and lower oxidative stress. Bilberry contains numerous phenolic compounds, including the flavonols, quercetin and catechins, tannins, ellagitannins and phenolic acids; however, the anthocyanins found in the Bilberry are, by far, the largest contribution to its phytonutrient density. These phenolic compounds are antioxidants as well as iron chelators, which may help remove heavy metals in the body and used in chelation therapy. Remember this is the extract and even stronger.

Bilberry cultivation originated in Europe with historical uses since the 16th century, based on the dried berries and shrub leaves. Its name is derived from the Danish word bollebar, which means “dark berry.” The fruit was used by British RAF pilots in WWII when they noticed night vision improvement after eating Bilberry jam. Scientists discovered that the bioflavonoids in Bilberries are potent antioxidants. Most of all unlike so many natural health products, this tastes amazing. You can eat this stuff neat but it's perfect for yoghurts, healthy desserts, smoothies or as you can see in the photo below just sprinkled on fruit. However you choose to consume this incredible Bilberry Extract Powder , you will benefit from its unique make up that is health enhancing and 100% natural. So give this deep purple magic a go.

Bilberry Extract (4:1) - Information & Points to Research

  • Clean, Absorbable, Delicious.
  • 100% Natural Bilberry Extract Powder.
  • Amazing addition to Desserts, Yoghurt and Porridge.
  • Powerful Air-Dried 4:1 Extract - Typical 25% Anthocyanins.
  • Cellular Powerhouse. Eye Health.
  • Antioxidant Defence.
  • Fruit Powered Detoxification.
  • Improves Circulation and Blood Vessels.
  • Deep Purple Heart Fruit Powder.
  • Ingredient for the Ultimate Smoothie.
  • FREE-From from anything nasty at all.
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Bilberries and Blueberries.

Bilberries and blueberries are often confused in everyday life. Both have a dark bluish, smooth skin and are similar in size, the bilberry being slightly smaller. Bilberries have been popular in Europe for centuries, and blueberries were first widely grown in the U.S. in the 1920s.

Both fruits deliver big nutritional benefits. According to a University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study, their antioxidants may even portend dramatic benefits for serious health conditions. Blueberries are native to the United States, whereas Bilberries are native to Northern Europe and certain parts of North America and Asia.

Supernatural SuperFruit

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Bilberries in Health

Eye Health... Bilberry's are nutritional food for eye health. Due to the anthocyanosides, bilberry is widely used to improve night vision or vision handicaps in low light, decreasing vascular permeability and capillary fragility. It was reported that during World War II, British fighter pilots had improved nighttime vision after eating bilberry jam. Bilberry has been suggested as a treatment for retinopathy, which is damage to the retina. Bilberry has also exhibited protective effects against and macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

Circulation... In Europe, health care professionals use bilberry extracts to treat circulation problems, also known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Research suggests that this condition, which occurs when valves in veins in the legs that carry blood to the heart are damaged, may be improved by taking bilberry extract. Other research suggests that taking bilberry anthocyanins daily for up to six months might improve swelling, pain, bruising and burning associated with CVI. 

Cholesterol... The amazing anthocyanosides found in bilberries may strengthen blood vessels and prevent the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, a major risk factor for atherosclerosis that is the plaque that blocks blood vessels. A study reported that bilberry enrichment, when compared to black currants, reduced total and LDL-cholesterol levels. In fact, the total anthocyanin content was four times higher in bilberries than in black currants, possibly making it a better choice for reducing LDL cholesterol levels. 

Let the Good Vibes in

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Beautiful Glowing Skin
Natural skincare manufacturers use Bilberry extract. It is often the supernatural ingredient that is found in many face creams and lotions. Bilberry Extract can help facilitate healthy blood circulation by helping blood pass through our capillaries.

Blood removes bad things we really don’t want in our bodies, like waste or bacteria, supplies oxygen through haemoglobin, which keeps our skin cells alive, refreshed and able to breathe. Blood carries water which is very helpful for keeping the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will feel more smooth and clear.

Bilberries contain anti-inflammatory properties that are good for keeping down swelling. If your face is a bit red, or reacting to stress Bilberry Extract can help reduce the symptoms.

So why not throw a heap of Blueberry Extract Powder into your Smoothie, it'll taste amazing and you'll look amazing.

Bilberry Lightens
A new British study showed that consuming wild blueberries, a flavonoid-rich food, may significantly boost mood in both young adults and children. The study, led by Professor Claire Williams, from the School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading, is unique among the growing body of research exploring the association between nutrition and mental health. 

The improvements are believed to be the result of one of the following mechanisms: An increase in cerebral blood flow, Protection against neuronal stress, Positively stimulating neural signaling.

“The research community is excited about the results of this new study,” said Kit Broihier, MS, RD, nutrition advisor to the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

Polyphenolic components give Bilberry its colour

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Bilberry Gives

Blood Sugar Health... Traditionally, Bilberry leaves have been used to control blood sugar levels in people with high blood sugar levels. Research shows that most berries help reduce the body’s glucose response after eating a high-sugar meal and studies suggest Bilberry may be effective for managing blood sugar levels, particularly when combined with oatmeal, though more research is needed. Health experts assume that Bilberries prevent the absorption and breakdown of carbs in your gut, similarly to the effect provided by some synthetic blood-sugar-lowering medicines.

Cognitive Health... Evidence suggests that fruit and vegetable juices containing various phenolic compounds can promote brain health. In some cases, symptoms of cognitive problems were significantly decreased upon treatment with myricetin, quercetin or anthocyanin-rich extracts found in Bilberry and showed that behavioural abnormalities may have been alleviated.

Inflammation… Bilberries might help fighting inflammatory conditions, which is the root cause of numerous health issues. This effect might partly be because of the berries’ being rich in canthocyanins, which are antioxidants having anti-inflammatory properties. A small 4-week Japanese study noted that drinking 330 ml of Bilberry juice daily significantly decreased inflammatory conditions, compared with a placebo. Good news is that with Ancient Purity’s Extract you can make your own Bilberry juice. 

Blueberries, Bilberries, Anthocyanins it's all GOOD

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Bilberry... The Perfect Natural Ingredient

Bilberries are truly magical little berries. They contain iron, magnesium, and potassium, can reduce aches, are anti-inflammatory and increase the production of dopamine, which is the brain’s feel-good chemical. Purple smoothies are perfect on hot summer days, you can substitute the berries with frozen berries, that way the smoothie will even have a cooling effect and it’s like an ice cream shake. 

Drinking a healthy Bilberry Extract enhanced smoothie may protect you against chronic health issues. Bilberries are rich in antioxidants, substances in food that protect your cells against free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules produced from the breakdown of food and from contact with environmental toxins such as tobacco smoke. The protective antioxidants in the smoothie include selenium, vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein and a small amount of vitamin E.

The Ultimate Delicious Smoothie

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Bilberry Past, Present and Future

Historically the Bilberry leaf, in addition to the fruit, was used for other conditions, including diabetes. The fruit of the bilberry plant can be eaten just like a blueberry or made into extracts. Similarly, the leaves of the bilberry plant can be made into extracts or used to make bilberry tea. 

One study showed that bilberry had positive effects on vision in lower light environments. (R) These antioxidants scavenge the body for free radicals, with the intention of helping to prevent or reverse damaged cells.
In other studies, bilberry shows many other health benefits it also contains vitamin C, which is another powerful immune-boosting benefit.

Bilberry Powder - Ideal for a Summer Snack or an All Round Health Supplement

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Bilberry Powder Extract… Closing Thoughts

Bilberry is a kind of dark blue-skinned berry native to the European continent. The fruit is also known as Whortleberry, Huckleberry, or Blaeberry. Today, Bilberries grow in destinations outside of Europe, such as certain Northern American regions. At first glance, the Bilberry looks similar to the blueberry. The two berries are closely related and share similar nutritional values, but they do have some distinct traits. One of the most noticeable differences between the two berries is the colour of the flesh when they’re in season.

Where blueberries have a greenish colour inside their dark blue skins, Bilberries have a red/purple hue. In addition to their differences in colour, Bilberries also have a more acidic flavour than blueberries. Bilberries might be small, but they provide numerous amazing health benefits. A wealth of scientific studies confirms that Bilberry Extract may hold numerous benefits for those seeking to optimise their health and well-being. Bilberry’s rich content of anthocyanins, quercetin, and resveratrol might offer targeted protection for the cardiovascular system, the eyes and blood vessels. Bilberries can be rightfully called a SuperFruit!

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  • Bilberry Ground Powder (Slow Air-Dreid) 100% Natural.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free.
  • Add 1 - 5g (a teaspoon) to water, juice or smoothie daily. Can be added to Yoghurt, Cereals, Desserts and eaten neat or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • It's worth starting with 1g and increasing if needed. Bilberry is effective which means you not have to eat a lot of it. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 300g.
  • Origin: France.
  • Package: Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Storage:  Keep in sealed. Store in a cool dry place, out of sunlight. Must be kept dry, not allowing moisture in. 
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.

Q – How can Bilberry extract help with blood flow?
A - Studies show that Bilberry Extract’s Anthocyanins promote human health by fortifying blood vessel walls. This helps improve blood flow to the tiny blood vessels that keep eyes healthy, as well as to larger blood vessels that help maintain optimal circulation throughout the body.

Q – What are Anthocyanins?
A - Anthocyanins belong to the larger group of plant polyphenols called flavonoids, which comprises about 4,000 compounds responsible for the colours of fruits and flowers. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against internal and external stressors. Antioxidants counter the effects of normal ageing and ailment processes by neutralising free radicals, the unstable, often oxygen-rich chemicals produced by the body. Potentially harmful free radicals are generated as by-products of oxidation (The cellular process of burning fuel) and have one or more unpaired electrons, which makes them highly reactive. Antioxidants appear to neutralise the destructive effects of free radicals, thus reducing the risk of some chronic health issues.

Q – Is the Bilberry extract as effective as fresh bilberries?
A – Yes, the extract as well contains all the health-improving nutrients.

Q – Can you tell me how to make a healthy smoothie with the bilberry extract?
A – Add a full teaspoon of the extract to a glass of water and mix it well. Next add some honey and lemon juice. Finally add a little bit of low fat milk and oat brans (more dietary fibre) to the mixture, stir well and enjoy!

Q – Any other fun Bilberry facts?
A – The most common Bilberry-eating birds are starlings and robins. I’m sure these birds have superb vision. 

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