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Andropak (Sexual Rejuvenation Complex) 90 Caps

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Andropak (Sexual Rejuvenation Complex) 90 Caps

A healthy testosterone to oestrogen ratio is vital to the health of the prostate. To decrease estrogen, you may wish to consider Endosterol, but to raise testosterone directly, consider Andropak.

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Nearly half of men have some degree of erectile dysfunction by age 50.  This is due to 4 main reasons. Muscle Loss: Men lose up to 40% of their penis muscle tissue with age. Scar tissue: If during the process of getting an erection, the penis inflates unevenly or bends or twists to a side, this is scar tissue. 23% of men have visible twisting of the penis due to scar tissue on autopsy. Vascular issues: Just like the coronary arteries, the blood vessels of the penis can fill with calcium and plaque.  Low testosterone: As men age, alpha reductase enzyme levels increase turning testosterone into estrogen. By dealing with these issues, we can support proper erectile function.

Andropak contains yohimbe, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, citrulline and glucuronolactone. It should be used only once or twice a week as it is powerful stuff. The effects of Andropak can last up to 48 hours.  Consider taking one in the morning, having a great workout after work, then go home and enjoy intimacy with your loved one.  Not only may you notice more energy, but greater sensitivity of the sexual organs.

Andropak can be used for women too.  More energy, more stamina, more sensitive sexual organs.  Just remember to give it time to work.  This isn’t a drug, it takes 8-24 hours to take effect.  Also, please, no more than once a week.

Andropak (Sexual Rejuvenation Complex)

  • Proprietary blend of yohimbe, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris.
  • Provides nutritional benefits for sexual arousal and performance.
  • Supports healthy libido of both men and women.
  • Healthy Testosterone to Oestrogen ratio.
  • L-Citrulline & Glucuronolactone for Healthy Blood Flow.
  • Lasting Effect... Only needed once or twice a week.
  • No negative side effects.
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Natural Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac is a term applied to any natural compound which is thought to provide sexual enhancement properties. These properties can range from performance enhancement, to heightened stimulation and arousal. There are countless purported aphrodisiacs which, for better or for worse, have garnered this reputation over thousands of years of traditional medicine and herbal remedies. While many of these natural sexual enhancement remedies have failed to live up to their reputation, modern scientific studies have found a great deal of validity behind many of the most ancient herbal aphrodisiacs.

In an effort to provide you and the one you love with an all-natural and highly effective sexual support supplement, Andropak contains only the most scientifically validated and potent aphrodisiac ingredients available on the market. These natural ingredients include bark from the Yohimbe tree of sub-saharan Africa, the aptly named Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali root, and extracts from the fruit-bearing Tribulus Terrestris plant. All of these have shown positive potential for nutritionally supporting sexual performance and libido.

For men, having stable blood flow to the genitalia is essential to both stimulation and performance. Difficulties with the function of blood vessels are thought to be a significant contributing factor to erectile dysfunction, as well as the loss of libido. Both of these sexual health complications are also heavily associated with old age, as well as poor lifestyle and dietary decisions.

To help counter this nearly unavoidable part of a man’s life, this formulation also includes two ingredients which have been shown to support the health of blood vessels. These ingredients are L-Citrulline and Glucuronolactone.

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L-Citrulline, or Citrulline Malate, is what’s known as a non-essential amino acid. This means that the body is capable of producing it organically. It is responsible for many important functions and processes throughout the body, including healthy blood flow. However, it is common for complications to arise with healthy l-citrulline production. These complications are thought to be a contributing source of difficulties with getting healthy blood flow to the genitalia. As such, L-Citrulline is widely regarded as a safer alternative to Viagra.1

Glucuronolactone is a cutting-edge molecule which is often added to energy drinks. While its ability to boost energy levels is rather unproven, one study have shown that Glucuronolactone may have a positive effect on blood platelet aggregations in the bloodstream.2 Excessive blood platelet concentrations may cause difficulties with blood flow. Another study has indicated that it may have provided antioxidant activity in plasma, an important aspect of healthy functioning blood vessels.

The effects of Andropak can last up to 48 hours... Consider taking one in the morning, have a productive day at work, and energetic workout after, then go home and enjoy intimacy with your loved one. With increased energy, you may also feel greater sensitivity of the sexual organs.

Experience the Pleasurable Power of Andropak - Order Today

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 A proprietary blend of...

  • Yohimbe.
  • Horny Goat Weed.
  • Tongkat Ali.
  • Tribulus Terrestris.
  • Cirtulline.
  • Glucuronolactone.

Capsule made from  Kosher/Halal Gelatin.


  • 1 Capsules an hour before intimacy.
  • Effects may last up to 24hrs.

Warning: Only take 1-2 capsules per week. This product may raise blood pressure.


  • Brand: Remedy Link.
  • Size: 90 capsules. 
  • Container: Pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

NOTE: Remedy Link switched over to a different capsule type but they were all in the same hopper so they got mixed in production. Same ingredients, just a different capsule material, so do not be alarmed if you notice a few different coloured capsules in the pack.


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