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Elanra Air Ioniser (Medical)

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Elanra Air Ioniser (Medical)

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Medical Therapeutic Air Ioniser
Perhaps the most important aspect of good health CLEAN REVITALISING AIR. Without fresh air, the average human being would only last three minutes, and we must breathe 10,000 litres each day to survive. Why then, do we continue to take this vital life support system for granted and vaguely assume that all air is the same? The world's first and only therapeutic ioniser to produce small (indigestible) negative ions of oxygen, consistently over an extended period of time. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING

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The only ioniser world-wide that reproduces the small negative ions of oxygen that are found in nature. Provides the negative ion balance that is missing from the air that you breathe. Produces negative ions that you can inhale, and this helps your body restore its natural balance. It makes sense to try and breathe air that is going to be good for your health. Since 1967, an Australian company has developed a unique range of therapeutic ionisers that reproduce nature’s negative ions of oxygen, we've all felt the difference in the air when we are at the seaside or beside a waterfall and just after a thunderstorm, this is due to the presence of negative ions in the air. Only with Elanra Therapeutic Ionisers can you harness the vast health benefits associated with breathing in negative ions of oxygen.

The Elanra Ionisers are the only ioniser available today capable of generating the small negative ions of oxygen than can be inhaled to enter the bloodstream and produce biologically beneficial effects, these small negative ions are identical to the ions found in the invigorating natural environments of seashores,waterfalls, forests and alpine regions. Elanra ionisers are also the only registered therapeutic device to improve the immune system reduce fatigue and help anyone who suffers from Asthma, Allergies, Depression, Migraine, Sinus, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), Skin Disorders, Sleep, Snoring and countless others. Elanra Ionisers are high in quality and in results, they are individually programmable and are suitable for use in the office, at home, in hospitals and intensive care.

  • Are you often drowsy or easily fatigued? 
  • Do you suffer from a dry, scratchy throat? 
  • Does air conditioning upset you? 
  • Irritable and lethargic before a storm? 
  • Dry, burning or itching of the nose?
  • Air in your workplace stuffy and stale? 
  • Do you have itchy eyes? 
  • Do you often become drowsy while driving? 
  • Do you have blocked nostrils or raspy breathing? 
  • Does a wind change affect you? 
  • Do you sleep 7 or 8 hours, yet still wake up tired? 
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate? 
  • Ticklish cough or need to clear your throat several times a day? 

The benefits of the Elanra : 

  • Less susceptibility to colds and flu 
  • Improved sleep relaxation and meditation 
  • Relief from migraine headaches 
  • Increased utilisation of Vitamins C and B 
  • Reduction in the severity of asthma attacks 
  • Decreased depression, irritability and tension 
  • Normalisation of hormone imbalances 
  • Natural cleansing of the body 
  • Increased dreaming 
  • Increased alertness 
  • Allergies & hay fever relief 
  • Enhanced immune system 
  • Improved concentration 
  • Increased work productivity 
  • Improvement in breathing through the more efficient operation of cilia (little hairs on the windpipe) 
  • Increased lung capacity. 
  • Improved learning ability for children 
  • Relief from sinus congestion and inflammation 
  • Relief from discomfort caused by excess serotonin and histamine in the body 
  • Relief from sore throat, bronchial cough and nausea 
  • More effective functioning of all body systems. 

Ions Ions are formed when an electron is detached from a neutral molecule (or atom). The molecule losing an electron becomes a positive ion and the molecule gaining an electron becomes a negative ion. The earth itself produces negative ions. Our sun’s energy is generated by the chain reaction of Hydrogen being converted into Helium, then back again. This process produces the heat that sustains life on Earth, but also showers our planet with positive ions of Hydrogen as a by-product. In nature, everything is balanced. The earth responds to the bombardment of positive ions by producing negative ions of oxygen through the breaking down of naturally occurring radium in the earth’s crust which is converted into radon gas. This natural radiation causes oxygen ions to form.

The forces of nature produce both negative and positive ions in abundance (a ratio of five positive to four negative ions). High levels of negative air ions are created by lightning, rolling surf, cosmic rays, waterfalls and UV light. Today’s lifestyle destroys our natural environment, depleting negative oxygen ions and causing detrimental effects to all living creatures. The difference from a £30 Ioniser Inferior ionisers only produce large clusters of negative ions which merely act as air cleaners and have NO biological effect on your body. They may clean the air up a bit but they won't change your life. At best these products only produce medium and large negative ions which cannot be ingested or used by the human body. At worst, some brands produce nothing at all, and can produce harmful ozone. None of the other ionisers on the world market today produce biologically active small negative ions of oxygen. The Elanra Ioniser has a 18 cubic meter therapeutic range when positioned in the centre of the area you wish to use it in, as well as a vast 75 cubic meter bacteria killing air cleaning capability. It has the ability to therapeutically treat two people in a bedroom while they sleep, with its extensive range of beneficial individual settings (144 customisable settings) which can be tailored to your own specific individual health needs.

The Main Unit works silently pulsing these tiny biologically active negative ions of oxygen at variable frequencies that will be beneficial to all. It utilises some of the world's finest components, the case is made from special imported fibres that do not out gas or produce toxins, which is especially important for anyone who suffers from chemical sensitivity or are highly allergic. Pure Air In certain situations – near waterfalls, where the sea breaks onto rocks, in pine forests, mountain areas and following lightning storms, you may notice you feel invigorated and refreshed, because you’ve been breathing air with a high content of small (indigestible) negative ions of oxygen. Positive ions are the witches that ride dry winds, inhabit modern buildings, multiply in the toxic canyons of the cities, lurk in our homes and bottle up in closed motor cars. The difference between fresh air in an open natural environment and that found in stuffy, polluted buildings and vehicles is not merely academic. We physically experience the difference, yet may find it difficult to qualify this difference. We simply know that inhaling fresh air “feels good”. Our efforts to control our environment have led us to develop air conditioning to regulate the temperature and ‘freshness’ of the air in our homes, clubs, shops and workplaces. Unfortunately, this also reduces the quality of the air we depend on for survival. Even in pleasant climates like that found on much of Australia’s coastline, we relentlessly interfere with nature, poisoning our environment with pollutants of various types – aerosol sprays, chemical fumes, synthetic fibres, air conditioning systems and tobacco smoke – to name just a few. Dr William Rea MD, one of the world’s leading allergy specialists, believes 97% of human beings are allergic to our modern world. Medical research and university studies throughout the world verify that an abundant supply of small negative ions of oxygen in the air has a positive effect on our health and well-being.

The research conducted at La Trobe University in Australia demonstrated that these small ions cause an increase in the body’s production of Immunoglobulin A (igA), implicated in enhancing the human immune system. In the 1950s Professor Albert P. Krueger, Emeritus Lecturer in Medicine, conducted important pioneering studies at the Air Ion Laboratory at the University of California. He published over 100 papers on his findings, demonstrating the clear link between air ions and the health of living organisms. His conclusions inspired further research world-wide, with many projects focusing on respiratory ailments. Elanra inventor Joshua Shaw, was a good friend of Dr Krueger and was inspired by him to carry out further ionisation research. Mr Shaw’s results confirmed the important role of negative ions in human health, which eventually led him to develop the world’s first therapeutic ioniser – The Elanra. Patrick Holford, The UK’s foremost nutritionists and health thinkers “In my view the Elanra ionisers are the best you can buy. They are also unique in that they have a range of variable settings to regulate ion output and frequency so they can be tailored to your own specific needs”. Bob Beck (creator of famous Beck Protocol) on Elanra - As a physicist/engineer, I was frankly amazed at the efficiency and performance of the ELANRA. I learnt that Mr. Shaw had gone to extraordinary measures to engineer and design around the obvious disadvantages of his competition. His power supply and emitter needle technology is more sophisticated by quantum leaps than others with which I am familiar. As the 1990 recipient of the Felzer Institute Award for pioneering work in Electro medicine, I am familiar with most available devices. My personal "museum" contains some 20 or so ionisers manufactured since the 1950's and the ELANRA is certainly the most sophisticated and effective of them all. I personally own two ELANRA units. One stays in my bedroom, I can highly recommend the ELANRA as an exceptionally effective state-of-the-art ioniser." Dr. Robert Beck B.E., D.Sc., has been a consultant to the USN Office of Surface Weaponry and was a Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute. He has been a senior lecturer in the graduate school, University of Southern California. Dr. Beck is the recipient of three international awards for Science and Electro medicine. Prof. Gordon Farmer (working 57 years in the health field) “Working with a patient who has for the last 12 years been suffering with Chronic Asthma, she has been using Nebulisers, but still getting attacks. She was in a private hospital in a private room when I introduced the Elanra to her for 20 hours a day. Since then she has not needed the Nebuliser or Oxygen and hasn't had an asthma attack since”. "I have personally used ELANRA for my sinus condition with dramatic results and now heartily recommend it to my patients with asthma and similar problems." Dr. Peter Golus BA Psych (Hons) Cert RET PhD Dip CIin Hypn MAPsS is a Consultant Psychologist and Lecturer. "My review and evaluation of both published negative ion research and empirical self reports from users of ionisers, indicates that ingesting small negative ions can provide significant health benefits I have personally used and tested ELANRA for over six months and found it to be superior to all previous ionisers I have investigated. I strongly recommend ELANRA, as it should improve the quality of life for all who use it." Dr. Jim E. Wright, PhD., Editor of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Dr. Wright served for 12 years as a research physiologist and has written several books and had more than 200 articles published in scientific journals.

Article from the Daily Mail By Marion McKay The first ioniser that creates negative ions small enough to be inhaled could be a huge breakthrough in treating a range of illnesses from asthma and depression to migraine, insomnia and sinusitis. Unlike conventional devices, which simply clean the air around us, the Elanra MkII therapeutic ioniser goes one stem further. The tiny negative ions it give out can be absorbed into the blood stream to help balance the negative and positive ions within the body. The atmosphere is full of positive and negative ions – atoms which have gained or lost an electron. In clean unpolluted air, the ratio of positive to negative ions is evenly balanced. But environmental factors such as pollution, air-conditioning and electromagnetic waves from TV’s and computers disrupt these levels, robbing the air of small beneficial negative ions. Michael Kearney, managing director of Aircare, distributors of the Elanra says, “Modern living destroys negative ions in the atmosphere and they need to be replaced. A build up of positive ions can lead to the release of excess histamine and this is responsible for many allergic reactions such as hay fever, respiratory problems and some skin conditions.” “Levels of serotonin – a chemical found in the brain- are also affected by these positive ions, resulting in migraine and asthma. A balance of positive and negative ions is crucial to well being.” Artificially generated air ions are also proving successful in the treatment of burns, stomach and nervous disorders.

The Elanra’s ability to modulate frequencies down to as low as 4Hz improves to body’s ability to relax. Developed and manufactured in Australia, the Elanra MkII’s revolutionary design incorporates 72 ionisers. Each can be altered to control the ions’ levels, concentration, frequency, direction and mobility. It also means the Elanra can be programmed to suit individual needs. For 7yr old Adam Hodgson from York, winter heralded a recurrence of his asthma. “For the past few weeks Adam had been coughing and wheezing so badly he has had to double the dose of his steroid and salbutamol inhalers” says his mother Jackie. “His coughing has been quite bad and overall he has been quite poorly.” Jackie, a care assistant, agreed to try out the Elanra, which had been specifically programmed to deal with Adams asthmatic condition. As the maximum benefits of the ioniser are felt most when the body is at rest, Jackie plugged it in as soon as Adam went to bed. “I really didn’t see how negative ions could make a difference, so I was amazed to find his asthma improved over one weekend”, she says. Adam has reduced the intake of his steroid inhaler and tests show his lung capacity has improved. Positive Ions are Harmful to Your Health! Medical research has found that inhaling too many positive ions can be harmful. When breathed into your lungs, positive ions are taken into your bloodstream, where they can trigger various harmful responses such as the release of excess serotonin and histamine. Serotonin An overabundance of positive ions increases the body’s level of serotonin, which can cause the whole system to be thrown out of balance. It may also reduce the body’s ability to absorb oxygen by cutting down lung capacity. This powerful substance is found in many parts of your body, although even today, the full extent of serotonin’s many functions are not known, In the brain it acts as a messenger or ‘neuro-transmitter’. Serotonin causes a particular group of muscles in your body, called ‘smooth muscles’ to contract. Examples of smooth muscles affected in this way are: Vascular (relating to blood vessels), Bronchial, and Intestinal. Too much serotonin in your body may cause diverse effects such as: migraine headaches, allergic reactions, irritability, insomnia, hot flushes, tension, swelling, depression, rhinitis, sore throat, bronchial cough, nausea and intestinal spasms. It has also been implicated in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Histamine Another powerful substance your body produces naturally and is found in many areas of the body. Its main role is to produce gastric juices for digestion of food. The presence of too much histamine may also cause many adverse reactions. The most common are similar to those associated with excess serotonin including headaches, allergies, hay fever, nausea and insomnia. If you have any questions before making this purchase please email via the contact form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are many practitioners who treat medical conditions, such as doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, osteopaths, Chinese medicine, herbal practitioners and others. All offer treatments that may benefit the patient. Many of these treatments do assist in the treatment of ailments. The Elanra offers a means by which naturally occurring negative ions are artificially created to replicate those which are naturally occurring. Bionic Products believes that this phenomena will benefit you. Since many factors can influence the successful treatment of ailments, no warranty can be given that you will benefit from the processes described in this booklet. We recommend that you obtain your own medical advice as to your particular ailment and this company believes that you should not limit your choices.



Place the Elanra in your bedroom, workplace and take anywhere with you. Full instruction manual provided with purchase.


  • Made in Australia 
  • UK EU US Adaptors Supplied
  • The unit it self measures 135mm Wide x 108mm High x 73mm Base Width

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