Air Freshener (Car & Home)

Jasmine Flower / Citronella Grass Natural Air Freshener (Chemical Free) Craft Box
30g Box / String

An all natural, creatively crafted Air-Freshener in a beautifully made box with natural twine so you can either place anywhere in the home or hang in your car. Available in Jasmine Flower and Citronella Grass, each scent helps repel mosquitoes and insects, it gives a natrual air-conditioning in bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, or any other area. These last 45 days and unopened have a shelf life of 3 years. We keep a couple of these around Ancient Purity and I also hang one on my rear-view mirror. Did you know that camphor is very effective in keeping your home devoid of the bad smells? Camphor can be found in almost every South East Asian household. It is considered to be a holy substance by Hindus, the flames of which drive away negative energies and evil forces. Camphor is beneficial in several other ways as well, Discover for yourself and Enjoy. 

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Ancient Purity presents a Air Freshener that has been formulated with natural ingredients. Enhance your living / work place or car, freshen the air with just one of these all Natural Air Fresheners. Place the box with the Camphor tablet in it anywhere you want to absorb unpleasant odours and diffuse natural fresh scent. It will last up to two months after it's been opened. Instead of using various artificial and chemical-laden air fresheners, you can use our Camphor tablets to get rid of bad odour from home in a natural way. Our Camphor Air Freshener Tablets come in two fragrances; Jasmine (Produced using real Jasmine Flowers) and Citronella (Produced using Essential Citronella Oil). 

Fill your home with your favourite fresh natural smell and neutralise odours. Place or hang it anywhere you want. These handmade camphor air freshening tablets come in two uplifting scents; Citronella and Jasmine. Did you know that camphor is very effective in keeping your home devoid of the bad smells? Camphor can be found in almost every South East Asian household. It is considered to be a holy substance by Hindus, the flames of which drive away negative energies and evil forces. However, camphor is beneficial in several other ways as well. Camphor used as a natural home freshener that serves certain purposes.

Natural Air Freshener

  • Jasmine Flower or Citronella Grass.
  • Clean, Fresh & Effective.
  • 100% Natural - Absolutely Chemical-Free.
  • Freshens & Conditions Air.
  • Attractive, Creatively Crafted Box.
  • Natural Twine Included to Hang the Freshener.
  • Small Batch Created.
  • Eco Packaging - Handmade.
  • 45-Day Effect.
  • Camphor Base.
  • For use in Home, Workspace or Car.
  • Original & Unique Gift Item.
  • Anti-Mosquito. 
  • Might Boost Emotional Wellness.

Camphor Base Ingredient

Camphor is considered to be a holy substance by Hindus, the flames of which drive away negative energies and evil forces. Camphor is beneficial in several other ways as well. Camphor used as a natural home freshener that serves certain purposes. Camphor helps in killing germs. It is also an excellent way to purify the air in the surroundings of your home. Camphor keeps your home odour free.  Artificial room fresheners, which are commonly used, contain a harmful chemical known as phthalates. This chemical may lead to the development of several health complications in children and pregnant women. Instead of using such artificial room fresheners, you should use camphor as an alternative. It is very effective in eliminating unpleasant odour. Place or hang the Camphor Air Freshener in a location from where the fragrance can reach all parts of the room. 

Camphor acts as an effective insecticide. Camphor contains properties, which act as an efficient natural insecticide. Camphor is very useful in eliminating or getting rid of mosquitoes in your house. Camphor is made from the extract of a certain tree. Compared with other natural mosquito repellents, camphor has the most powerful mosquito repellent activity and capability. You need to place the camphor air freshener in your room and shut all doors and windows. Leave the room in this condition for around 20 minutes and you will get a completely mosquito-free environment.

Give your home an Organic Scent

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Choose Jasmine Flower

Jasmine has been cultivated and prized by humans for millennia so it’s really Ancient. The showy plant is famous for its beautiful white flowers and rich fragrance. Many people have heard of the flower, or perhaps even have a friend named Jasmine. But, not many people know of the significance of this simple looking white bloom. We’ll go over some facts about jasmine and why this plant has so much significance in many different cultures. Jasmine is a genus of plants we call Jasminum. There are actually well over 200 species of the plant, and they come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. You can find them all over tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia, and Oceania. But, the highest diversity of jasmine is in Southern and South East Asia. Although there is only one species of jasmine native to Europe, many different species now grow naturally in Mediterranean countries. Likewise, horticulturists and home gardeners alike cultivate the flowers throughout the American Continents. It seems like everyone wants to fill their gardens and homes with the delicate, scented flowers or just the fragrance. The main reason jasmine is so renowned is due to its strong fragrance. People like the flower for its strong, sweet smell.

Numerous cultures worldwide include it in aromatic products like candles, lotions, perfumes, and soaps. You can even infuse your own products at home with the lovely scent of the white bloom. Some types of jasmines are grown commercially, strictly for use in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Because it’s such a highly sought after scent, jasmine essential oil is one of the most expensive commodities in fragrance-based industries. In numerous countries, jasmine flowers evoke love and peace, so it often takes part in wedding celebrations. By now you probably want your entire house to smell like Jasmine! It also symbolises modesty; although jasmine flowers are small and simple, they produce a strong, delectable scent. In 1993, Arabian jasmine was declared Indonesia’s national flower. Although this decision was made relatively recently, the plant had been sacred in Indonesian culture since ancient times. Indonesian wedding ceremonies have traditionally used the flower buds in garlands and headdresses. Like in Indonesia, jasmines are used in wedding ceremonies in Pakistan. The bride and groom wear garlands made of white jasmines and red roses to symbolise love and harmony. In Thailand, jasmine is a common symbol of motherhood. The Syrian city of Damascus is also called the City of Jasmine and uses the flower as its symbol. The two main natural ingredients of Ancient Purity’s Camphor/Jasmine tablets are camphor and Jasmine Flowers. 

Open up and let it Flow


Choose Citronella Grass

Citronella grass has been serving for centuries as a mosquito repellent in the field of ancient and modern medicine. Commercially available mosquito repellents are chemical based and disastrous to human health. Citronella grass plant is native to tropical areas of Asia. It is grown commercially in Indonesia, Java, Burma, India, and Sri Lanka for use in insect repellents, soaps, and candles. In Indonesia, it is also grown as a popular food spice. In addition to its mosquito-repelling properties, the plant is also used to treat lice and other parasites, like intestinal worms.

Though Citronella Grass may sometimes be called lemongrass, they are two different plants. Lemongrass and citronella grass are closely related and can look and smell very similar. However, Citronella Grass has reddish coloured pseudo stems, while lemongrass is all green. The oils in citronella grass plants are what repel mosquitoes. However, the plant does not release the oils when it is just growing in a spot. For the mosquito-repelling oils to be useful, they need to be extracted, or you can simply crush or press the grass blades and rub them directly on clothes or skin. Ancient Purity’s Camphor/Citronella Air Freshener Tablet contains Citronella Oil, which has a crisp, fresh aroma creating an uplifting ambience.

Jasmine Flower

organic natural air freshener

Natural Air Freshener… Closing Thoughts

Have you heard the unpleasant truth about these fake air fresheners? Now you can protect your family members from nasty damaging chemicals and purchase these safer, non-toxic air fresheners today! While they might smell good, the damaging effects that these products have on our environment and health would shock you. Here’s why chemically scented air fresheners should really be avoided at all costs; The fake one’s release harmful particles into the air, known as volatile organic compounds, which according to the EPA can lead to respiratory disorders, headaches, liver and kidney problems, and even cancer!; They have phthalates in it that are known to “cause birth defects, hormonal abnormalities, and reproductive problems.” You can read detailed information about chemical air fresheners here. And if the product uses an aerosol spray, it also contains propellants like butane and propane, which come with their own list of dangers.

Not to worry, because thankfully Ancient Purity offers nontoxic natural air fresheners to keep your living spaces, office, shop or gym smelling clean and fresh. The power of the two available natural fragrances, Citronella or Jasmine might transport you all the way back to another destination, in another time. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? They are unforgettable gifts as well. 

Experience a Natural Air Freshener Organically - Order Today

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  • Camphor.
  • Jasmine Flower or Citronella Grass.
  • Place around your home or the work place.
  • Can be hung in car or cupboards.
  • Brand: Haraban.
  • Size: 30g.
  • Life: 45 Days.
  • Container: Craft Eco Box.
  • Includes: String to hang in car or around house.


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