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  • Ancient Purity will no longer use plastic seals on tubs

    We will completely stop using plastic seals around our tubs although this is a standard in the Natural Health industry, lots and lots of very good companies still use plastic seals. Continue reading

  • Will California add Cancer Warning to Aspartame

    While the sale of soda, and notably diet soda, has continued to plummet over the past 30 years,1 artificial sweeteners are also found in over 6,000 different processed food products.2 It appears sales of soda products have reached an all-time low in response to consumers’ demand for healthier alternatives.  Continue reading

  • Sugar lobby paid scientists to blur sugar's role in heart disease – report

    New report highlights battle by the industry to counter sugar’s negative health effects, and the cushy relationship between food companies and researchers. Influential research that downplayed the role of sugar in heart disease in the 1960s was paid for by the sugar industry, according to a report released on Monday.  Continue reading

  • E-cigarettes 'as bad as smoking cigarettes' for damaging key blood vessels

    E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes but they are not harmless,' says professor Robert West, of University College London.  Continue reading

  • What a surprise....Chemicals found in 'organic' beauty products

    Consumers are being tricked into buying organic beauty products which actually contain chemicals found in antifreeze, floor cleaners and engine oil, campaigners warn.  The Soil Association claim that the chemical could cause cancer and has been linked to nerve damage.

    Continue reading

  • Big lawsuit on chemical shampoo company

    All of us interested in natural health know what poisons there are in commercial toiletries so its good that this story has gone mainstream. Last week brought news that Wen Hair Care, a celebrity endorsed “sulfate-free” shampoo and conditioner line is preparing a $26.5m settlement after a class action lawsuit over thousands of complaints of hair loss and skin rashes.  Continue reading

  • The real reason you've become a target for mosquitoes this summer

    hey have been buzzing around this planet for some 400 million years, and there is a high chance at some point you have been bitten by one of the 2700 known species of mosquito. But who is most prone?  Continue reading

  • Paralysed patient walks again in astonishing medical breakthrough

    In an astonishing breakthrough, patients left paralysed by severe spinal cord injuries have recovered the ability to move their legs after training with an exoskeleton linked to their brain – with one even able to walk using two crutches.  Continue reading

  • Lauriston Farm a Biodynamic Organic Farm well worth visiting..

    If you want a trip out this incredible farm is not far from our shop. Situated right on the Blackwater Estuary, just outside Goldhanger in Essex, England, Lauriston Farm’s 225 acres are managed using Biodynamic Organic techniques and philosophy inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s agriculture lectures from 1924.  The farm is home to rare breed cattle and sheep, bee hives, laying hens, vegetables and woodland.  Eighty-five percent of the farm is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Within this, there are also two listed ancient monuments. Visit their site

  • The best Vitamin C for Liposomal Tech "Quali-C"

    The Liposomal Vitamin C has been improved even more. It is now made with "Quali-C" The worlds only Non China Vitamin C. Liposomal Vitamin C is the easiest and most effective way to take Vitamin C. Blood plasma testing is currently ongoing but initial results are staggering, levels have been achieved (> 600 micro mol/l) that were previously only possible with IV vitamin C.  Continue reading

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