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Health Articles

  • Shocking Article! Smoking is bad for you..

    Smoking is still most probably the leading cause of preventable death, According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in the USA, 130,000 cases of lung cancer diagnosed each year are attributed to smoking. New research now demonstrates damage to your DNA from smoking stays with you for decades. If you're a smoker dare you read? 1,2,3,4 Continue reading

  • Is this the real truth about Soy?

    If you have followed natural health news in the past decade likely you may currently believe Soy is potentially harmful to you. This article may actually show that this is not the case, with references to all information a the end. Please read and decide for yourself. Continue reading

  • Megahydrate, is it a super Supplement?

    It's one of David Wolfe's favourite products, it's highly popular, but why? and is it good? MegaHydrate™ is a powerful antioxidant supplement that promotes essential full-body hydration. Dehydrated cells cannot properly absorb nutrients or get rid of waste. Over time this leads to nutritional deficiency, cellular oxidation, and a dangerous build up of toxins. MegaHydrate™ is the key to unlocking the hidden nutrient enhancing potential of water inside your body. It's scientifically tested, safe, and has no known adverse side effects.  Continue reading

  • Coffee & Health..... Bulletproof

    Benefits Of Coffee: What Your Brain Does On Caffeine....With more than 2.25 billion cups enjoyed worldwide every day, coffee is the planet’s single most valuable traded food commodity. From  Ancient Purity's friends....Bulletproof Coffee

    Continue reading
  • Natural Solutions for Hayfever

    Hay fever,(allergic rhinitis) is an awful thing to deal with, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and congestion. all caused by allergens. Some of the common causes of hay fever include tree, grass, and ragweed pollen; spores from fungi and mold; dust mites or cockroaches; and dander from cats, dogs, birds, or other pets. Have you experienced Hay fever? then you'll know how debilitating it can be, so here are some natural options that could help you this season.  Continue reading

  • Natural ways to help lower your blood pressure

    To lower high blood pressure is a serious goal in your health. High Blood pressure can increase your risk of heart problems and even stroke. Now forget that and lets focus on what you can do to optimise your health and blood pressure so you can enjoy your life and del good. So here we will look at dietary habits, exercising, and controlling stress but lets call it emotional well-being. Continue reading

  • The difference between Co - Q10 & Ubiquinol?

    What is the Difference Between Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinol? For many years, there was just coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone. Then there was something new on the market -- Ubiquinol. What is this new form? Does it play a different role than coenzyme Q10? What are its unique benefits? Ubiquinol and coenzyme Q10 are in fact very similar molecules. But the small alteration that makes them different is what gives them their unique role in energy production. That change also makes a big difference in the bioavailability, transportability, and antioxidant activity in the body.†  Read on to learn more about all of this.  Continue reading

  • What is the healthy time to start work / school ?

    At Ancient Purity we've always started at 10am, I've always felt happier and healthier by waking up in my own time and slowly strolling to the unit. Finally it seems that starting the working day a little later be it work or school could be beneficial to your health. A study at Oxford university shows its results, but will it change people's views on working times? Continue reading

  • Egg yolks, super nutrition or harmful?

    Are you unsure weather to be consuming egg yolks or not? Hopefully we can help you decide. Many bodybuilders take egg white exclusively, many people cooking at home may discard their egg yolks. Theres egg white omelets and other yolk-free recipes that are popular and considered “healthy”. However when discarding the egg yolk, you could be discarding the most nutritional benefits of the egg.  Continue reading

  • Remove Skin Tags Naturally

    Skin tags may be harmless, but you can look and feel better with a few simple steps and hopefully stop them happening again, while eliminating the ones you have.

    Continue reading

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